Everyone needs good neighbours – Back to the issue of justice!

Back to the issue of justice.

“Just had a look at google maps and discovered that the proposed extension is to the north of Asbo’s property..hence natural light is not a problem. Only leaves the being overlooked issue and that’s normally ease to solve.i.e. wall or widow placements. I will be sending my Planners advice to the owners. I will take advice on the propriety of the decision and the policies they cited.

As for MBlogger; my comments are literate and clear (save for the odd typo for which I apologise) requiring no clarification, I am resigned to MB and I no longer being friends as in life sometimes one just need to move on,

I agree that this is a political not religious blog, However it is naive not to understand when the two come together. Ask the people of Northern Ireland.

For example: there are some big tensions within the UK’s communities of Pakistan origin, Tensions that threaten to tear apart the traditional biraderi block vote system, the system that gives Asbo his power. The victory of Respect in Bradford was very much a symptom of this breaking down and hence Asbo’s loathing and fear of them.

To keep his power Asbo needs to keep all the Pakistani origin communities sticking together. It goes like this. If Asbo can guarantee 200 hundred votes in each central Ward it may not seem a lot. But if those votes are switched to Respect then it becomes as good as 400, and it is goodbye to Dodger and a lot of Labour councillors – believe me they know this. It is why they grit their teeth and make him Deputy Leader.

The comments about Deobandi and Barelvi illustrate this potential fracturing. They are both strands of Islam with their own Masjids. In Rotheram and Bradford the Barelvi, to whom Asbo belongs, are the majority.

There is long history if dislike, distrust and rivalry between these two themes of Islam, However in the UK they often stick (vote) together because their leaders encourage them to be more fearful of the everyone else.

Put simply, if Rotherhams Deobandi vote Respect Asbo’s 200 guaranteed vote delivery could be cut by 20%, and that 20% voted Respect -it is enough to seriously damage his hold on the Labour Party. In numerical terms he can only deliver 160 while 80 got to the opposition.

So, back to my original article.

Why did he not object formally to the application as is his right?


1. He thought he could swing it his way anyway.

2.Anon gives a clue.

To his Deobandi neighbours he can say “nothing to do with me pals, I didn’t even bother to object. Its them there Planners”.

They will grizzle and groan but can’t prove it.”

Wil Ewart

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41 thoughts on “Everyone needs good neighbours – Back to the issue of justice!

  1. Wil what can i say you left me speechless?
    I agree to what you say, lets put this out in simple terms.
    A meeting must be held between the all political parties apart from Labour to discuss how to topple over the dicktator of Rotherham Jahngir Akhtar.
    All strong candidates must stand from conservative, lib dems, ukip, and Respect.
    From Respect a honest, respectable asain candidate needs to stand who does not carry baggage as ASBO.
    The muslim community have had enough of ASBO, if to topple him you need to start the ground work NOW.


  2. For once I agree with almost every thing you say! Forgive my ignorance (and the typos), but just how many strands of Islam are there? I am aware of Sunnis, Shias and Wahhabis, but the sects you mention are new to me! As Islam has become more widespread in this country we all need to be more aware of the rivalries, jealousies and even hatred within it! Asbo is one of my ward councillors and if we can get rid of this unprincipled, bullying thug next year I will be almost as pleased as when MacShame resigned!


  3. Thanks for your further comments, Mr Ewart.
    Good to see that you realised your previous comments did need clarifying after all.Obviously I am not going to get a response from you regarding your statements you say are facts about the community. Never mind.
    Good luck with your investigation and let’s hope the wider public become increasingly informed about our dear Leader, Deputy Leader and the minions in RMBC who believe they are above the rest of us.


  4. For Malcontent, and anyone else who is interested

    There are hundreds of different Christian strands, Catholic, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Methodist, Baptist and Quakers to name a few. It’s similar in the Muslim world. And as know we some of the worst violence has been between different Christian churches.
    In the Pakistani Communities the traditional frictions and rivalries of any community go on. They may even be exacerbated because of the artificial enclosed environment of the immigrant in a country where they have often been vilified, excluded and physically threatened. In those circumstances you would cling together and dream of Mirpur.

