Racial Harrassment case! First Reports

A Maltby  man pleaded guilty this morning to racially harassing The Leader and Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council.
It appears the man who is clearly not  a “full shilling” wrote garbled obscene letters to the pair of them whilst he was drunk threatening them with violence and stating the EDl were going to cleanse Rotherham of Asians.
Sentencing was adjourned until Friday August 9th to enable a probation report on him to be available to the magistrate’s court. It would seem he is likely to get probation with a restraining order.
Tony Richardson

Dinnington Gdn

3 thoughts on “Racial Harrassment case! First Reports

  1. I would condem any threats of violence towards Stone, Asbo or any other councillor. But whilst Asbo is quick to report threats to himself to the police, he and his family members will try to use coercion to any one who threatens them in any way – so far “just” staying on the side of the law. His brother Shabir. a person I did not know at all, telephoned me to say he and his family were not at all happy at being called a bunch of thugs by myself and did I know that he was a kick boxing champion! This was an implicit threat!


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