Every Picture Tells A Story?

This photograph was taken at the launch on Sunday, of the UK Muslim Youth!

UK Muslim Youth modifiedMy, even our old friend Vakas Hussain turned up, I see. A right family excursion in fact, what with uncle Mahroof, ‘Moofy’, there as well!

Rothpol would be grateful to any reader who can identify those present.

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9 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells A Story?

  1. Its not Muslim Youth, its Palak family affair, With help from Daddy Sabir, Uncle Moofy, little sprogs from family? Where was this event held?
    Like always set up by the family, apply for funding? Live happly ever after.


  2. If you wish to make comments such as this one, you will need to first register with Rothpol. Just send an email, put register in the subject line, that’s it!
    In answer to one point you made, have you not heard of Google Earth?


  3. It is a family picture.
    Me Sabir is Muhbeen dad look on the left hand side next to the guy with a black shirt with white star.
    Starting from Left Moofy is forth person on left,
    Seventh person with a black suit on is Vakas Hussain while at the centre is Muhbeen Hussain his brother.
    On the right of Muhbeen is Shafiq from
    Ramadan Foundation.
    Have you Noticed, Muhbeen is the chicken of the Family, Uncle Moofy, his dad Mr Sabir, also his eldest brother Vakas on the photos to, have you noticed it is a family reunion for the launch of something good.
    I hope the money does not be spent on the family holidays.


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  6. Anyone who promotes or supports this as a cause needs their eyes testing. It is a good things Uk is a democratic country otherwise the evidence is that it would be a mafia run country.
    If you are family and don’t upset anyone then your ok otherwise you will be swimming with the fishes.
    Wake up Rotherham if this is not proof enough of a bent organisation out for personal gain then I done know what will persuade you.
    If the EDL did this they would considered as racists so why is it allowed by the asian community.
    Rotherham does not need groups that promote segregation but honest and law abiding citizens that will report those that are in the wrong.


  7. It’s hard not to notice that in the photograph females and males are separated yet seats at the table remain empty. Integration starts where?


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