Everyone needs good neighbours

“So, Asbo’s next door neighbour submits a Planning application for house extensions that might overlook his property, might reduce his privacy and might place his house and gardens in a shadow.

Incredibly, according to the report of the Planning Officer, he doesn’t take up his legal right to comment, never mind object!

Slow down…… is this the Asbo we know? Is it Asbo Akhtar

Read on, because the neighbours Application was rejected anyway on June 24th 2013

The planning application got short shrift from the Officers.

“Discussions during the determination of the application have identified that it is not possible to support a scheme of this nature nor would any amendments make it acceptable” they wrote.

For Planners this is dramatic stuff offering no hope for Asbo’s neighbour. No amendments can make it acceptable, so get lost and don’t come back.

However reading the Planners assessment and recommendations I have concerns.

The officers identify the criteria by which it should be assessed as its impact upon:

1) the character and appearance of the host property

2) impact on the streetscene; and

3) the amenity of neighbouring residents

On point 1 there is a statement that

“In respect of the extensions hereby proposed and the requirements of the aforementioned policy guidance, it is considered that ……the designs of the extensions are in accordance with the requirements of the aforementioned policies and guidance”.

No problem there then.

On point 2 there is a statement that Streetscene has no objections save for the materials used in a boundary wall (not affecting Asbo) where it feels that the wood proposed will not blend well with the brick of an adjacent wall. A minor point on only a minor part of the application. Such would normally be discussed and a compromise easily and cheaply reached.

No real prolem there then,

On point 3) the amenity of neighbouring residents – here we go… It should be pointed that the property cannot be seen from the rear and the property on one side is owned by the same people proposing the extension.

The only other property affected is that owned by Asbo, who remember either doesn’t know of the application or has rejected his legal right to oppose the application.

Here the report states that the proposed extension might have a negative impact in the form shadow or loss of privacy, presumably to number 57.

However while it refers to dimensions it actually fails to specify how other than in general terms. It uses what some call “Planner guff”; meaning reference to policies and plans that are too general to give clear guidance including some excuses for their rejection appearing to ignore the spirit of the government’s 2012 planning regulation changes

One such piece of guff adds another twist:

Amenity is a planners generic term to cover things like the privacy of your home and your desire not to be overlooked and the amount of sunshine that can hit ones garden. Loss of such because of a newdevelopment would once have been pertinent to consideration of an application, however it would never have automatically led to a rejection.

The officers report states that it’s duty to protect a neighbours “Amenity” and thereby reject the application is  covered i the Rotherham Unitary Development Plan 1999. It also refers to “Emerging Supplementary Planning Guidance” as covering the issue of Amenity. Remember that Emerging in this case means unapproved and there at best optional and potentially irrelevant.

They are cited as the key legal justifications of the proposed extension application.

In fact such would probably never have led to an automatic and so total a rejection of an application. Walls can be built, windows repositioned etc.

However.  3 years ago a professional colleague o mine attended  a Planning Committee Meeting and  heard a Planner state that loss of Amenity in the form of natural light, house or garden privacy were no longer consider relevant and their loss irrelevant to adjudication of planning applications in Rotherham.

This was re stated in conversations he had with the Planners as it impacted upon one of his own projects. In other words at that time they were either no longer applying or interpreting Amenity according to the 1999 Guidance.

Yet it is cited by the Planner in this case as the sole justification for an absolute rejection.

This situation generates some interesting questions.”


But incredibly Asbo didn’t say a dickie bird.



22 thoughts on “Everyone needs good neighbours

  1. well said.
    ASBO thinks he is in charge of the planning board but when you ask him where is the details he has given objection or granted application from the board. he wouldnt answer the question.


  2. Asbo Jahngir Akhtar In one of his meeting he said” as a deputy leader of the council i only have to pick the phone once and can change anything”. That is true when Repect Party wanted to hold meeting in chapel walk masjid he and Mahroof Hussain both threated the committee members that they will personally make sure the planning will not go through. But it was ok when they want to be elected they are the first ones to go to masjid.
    Why hasnt the planning been approved? Jahngir Akhtar is muslim by name and devil by nature.


