Shaun Wright in his own words?

Labourlist published this piece recently under Shaun Wright’s by-line:

On Crime, No One is ‘Not Bothered,’ So Why Were They Not Bothered About PCCs?

By Shaun Wright Labour PCC South Yorkshire

Six months ago, in November 2012, the Conservative vision of police commissioning became reality, thanks to the Coalition Government, with the election of 41 men and women, who from then on had ultimate responsibility for policing and crime within their force area.  Labour was not in favour of Commissioners, but with it being forced upon us, there was no way we could stand back and allow even greater influence at force level, by a party that had already inflicted incredible damage on policing, across the country.

The Government did an appalling job of bringing this new phenomenon to the public, there was little or no publicity, a huge number of people had no clue about the process, the role, or the candidates that were standing on behalf of the main parties or as Independents.  To top it off, some intuitive advisor suggested that a cold, grey day in November would be a good day on which to hold the election. Read on….

Rothpol’s gratitude goes to the Rikileaks informant for spotting this.

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6 thoughts on “Shaun Wright in his own words?

  1. I wouldn’t argue with what Mr Wright says here. These are observations on the failings of the procedure and the general challenges of the job. He hasn’t explained why he has done nothing to meaningfully alter the course of the police and other agencies with regard to the target driven pc blindness of the South Yorkshire ‘Service’ though.


  2. This article is embarrassing and lacking in dignity. Is the Sheep now opposed to Labour policy, which as I recollect is to abolish the PCC? Maybe we’d all change our minds/deeply held political principles for £85k. But maybe a little less grovelling.

    His prescription for greater turnout is to pick a nice warm day. As for his mandate, well he comes out with some bizarre comparison to the previous Police Committee, failing to point out that the two election processes are in no way comparable.

    In fairness, Labour have always said that the PCC are a rubbish idea. The Shee



    • That was labours policy yesterday.
      Probably will have changed now like embracing tory cuts and probably the wicked bedroom tax.


  3. “Here in South Yorkshire, one independent candidate withdrew from the election because of the financial cost, unsurprising when the deposit alone was £5000. A big risk to take, if you haven’t got a good fund on which to mount your campaign.”
    HA ! Also unsurprising that Shaun Wright was able to be funded. No suggestions on how to get around this problem for next election, though. Of course, our Police and Crime Commissioner has no doubt got his “fund” prepared already for 2016. Keep getting the tax payer to pay for things such as his security system and he should have enough to sponsor his “deputy” to stand too.


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