Still problems at the Taxi Rank?

Today’s Star has this interesting little piece about the abuse of Taxi Ranks in Rotherham:

Joint patrols planned for taxi ranks in town

Enforcement operations are to be held at taxi ranks in Rotherham town centre to ensure they are being used properly.

Joint patrols are to be carried out by Rotherham Council’s licensing team and parking enforcement officers and South Yorkshire Police.

Coun Rose McNeely, Rotherham Council cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “Drivers bringing cars into the town centre should always ensure they park legally, including later in the evenings.

Rose McNeeley ends with this important point:

The taxi ranks – on Moorgate Street, Ship Hill, Effingham Square, High Street and Corporation Street – are available for Hackney Carriages to wait for customers to approach them.

Strange she fails to mention the outrageous recent activities, by the Private Hire Taxis engaging in ‘goosing’, stealing business from the Hackney Carriages.

Note: Rose McNeely is a Labour RMBC Councillor, representing Boston Castle Ward. Her term of office expires next year and it is understood she will be seeking re-election. Unless something should happen that results in another to be selected in her place? Rumours abound!

22 thoughts on “Still problems at the Taxi Rank?

  1. Well there’s only a handful of people that we can blame for the so called taxi troubles and illegal plying for hire by the private hire cowboys among us. Firstly there’s councillor asbo himself who is in the pockets of rmbc licensing board in every sense of the word. He’s the one who advertises in a hush hush way that he can get anything sorted when it comes to taxi issues. He’s that much of a snake (2 bellied at that) that he tells the hackney drivers he’s on there side (just to keep em sweet) then has a meeting with none other than 10 bellies snake saj bostan together with his ever stuck by his side secretary choota Charlie (azar) to put the word out to the private hire drivers to tell them the same “don’t worry guys asbo says he’s gonna sort everything” then last but not least lets not forget asbo’s silent but deadly partner of a cobra snake mansha hussain who is the ex chairman of the rotherham hackney carriage association to spread the good word of the asbo book. It’s ironic that mansha is now a full time driver in Sheffield but is still attending meetings with rmbc and the drivers association…….and rmbc are happy with that? Knowing he’s representing the drivers yet he’s not one of them no more. Lest not forget that mansha, bostan and choota will no doubt only say what asbo wants them to in these meetings and not what the drivers are asking them to, now THAT is why we are still in the mess we are as taxi drivers of rotherham. And then asbo has the cheek to stand and say “you drivers are the embassoders of rotherham” yeh yeh more like “you drivers are the ones I need to vote for me next time I need you”


  2. How funny thug ASBO JAHNGIR AKHTAR who used to rig the electon to become Chairman of hackneys association and his associate Rose Mcneely (cheap shot at taxis) complaining about taxis, dont u hav anyfin better to do than taxis, for a start repair the roads.
    Dont come nock on my door with Duck and Dive Mahroof Hussain for a vote.


  3. Rothpol seems to remember a set of ‘minutes’ of a meeting that took place at the Unity Centre during the Rotherham By-Election campaign last year. If I can find it, it might just be of interest to readers?


  4. This stinks of the Asian Mafia at it again. The stinking corruption within RMBC gets worse with every day. They’re starting make that piece of filth Grald Smith look like a choirboy at times though I think he’s still at it with his vindictiveness against anyone who is not part of his communist conspiracy.


    • Wel wel the truth is coming out now?

      I thought Shaitan was locked away in Ramadan the SOB is in Rotherham,
      Selling cigerattes to underage children.
      Sold hackney plate for cash £26,000.
      Beating inicent people.
      Having affair with local councillor.
      Ha ha ha


  5. excuse me for missing it cos its probably right under my nose. but what has anything said in the message from “i know what you did” got to do with local politics. very nice stuff to be saying from one muslim to another. it looks like the shaitan is definetley out doesnt it. grow up and stick with polotocs on here or if you have a genuine greivance with akhtar why dont you phone him and say whatb you got to? oooopppppss i remember……you havnt got a pair????


