The attitude that is the problem?

When I read this piece from the Advertiser of July 5th, I was most dismayed.

It appeared for all the world, as if this was a PR professional, spin doctors, view on the situation. It demonstrates the worst kind of complacency, that still leads to victims unheard and perpetrators walk free!

Vaz AttackedRead what Keith Vaz’s committee actually said about Rotherham’s woeful performance!

Home Affairs Select Committee 2nd Report – Child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming


Fiddling While Rome Burns? A Response From Gillian Radcliffe

Fiddling While Rome Burns?

2 thoughts on “The attitude that is the problem?

  1. “Rotherham not the CSE centre of the universe” – Please tell us Mr Stone that you are not implying that CSE is happening everywhere, so that’s all right then…
    I don’t think Rotherham was ever portrayed as a “centre” it just happened to be one of three or four places where the problems emerged first (all the more reason why we should be a lot further down the line in tackling it) and this was reported as any local story of national significance would be.
    As for “sound bites without evidence” – the evidence was plain for all to see. I fail to detect much humility here…


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