Did Denis get his defence in on Wednesday

On Wednesday this week, the Yorkshire Post published, in the print edition but not online, this piece on page two under the by-line of James Reed, political correspondent.

Thought it deserved wider readership in Rotherham, in view of the fact that he has gone back to his outrageous and demeaning defence, blaming at least four years of fraudulent activities, at least 19 forgeries, on bereavements:

YP MacShameFrom a tweet from ;

Anagram: Scam; he sinned.

12 thoughts on “Did Denis get his defence in on Wednesday

  1. What a thoroughly despicable man Denis MacShane is. He would shoot his Mother and Father to go to the orphan’s party.


  2. Give him a break. Some comments on here are the lowest I have encountered online about a person. I guess none of you have faults or have done something that might be considered wrong so try walking in his shoes. He has suffered enough!


  3. Graham, I don’t know who you are or what is your connection to MacShane but if you have known him and witnessed his antics for as long as I have you would realize that there are few comments that are low enough to describe him.

    In 1989 he came to Rotherham and started as he meant to go on and was quite happy to be the benefactor of a ballot fiddle for selection as the Labour Party candidate.

    How low can he stoop by using his Daughters death and the death of Carol Barnes to excuse his fiddling.

    All Denis is concerned about is Denis and he has not shown any true remorse for what he has done. Just read his so called apology to the Rotherham Advertiser, if you doubt what I am saying.

    He has managed to hoodwink many people during his illustrious career. Don’t let him hoodwink you Graham.


    • Oh Peter, oh dear me.

      McShane is a thief.

      However, your standards hardly leave much room for you to be sitting on your high horse in judgement over people.

      You aren’t MP material mate, get over it, fast.


  4. How does he compare against Denis Skinner, one of the lowest if not lowest expenses claims and always stands up for the people. Dennis voted against the regime change wars and to allow people a EU referendum vote, never toes the party line. I am an ex Tory, but this man puts most to shame, never mind Denis McShame.


  5. Dear Partrick (So called communtychampion) You are absolutely correct, it would be hard to be that corrupt. By the way why do you interest yourself in Rotherham politics when you live in Doncaster. Is it that the people of Doncaster have had enough of you? I left the Labour Party on principle, you left it because you wouldn’t pay the subs.


  6. Denis MacShane is a serial corruptocrat of the very highest order. It is this type of criminal behavior that is blighting public life.

    Only being charged on one account of fraud is a clear demonstration of the political establishment taking care of its own.

    In the private sector and real world outside of the incestuous political establishment, these types of crimes would have resulted in summarily dismissal with loss of accrued benefits followed by prosecution to the full extent of the law.

    MacShane is a criminal who has got away lightly for his abuse of the very taxpayers who paid his wages and in whom they placed their trust.

    For this thievery and abuse of public trust he should barred from public life for ever, after serving his time in jail.


  7. Mcshane is not s hardened criminal.

    He may just need counselling for his addiction /compulsive lust for laptops and lapdogs rather than lap dancers?


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