    Those tensions exist and slowly they are breaking down the birideri system and with them Asbo’s power. As are stresses between old and young, gangsters and those who want to clean up the system, between the burgeoning new Pakistani middle class and those getting left behind.

    Asbo likes to be seen as a fixer, a man of importance who can bend the rules. Its good for his izzat (family pride and status). And any community always likes to see one of its own do well in competition with the Kaffir.

    In terms of izzat however it tends to be as much family related as personal, and in his case he isn’t building up the dynasty expected of a man wanting be seen as a respected elder. By his own admission his sons aren’t pulling up trees; still dependent upon the old man and enough Community Service hours to re-landscape Cliffton Park. He hasn’t quite got the style of an elder. He gets angry with the more sophisticated young Moslem leaders and jealous of their intellect.

    The other problem comes when the Asbo and his group seem to be doing well, but nobody else is. He gets his way with a planning application, but you don’t. His sons get a £380,000 house in a posh Leeds suburb without breaking sweat. While you’re still sitting in Holmes Lane listening to the window panes rattle and the best you can hope is that the taxi gets past its MOT.

    The wealth isn’t spreading around the community. They provide the power, he gets the goods.

    The stresses between Deobandi and Barelvi range from the highly theological. I’m no Imam, but a rudimentary explanation is that the Deobandi and many other Muslin themes see Mohammed as very much a man of flesh and bone who has an extra special relationship with the one god. Whereas the Barelvi tend to give Mohammed slightly more mystical and spiritual qualities.

    At are more basic level the Deobandi tend the think the Barelvi are too flash and blingy. Whereas the the Barelvi tend to make fun of the Deobandi and kick them about a bit. Because there’s more of them and therefore they can.

    For example, I would love to know if the fight for which his brother got sent down and his family acquired their Community Service Nectar points was either with or in a Deobandi owned restaurant.



    • Well written Ewart? Jahngir Akhtar does not know the meaning of Izaat (Respect).
      Like i said lets work together to get rid of this Dicktator?


  5. I will be writing up some ideas for a plan of campaign for 2014 elections. It will not be seeking to promote one party, more to make sure that all of the parties act with decency, honesty and in line with democratic principles.
    As for Asbo, there are people out there who I believe know more, They need to write in.
    Follow rothpol and my tweet.


  6. Thanks for the tutorial on the different strands of Islam. Though it is in the interest of us all to be aware of differences and tensions within the different sects. The restaurant on Domine Lane where in 2002 Asbo played a “leading role” in kicking and punching innocent diners and staff into needing hospital treatment has changed its name from the Minar Balti to the Sanam Balti, so it may have changed ownership. My vote in next year’s elections will go to who ever I consider has the best chance of ousting this despicable person!


    • Rotherham is our pride and joy just like Rothpol, we as the citizens of the borough owe it to our families our childrens and our elders, to the community of Rotherham, i urge you all regardless of where you come from, what your belief are, lets all be united and get rid of the few wrotten apples, starting with Asbo Dicktator Jahngir Akhtar.
      Little information at a time. Asbo real name was Akhtar Jahngir, his sugar daddy LARD AHMED advised him to change to Jahngir Akhtar, on ballot papers he would be the first name, then he would tell the asain community to put X in the first box. I will later on reveal to you how he defeated the recently elected Rawmarsh UKIP councillor.




  8. You need to be on some serious weed, to write this article. The sites’s obsession with clr Akhtar had now crossed over to plain hate. The specific targeting of the town’s minority councillors has a very bad smell. The site is now also fanning sectarian hate. This is all very sad. Its time maybe for an ethical reboot.


    • John? I very much doubt your intentions in writing this comment and your stated identity!

