Doing the rounds – Champion on Yvonne Ridley!

This is doing the rounds, its from Ms Champions Twitter page.

Just on @BBCSheffield re CSE. Is Yvonne Ridley bitter because she lost?
Why can’t she acknowledge positives happening now in #rotherham? – 08

Lower than a snakes belly to use the abuse and rape of children to score a cheap political point, how tidy to use the term CSE to cover up what actually took place in Rotherham.

Anyone else been caught and convicted?

No thought not Ms Champion, so not a lot happening then.

18 thoughts on “Doing the rounds – Champion on Yvonne Ridley!

  1. Our new MP should retract the statement and make a very public apology to all those children abused and let down by RMBC.

    She might start to ask why RMBC have not yet had an open and thorough investigation into why they stood back and let it happen, who is being protected?


    • I would suspect, that the ones being protected are.
      Jahngir Akhtar
      Mahroof Hussain
      Shaun Wright
      Roger Stone
      And some of the Labour party councillors.
      It would have been different if the victims were their daughters or sisters.


  2. Woman to woman, I am thoroughly dismayed that Sarah Champion issued this tweet; she was as sweet as honey to me when we talked off camera in the BBC Leeds studio last week. Guess it’s the cut and thrust of Labour politics.
    I’ve nothing to be bitter about with regards Rotherham – Respect did very well beating the two parties in government bearing in mind we came from a point of zero and now we have a Respect office in Rotherham. Bitter? Not at all.
    Sad? Indeed very sad that a female MP tramples over the CSE victims to score political points for little or no purpose. Victims first, Sarah – you said they were your priority … those words are beginning to ring a little hollow at the moment.


  3. The comments are a disgrace.
    Why is champion defending the council and police? She should get off her arse and demand an independent inquiry and to held accountable.

    She should demand that those who carried out the heinous acts should be brought to justice.

    What if they were her neices sister or mother?

    Instead she stays stum as shes in their pockets of those who looked the other way.

    She was a patsy. Bought and paid for.

    If u can’t stsnd the heat get out of the kitchen.


  4. I suffered harassment off bmbc after they wrongfully took my daughter,s baby,john healey and the police ignored my plea’s for help,months me and my children suffered someone hanging round my home at night scaring me and my children and they did nothing,they said the team manager as now left who now seems to be registered rotherham,bailiffs came one morning at 7a.m and I wouldn’t answer the door,I phoned the police who tried coaxing me into opening the door saying they would send someone out,I refused and no one came,they got me about 11.30 leaving the house and took me threw back way of court and put me in prison for 4 months,I’ve never even been in trouble,if I’d have opened the door the first time they would have taken my children,my daughter’s social worker and probation kept questioning her as to if I lived on my own,am I right in believing that shaun wright employed a bmbc councillor ? They take young girls babies without court orders or consent then target families when they ask questions,we all got removed off the g.p register without a reason as well and that’s only the start of it,I was also banned from voting for the police comissioner,I recorded solicitor’s and social workers etc,just got to find someone who can help me with it.


      • My daughter only went to the doctors for help,within an hour they turned up at her flat and took her baby,we never witnessed the proceeding done in court,just letters off solicitor’s,I have a recorded conversation with the team manager where he can’t answer me to why we’ve never seen a judge,I got out of prison and wanted answers to find out the doctor as gone,the social worker had gone and atteys solicitor’s had closed down,they started on my friends daughtet as well,hand delivered letters saying a health visitor was paying her a visit from west yorkshire,my parents also had there phone tapped,you could here the tapping noises down the phone,I was even locked out of my own house,I have witnesses to this as well,my friends in goldthorpe were also struck off the g.p register without reason,john healey just said he can’t get involved.


  5. I thought Sarah had been doing well so far, for a Labour MP, but her endorsing of that sewer rat MacShane recently coupled with her unnecessary attack on Yvonne are inexcusable.
    Yvonne had the guts to stand up to the dictatorial council, Sarah should be championing that (no pun intended).
    These comments are a grave insult to victims of child grooming, just like the comments on MacShane were extremely offensive to every hardworking taxpayer of Rotherham.


  6. Well said Yvonne Ridley.

    You are female, 14 years old, vulnerable and at risk, you are spotted as being easy meat.

    A young man about your age approaches you, starts to compliment you, gives you presents, introduces to his friends in their BMW cars and then, plied with drink you find yourself locked in a seedy room with lines of men waiting to rape you.

    Score a political point on the innocence of children Ms Champion, so predictable.

    What else would you expect from the MP from Rotherham.


  7. Did we not have a discussion last week about Champion’s effectiveness as a Labour MP?
    Did I not say she was a Compliant Drone and just cannon fodder for the Labour party?
    I have to wonder about the levels of mentality and intelligence of Labour MP’s who allegedly represent the people who voted for them.
    Just how bad does it have to be before voters in Rotherham come to their senses and accept that both RMBC and their MP’s are mired in a scandal they do not want investigated and exposed?