    • The reason the planning has not gone through is because of Jahngir and Mahroof are Brevali and the reason this has not gone through is that its dobandi masjid.
      They both think that they are cut above the rest like the saying goes “every dog has its day”


  3. Here we go again… more discussion on Akhtar’s – and his colleagues -unacceptable conduct and actions/inactions but is anyone going to do anything more than discuss it amongst ourselves on here ?
    Do what, I can feel some saying. How about challenging him and his crew directly ? We know the standards board is a waste of time as it’s the same people policing themselves, but is that the end of the line for scrutiny of our elected members ?

    Anon, could you explain ‘Brevali’ and ‘dobandi masjid’ please ?
    According to Google, Brevali is a coffee shop in Sydney Australia, Dobandi is a village in Pakistan and masjid means mosque. Is this what you are referring to ?


      • To Maltyblogger; ask not what Rothpol can do for you, ask what you can do for Rothpol:)

        One of the issues about how we sort out what is, after all, only one dimension of the mess that is politics in Rotherham is that a lot of the “story” is known only within the Muslim community.

        That community is not going to speak out when it knows that some who criticize Asbo are simply racist and make no effort to understand the complexities and stresses within their community. I understand that because frankly, it is true.

        If we are going to clean out these stables the good people, Asian and white, who I really believe make up the majority of local people need to stand together.

        Hence I believe the divisive and aggressive comments made by some, and I include Maltybybloger in this, become part of the problem.

        Were I of Pakistani origin would I spill the truth to Maltybyblogger. Not on your nellie.

        When criticizing Asbo let us not lose sight of the disgraces that are some of the white councillors and police.


  4. Divisive and aggressive comments, William Ewart ? Could you enlarge on that in respect of your reference to maltbyblogger, please ?
    And what has being ‘of Pakistani origin ‘ got to do with maltbyblogger ? That almost sounds as though you are suggesting I am racist.
    Tu, tut, Will. Get your facts right before you go casting aspersions on others.I think that you will find that maltbyblogger is not the person who is calling Jahangir Akhtar ‘Asbo’. As we seem to be enjoying using quotes and sayings here : If the cap fits … …


    • Barelvi and Deoband are 2 sects in Islam.
      (ASBO) A Saytan By Origin Jahngir Akhtar none of the asian community like him, because he is a compulsive liar.
      I agree with Maltbyblogger we the people of Rotherham of all walks of life, regardless of ethnic origin or what our beliefs are need to be united and start holding a meeting outside the town hall and march towards his house and not move until he is held accountable for his actions.
      Ewart i am asain and there are good and bad people in every society. If we get rid of prople like ASBO and duck and Dive Mahroof Hussain there might be light end of the tunnel to have free and fair election.


    • The two words you questioned are commonly written as Deobandi and Brevali in roman script.
      Google will find their meaning for you.


    • As a matter of fact Asbo uses that moniker himself. Even when making Police statements, I believe. Difficult to see your rather pejorative interpretation being correct therefore.
      Asbo, like all bullies, is good at dishing it out but as for taking it…..


  5. Thankyou, A regular reader and Anon for clarifying that.
    As Anon was speaking about religious sects, the comments are not relevant on rothpolitics – which I am sure rothpol will agree with. The scrutiny and discussions on here are in connection with politics in, and with interest to, Rotherham. Not about race or religion.

    I await with keen interest, Will Ewart’s response to the above.

    I suggest that rothpolitics readers and the ” community” require further clarification on the statements here, also :

    “That community is not going to speak out when it knows that some who criticize Asbo are simply racist and make no effort to understand the complexities and stresses within their community. I understand that because frankly, it is true.
    If we are going to clean out these stables the good people, Asian and white, who I really believe make up the majority of local people need to stand together.
    Hence I believe the divisive and aggressive comments made by some, and I include Maltybybloger in this, become part of the problem.”

    I have always found that when the term “Asian and white ” is used then that is in itself racist. (“Asian and British”, or “black and white”, if one must make a comparison between races and colours)
    On whose authority or on which statistics does Will Ewart you the statement ” I understand that because frankly, it is true” ?

