Azar exposed!

When Respect first came to town, Azar came along to the initial meeting and pretended to be ‘neutral’.

According to the Bradford lads, he then recorded what we all said on his phone.

As you’ll see on the attached picture, he is on the far right and his phone is turned upside down. On the left you’ll be able to see Cllr Faisal Khan and next to him, Dave Edler (deputy leader of Respect)

Thanks to our very observant source for this picture:

respect image

11 thoughts on “Azar exposed!

    • The lying ** all this time he’s been up akhtars backside yet trying to portray different agendas. He also up ** sajid bostans backside and he’s just as bad


      • Azar talks, B*** S*** walks, he used to be on Radio Ramadan preaching Islam and not practising.
        His got habit of recording, he would record his own mother and sister for his own mean and purposes.


  1. Excuse me, but what have these people got to hide? If there is nothing to hide, then why worry about conversations being recorded. They are beginning to sound like the Labour mafia in Rotherham who hide everything. I find this deeply worrying! Whatever happened to openness and honesty which doesn’t appear to exists any more.


    • It’s a private conversation you moron. How would you like it if I recorded your conversation without your knowledge or permission and played back to a third party. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be bothered because you’d be a LIAR. If it wasn’t such a big deal he would have asked if he could record the meeting. He’s such a snake like Saj Ten Bellies, he hasn’t any personal pride or any morals and thinks slithering about doesn’t diminish who he is. He was sacked from his post at the Private Hire Association for back bitting a fellow driver. You can’t expect any better from these lowlives.


      • If this individual was sacked who reinstated him.
        The secretary holds all the personal information about the members, MAYBE his using this information for his personal gains.
        He needs to be suspended immediately and an enquiring needs to be held and as to why he was reinstated and has brought the association into disrepute
        Sajid Bostan resigned from the association why out of blue no election or anything he is made vice chairman.
        These so called new committee has been running for almost 2 years and have held ONE meeting in november 2012 because of Jangir aktar and mahruf hussain.
        Any meetings held in private with the secretary with the COUNCIL and POLICE Azar has been recording and playing back to drivers.
        Word of advise this individual needs to be stripped searched before anyone speaks to him.



        • Sajid Bostan! That’s the man who told me they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC,” when threatening me!

          Little wonder then, that a ‘culture of impunity’, has developed by some in the senior political leadership in our Town.

          With the Labour Party, seemingly unwilling to deal with their own, out of control members, the people are going to have to deal with this, themselves!


      • From one moron to another. This was a political meeting you are talking about so how can it be a private conversation. You have just left a clear indication as to who you are, you are part of the cover-up brigade at RMBC. You know the liars and cheats who infect our Town and you obviously have something to hide. You must think we are all as thick as you are!


      • The first day the Respect Party came to Rotherham ASBO cancelled the venue and the meeting was held on Corporation Street, town centre.
        After the meeting the party representative held a meeting at a local cafe and Azar Afsar accomponied the group to the meeting.
        This was the first and private meeting with the party.
        Apart from recording the conversation he did not contribure towards the cost of the meal.
        People need to aware of who he is.


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