      Rothpol and it’s readers and contributors are not racists, we will not be diverted from exposing wrongdoing whomsoever is responsible. The constant rehearsal of this old canard, does not make it true. Anyone might be forgiven for coming to a conclusion as to your likely identity and what you are trying to achieve with your comment, it no longer works!

      Reputational damage caused by the exposure of wrongdoing or sharp practice is not as you claim, fanning the flames of sectarian hate, but causing many further legitimate questions to be raised of the entire controlling Labour Group in the Town Hall, all of them! They are the ones, that should hang their heads in shame at Akhtar’s antics, and their continued tolerance of them! The culture of impunity, is coming to an end in Rotherham’s Lubyanka, as the future will reveal in good time.

      Ethical reboot? That is what is required in the Rotherham Labour Party, who tolerate wrongdoing and cover it up as standard modus operandi.

      Remember the Blue Badge abusing councillor? A most disgraceful episode!


    • John: I disliked and criticised Denis MacShane as much as Akhtar and he’s the same race as me. Are you ignorant of Asbo’s past behaviour or just blind to it! Whatever race he was he would still be an odious, bullying race-card player. I wouldn’t trust him or the enobled fishfryer an inch!


      • I know a some but not enough. I know whats going on away from the nice estates and middle-class ghettoes. I know enough to avoid certain people and areas on dark nights.

        I see it as a jigsaw. One where both communities have some of the pieces, both want to build the picture so that they can change things.

        But we don’t trust enough to get together. Then we all get played off against each other.

        I trust Rik even tough I’ve never met or spoken to him- he’s proven it over time. Remember what I am saying will not be liked by everyone.

        Enough of me. You say what is going on.


    • John, although you write suspiciously like Akhtar sounds – the terms “serious weed” or “serious drugs” are very much his catchphrases.

      I found your comments disgusting in their attempts to take attention away from a very important issue that desperately needs attention. Lets be clear:

      1. I defy anyone to read my articles and find and specify anything racist. Or anything other than a genuine attempt to explain a community that has been treat pretty badly.

      2. Many suffer because of biraderi and gangsterism, though none more so that the Pakistani people themselves.Their children are being addicted, in Bradford stories are emerging of young Muslim girls being prostituted and of course there are the deaths of young men due to drugs related violence. Their children are kept down educationally and in employment. There are serious tensions due a lack of social freedom.

      3. There is no suggestion and never has been that some of Rotherham’s white Councillors are anything other than a shabby collection of dissemblers and serf- servers. Corruption, cronyism and nepotism in Rotherham have long pedigrees . Going back to Jack Leyden and the £30k in used notes found in his wardrobe. His promotion of the dreadful Garvin Reed (friend of the Dodger) who stole from the public purse under the guise of helping children out of poverty though his Child Poverty Forum. Some of us are concerned that there remain shysters and dissemblers within the Council.

      What we have now is the biraderi being used to support and sustain the less pleasant white and Pakistani politicians within the Labour Group. It makes it impossibler to open up and provide and transparent modern government in Rotherham Council. It makes it harder for us to trust to the political and child care systems

      When people burn books and when people suppress debate it is never from the best of motives. Inevitably it is about their keeping you ignorant and themselves powerful.

      What you are saying is what the biraderi elders and leaders say. Don’t say anything outside of the community. Its shameful, its disloyal, you can’t trust the Kaffir’ keep within, we’ll look after you.

      White people are told they are racist, Pakistan people that they will be disloyal. So we all keep our mouths shut.

      John, or whoever you are, you’re a disgrace.


      • If there is wrongdoing then please pass on information to the relevant authority. Otherwise, it is all hearsay & muck-raking. There are 60 plus councillors in Rotherham. Incessantly vilifying ajust a few of them, makes me think that there is more than an intrest in journalism here. I have met Cllr Akhtar. I have Seen all the good works he has done. Yes, he’s a bruiser. No denying that. But that’s just local politics. If you can’t handle the heat maybe it’s time to get out of the kitchen.