    Perhaps William Ewart might also clarify if his “pen name” is in reference to William Ewart Gladstone ? This might then give readers an insight into his philosophies.


    • Well said Maltby blogger. We owe it to the majority of the good people in Rotherham to do something about these individuals.
      My point was the planning involves councillors, councillors are politicians and thats why either planning for a house or worship place it goes through the council.
      These individuals have made peoples life hell. These councillors represent the borough or there wards in Rotherham not rest of the worlds.
      Our priority is Rotherham.
      With these individuals its like “Big trouble in little Rotherham”
      Jahngir Akhtar and Mahroor Hussain every week having functions for people out of Uk when these individuals have nothing to do with Rotherham.
      All the money which gets raised by the Rotherham community for the charity they are there to have photos taken and fly off to Pakistan and use the money for there flights, stopping in Five star hotels, feed there clans etc.


  6. I am sure Akhtar does use the moniker himself – I know Asians who call themselves ‘Paki’ but am sure that would not be good reason for me or anyone else to use the term when commenting on them.
    What one calls oneself is up to oneself is it not ? Until I learn that Jahanghir Akhtar has legally changed his name, I shall refrain from using “pejorative” terms such as this.

    My point here is to take issue with William Ewart’s comments rothpol, not to question your choice of terminology on your own blog.


  7. We want to do a protest from Rotherham Town Hall to ASBO Akhtar house.
    we want him out he is disgrace to us in our community.


  8. I am well upset with ASBO, if we set off a protest to ASBO Akhtar house, it will get some sense into him.as he has upset many people, he needs to start telling the truth not telling lies and doing nothing about this issue, in the streets of Rotherham more and more people want a protest outside his house to get rid off this nutter and this is in his our area in Rotherham.


  9. Back to the issue of justice.

    Just had a look at google maps and discovered that the proposed extension is to the north of Asbo’s property..hence natural light is not a problem. Only leaves the being overlooked issue and that’s normally ease to solve.i.e. wall or widow placements. I will be sending my Planners advice to the owners. I will take advice on the propriety of the decision and the policies they cited.

    As for MBlogger; my comments are literate and clear (save for the odd typo for which I apologise) requiring no clarification, I am resigned to MB and I no longer being friends as in life sometimes one just need to move on,

    I agree that this is a political not religious blog, However it is naive not to understand when the two come together. Ask the people of Northern Ireland.

    For example: there are some big tensions within the UK’s communities of Pakistan origin, Tensions that threaten to tear apart the traditional biraderi block vote system, the system that gives Asbo his power. The victory of Respect in Bradford was very much a symptom of this breaking down and hence Asbo’s loathing and fear of them.

    To keep his power Asbo needs to keep all the Pakistani origin communities sticking together. It goes like this. If Asbo can guarantee 200 hundred votes in each central Ward it may not seem a lot. But if those votes are switched to Respect then it becomes as good as 400, and it is goodbye to Dodger and a lot of Labour councillors – believe me they know this. It is why they grit their teeth and make him Deputy Leader.

    The comments about Deobandi and Barelvi illustrate this potential fracturing. They are both strands of Islam with their own Masjids. In Rotheram and Bradford the Barelvi, to whom Asbo belongs, are the majority.

    There is long history if dislike, distrust and rivalry between these two themes of Islam, However in the UK they often stick (vote) together because their leaders encourage them to be more fearful of the everyone else.

    Put simply, if Rotherhams Deobandi vote Respect Asbo’s 200 guaranteed vote delivery could be cut by 20%, and that 20% voted Respect -it is enough to seriously damage his hold on the Labour Party. In numerical terms he can only deliver 160 while 80 got to the opposition.

    So, back to my original article.

    Why did he not object formally to the application as is his right?

    Well, 1. He thought he could swing it his way anyway.

    2.Anon gives a clue.

    To his Deobandi neighbours he can say “nothing to do with me pals, I didn’t even bother to object. Its them there Planners”.

    They will grizzle and groan but can’t prove it.


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