  8. Common Purpose claptrap being spouted by Rotherham’s MP, There is a growing pattern here, Joyce Thacker and Mahroof Hussain are Common Purpose graduates too!


  9. To hear her spouting on about how she ran bluebell wood you would think champion had the children of Rotherham to heart but no only herself she needs reminding she was voted to represent all her constituents even the victims of her CSE


  10. While supporting Yvonne in her campaign to find the truth about the sexual exploitation of young people I can not quite forget many of her previous comments. Including this. “Muslims have lost confidence since September 11th. Something as simple as suicide bombers being martyrs is being denied by prominent sheikhs.”

    Be careful of the ‘friends’ you assocaite with and what you say – we will be watching. That seems to be a regular RothPol Theme.


  11. Now here I go again – whilst I will fight RMBC tooth and nail to get to the truth re the malpractice and criminal deceit regarding the cover up concerning grooming and the systematic rape of young women in the borough, I also want to see a condemnation of the role of sections of the local Muslim community in actual rape and cover up too from Yvonne Ridley. (And not just elected officials please). Furthermore, I want a real condemnation, no denial that it was ‘one off’ or simply a local ‘cultural issue’ – it wasn’t – see Rochdale, Watford, Bradford ad infinitum its seems.

    To really address the issues yes we have to look at the roles of the police, Thacker, Akhtar, Stone, Lakin and the rest of the criminal apologist and deceivers in the cover up. (Mostly non Muslim I may add). But to get to the root of the problem in a holistic manner we also have to look deeper and find what attitudes, misguided beliefs and gender based cultural and religious misconceptions made the groomers and rapist think it was acceptable behaviour. I’m sorry to say this – but the criminals involved in Rotherham where misguided Muslims so let’s start with radical Islam.

    So many Muslims I know and lovingly accept as sisters and brothers of the human family are terrified of speaking out publicly on the issue for many reasons. Firstly they feel it will give fresh publicity to the events and allow racist like the EDL / BNP the ammunition to rant ‘The Muslims are to blame for all sexual exploitation’. (An evil and crazy idea). And secondly because they are afraid some (a minority) in their community will castigate them as traitors to Islam when obviously they aren’t; this I find the most alarming.

    I will state now that the majority of groomers and rapists in Britain are known to be non Muslims. I will state now that the groomers and rapist in th Borough did not exploit the victims because of Islamic teachings from the Koran. However it can’t be denied that in Rotherham the rapist’s own interpretation of Islam and their view of the role of women (and non believers) did play a role; however warped that may be it needs to be examined and addressed openly. And not just behind closed Mosque doors..

    Regarding YR’s role in the debate – on a personal basis I researched Yvonne’s history because I was initially inspired by her determination regarding the issue. However as I did I’ became increasingly alarmed regarding her attitudes (and often rants) regarding the roles of non Muslim and western women; attitudes I find disgusting. In particular I found I became angry that she seemed to be arguing that it is how women dress and behave that can be blamed for many of societies ills including their vulnerability to sexual exploitation. She’s so wrong and so Victorian Britain it’s dangerous.

    Yvonne when it comes to grooming, sexual assault and the rape of vulnerable women and children (and sometimes males) the blame lies at only one door: the vile and repulsive criminal that perpetuates it. It isn’t what women wear, the fact they may like to dance in public, have a glass of wine with friends or share social open occasions with several individuals of varying genders that leads to rape; it’s the belief of some cultures, communities and men (a tiny minority) that women are worthless, second class citizens and should be controlled or monitored that does: that and the personal power aspect of the ‘inadequate’ of course.

    Yes I am disgusted that Sarah Champion in her tweets seemed to viewing the debate re sexual exploitation and the criminal cover up as a game between herself and Yvonne. But I also have concerns about YR’s attitude to women and ‘non believers’. Personally I think they both see it all as a political football – shame on both.

    What we know for sure is grooming and rape is about power and control. What we know for sure is that it happens in all communities and civilisations. What we know for sure is that we have a nationwide and Rotherham based problem concerning a minority of Muslim men and youths’ regarding the grooming and their attitude to women. What we know for sure is that however PC we may or can be at times we should get to the root of the issue, rid the borough of this evil and make sure the systematic grooming can never happen again. To do that we have to be honest no matter how painful it can be to all – and that includes communities. .

    And so my little ramble is ending for nopw – but to sum up – the more I find out about YR’s attitudes to the role of women the more concerned I become. Oppresive attitudes breed a oppresive actions. A woman as the right to be who she wishes to be (as do men).

    Regarding YR’s rants I will keep searching but for now here’s one more. (I found so many and they all were jaw droppers). In my opinion YR has no respect (pardon the pun) for female rights or the individual’s right to choose – in short no respect. And in my belief that is part of the problem.


    SKT xxxx

    A little ‘not so trendy leftie’ female that believes I shouldn’t have to cover up my legs to be free from the threat of systematic rape: although some do say I should cover up my legs because they are not exactly alluring. Quite hurtful at times that but unlike Yvonne I have the right to choose to show them


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