        • You sound just like Akhtar or at least one of his apologists? If you have seen all his good works you might like to enlighten readers as to what these good works are. No one else has seen them!


      • It’s not just the white councillors who are disemblers is it John Akhtar. Oh yes, you are certainly he. You are not a bruiser Akhtar, as some one who pleaded guilty to affray at Hull Crown Court you are a “convicted thug!” You had the barefaced cheek to remain on the council whilst you were doing community service, when anyone with an ounce of principle would have resigned! It’s not the first time you have been on this site pretending to be some one else is it, but you always get found out!


      • I’ve learnt a few things:
        1) you guys are very presumptuous. I am just an ordinary bloke with no connection to any political party in Rotherham. My aim was only to bring some balance to the conversation. Cllr Akhtar has been an elected member for many years. His constituents are well aware of his background. Thats a democratic verdict.
        2) ‘Shrill’ & ‘sensitive’ best describes your approach. You need to lighten up.
        3) If there is evidence of real wrongdoing, it should be brought out into the open and acted upon. However, dredging up twitter comments between bitter rivals does not constitute evidence for anything. If it proves someone is a bruiser. Is that really news.
        3) This is increasingly looking like a witch hunt.
        4) website like yours have an important role to play in local politics. But this tabloid style muck racking does you no favours.
        5) please do shine a very big torch on any wrong doing. Keep a perspective. And let the proper authorities deal with any wrongdoing.


  9. Babs: Whatever your opinion is of Caven Vines and we all know William Ewart’s, most “unbiased” people in what was, before the ward boundaries were changed, Rotherham Central ward, thought he did a good job as a councillor. So it came as a surprise when Asbo beat him in the elections. He has intimated there was jiggery pokery in that election and now you teasingly state you will reveal “later on” how Asbo defeated him! It is surely in the interest of democracy and good governance, that if anything underhand took place every one should know about it asap! Why are you so reticent in divulging what you know?


  10. william ewart: you seem to know so much about asbo and his fellow lard and look, duck and dive yet you ask me that? you also seem to know so much about the asian community and the workings of all the different strands of islam…………whatever!!!


  11. No I don’t know everything.

    I hide my real name but otherwise make no pretensions. I am white, an atheist, have no leadership ambitions and take nothing from a party, council or corrupt agency. My politics lean towards the left. I have lived and worked in many areas with large Pakistani communities. I have friendship and family links with those communities.

    Like many I have tolerated and ignored the goings on among our public bodies. Then there was child grooming and such an callous disregard shown by the Council and Councillors that I can no longer pretend to myself that Rotherham is brilliant.

    I asked you for information because I want to see the full picture and the truth is made up of small pieces. I am sorry if that offends you.


  12. There are many lame duck, dead wood Elected Members with their snouts in the trough in RMBC, many with past affiliations to the coal and steel industry, it is time voters in Rotherham took a real hard look at what they do for their allowances, from what I see not, that much.

    That goes for minority and WASP Elected Members!


    • Anonymous: Akhtar may be able to guarantee a certain amount of same Pakistani clan votes and there’s always some people who will vote Labour no matter how disgraced the candidate is. but surely it’s the “majority” of voters who cannot be bothered to vote that ensure a vile creature like Akhtar is able to get on the council! How can we reach them that’s the question?


      • The asian community is no different to any other community with regards to respect.
        The reason Jahngir Akhtar was elected was he paid his associates to become members of labour party. Once they have elected him then they would desolve there membership, reapply again when its time to re-elect.
        No one in the community respects him because of his actions?
        Like the previous comments been made he is muslim by name devil by nature. Its a sin to call fellow muslim a devil but if he gives you a reason then he is devil and Dicktator.


  13. Babs: What you say sounds very plausible. Akhtar, after his conviction for affray refused to resign and served his full term of office out. He was then deselected and some one else (can’t remeber who that was) stood for Labour who Caven Vines standing as an independent beat. To every one’s astonishment the disgraced Akhtar, who most people thought was history, was then re-selected as the Labour candidate for the next election. We were told my a long standing, indiginous Labour Counillor that the selection committee that selected him was majority Asian. If I rember rightly Shaukat Ali tried to deslect Eric Manns by getting a lot of his Asian friends to join the Labour party and vote for him, but in that instance it did not work because their was a qualifying period before members were allowed to vote, which they did not meet, and so they were not able to vote a very long standing councillor off the list of candidates!


    • Surprise surprise Mahroof Hussain did exactly the same, when he was shortlisted alot of asian community living in other areas suddenly started moving into boston castle ward families and became members of labour party and thats how duck and dive got elected. And then suddenly they disapeared. Theres politics and then theres asian politics, these few individuals gives whole of asain community a bad name and then they go on Radio Sheffield and call themselfs role models of rotherham.


      • Shaukat Ali is he the one who was with labour party, fell out with them and then stood as independant councillor and lost and went back to labour party,
        Then this party got cheek to turn Omar mehban away from the membership of labour party. Omar your a good lad. Conservatives are lucky to have in there party.


      • MoofyThe goofy: Page 8 section “C” Of the Labour Party rule book states:

        It is an abuse of party rules for individuals or
        factions to recruit members who do not live at
        the claimed addresses in an attempt to
        manipulate local party meetings or the outcome
        of party ballot.
        Though you may know this took place, prooving that this took place is not so easy to do.


  14. Anon: After Shaukat Ali’s friends were prevented from voting for him as a candidate for Rotherham East and thereby deselecting Eric Manns who had ben a labour councillor for decades, the local Labour party perceived Ali to be threat and he was offered the next vacant seat on the council.
    As for Rotherpol’s suggestion that we need to get knocking on doors to get rid if Akhtar. I am a bit long in the tooth to be standing as an independent for the council. I am not a member of the BNP or any other party, but I have been told by members of the BNP that they would forgo having a candidate in this ward if there was a realistic chance of defeating Akhtar. But would it not be better to play these people at there own game and for a lot of non-asian people in Rotherham West ward to join the Labour party with the sole intention of deselecting the odious Akhtar and thus prevent him standing in the first place and then resigning from it once we had got rid of him!


    • You have to be a member of labour party for 6 months, then you can vote for the shortlisted candidate.
      You have to be member over a year then fill in application form, attend training course, which is run by the labour party leaders, Asbo comes into picture.
      Then you can stand in any ward within the borough.
      The councillors will have list of new members and ASBO starts knocking on there door and thats when emotional blackmail comes into place.
      The only way we can defeat this individual is by having the following parties in the ward
      Lib Dems


  15. Annon, Sorry I can’t help you with that. I’m an old fogey and mi memory’s not what it used to be!
    His council webpage http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/councillors/12/ states that he has been on the council for 11 years. So his failed bid as an independent would have been prior to that. I think he stood against Eric Manns in the then Park ward, and Eric has been deceased for some time now and the wards were reorganised with some being renamed quite a while back.


    • Thank you malcontent.you are not old fogey, people like you are hard to find who build this country, and then you get ASBO who thinks he owns Rotherham.
      You are still young at heart. Old is gold.
      Lets all work together to get rid of this thug once and for all.


      • What amazes me is that the PAKISTANI councillors profile is like yellow pages. Get a grip your are only a councillor.
        I bet thats how they promote themselves in Pakistan with criminal activities.


  16. very interesting: If anyone needed to see what a braggart Akhtar is have a look here, http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/councillors/11/jahangir_akhtar
    The reality is that he is just a taxi driver with a conviction for thuggery and selling gigarettes to children. He’s a bully by nature and we all know bullies are cowards that why they are bullies in the first place. He has got where he is today because of the apathy of many of the indiginous people in this town and a Labour party that are nothing more than self serving judases, Denis MacShane and Roger Stone being prime examples!


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