  6. rothpol im also presuming you know what the letters SOB were meant as in that message? if you dont he means son of a bitch! councillor akhtars mother sadly passed away a few years ago. i feel it highly inappropriate and very degrading and disrespectful to allow such a phrase to be used dragging someone in who has passed away. why not delete or edit this? why allow someone to deggrade or desrespect the dead like that? where have morals gone in life? wether our local councillors rare right or wrong is up for discussion but this site shouldnt be a site to allow such filthy terms to be used against one human being from another!


  7. the words SOB were meant to say son of a bitch….why would rothpol allow someone to disrespect the deceased like that? (akhtars mother passed away a few years ago)


    • Sonofabitch, an insult so mild it hardly counts as an insult at all. Don’t you know Akhtar? For him, SOB would almost count as a term of endearment. His own use of insults and swear words is quite extensive and with far more power than this.


      • @Rothpol. SOB is the ultimate insult. I’m sure there are many people who would agree that insulting someone using all the swear words under the sun would not compare when swearing at a relative or the ultimate to insult their mother, and the only thing worse than this would be to swear at a mother who has passed away. I see nothing wrong with someone who wants to remain anonymous but to use this anonymity to attack an innocent relative is so low you’d be competing with Asbo and Ten Bellies. I know Asbo well and know he is a slimey lowlife but I think all those who have called him an SOB should ask themselves if your insulting his mother then aren’t you opening the door to abuse of your own mother ? …….Food for thought.


        • You are getting tiresome, your synthetic annoyance is unjustified, we will all be dead eventually!
          Akhtar has no problem with issuing the most terrible of insults himself, so Rothpol will take no lessons as to what is acceptable on this blog.
          Notice there have been no denials of the central points made by readers, only attempts at diversion onto minutiae!


    • A well respected member of the community in the rotherham, took council to the court to allow transport for disabled people.
      This respected member paid out of his own pocket and won the case. The outcome of the hearing was to have 25% Diasabled cabs.
      Jahngir Akhtar paid £700.00 out of his own pocket to the local authority when the council lost the case.
      You might wonder why he paid £700.00, let me tell you.
      At that time Jahngir was driving saloon hackney carriage plate ford sierra.
      Suprise suprise asbo was given one of the disabled hackney license, bearing in mind why he needed two plates, thats what you get paid £700.00 towards the court costs and sold the hackney plate after few years for £20,000.
      Before Tommy goes of on one, asbo is councillor, councillors are politians. This site is politics site.


  8. @Rothpol. The point I was making is 99.9% of Muslims would find SOB to be the ultimate insult, just because you have no inkling of how deeply hurtful this is, is not my fault. My “synthetic annoyance” IS justified ask any of your Pakistani friends. Okay, you won’t take lessons from me shows you, unlike me will go to any length to bring them down, even lower yourself into their cesspool.


    • Akhtar is a bully and like all bullies can dish it out but can’t take it!

      There is a phrase you might like to ponder upon, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’.


  9. I hope there is no suggestion that the details of pre-planned surveillance operations on rouge Taxi operators are being leaked, now that just wouldn’t be cricket!

    How out of character if it was for a town like Rotherham.


    • When you have got Azar Afsar secretary for rotherham private hire association recording conversations with Police and the council, the confidential information is leaked already.


  10. i think it is about time he got sacked, it is illegal to record conversations without informing the person you will be recording prior to starting recording. sajid bostan is well known for doing this within drivers when having casual conversations then using this to play one against the other, this is why nobody trusts him as far as they can throw him and calls him every dirty name under the sun but then what do you expect from low life scum like this who have low life habits like this, every single taxi driver of rotherham knows how these people operate (dirty bostan and dirtier azar). even there close friends that they have grown up with all there lives know how people like bostan operate and dont trust him but i think its a case of kepping your friends close and your your enemies closer when it comes to these 2 parasites and vermin of human being cases. they are nothing but dirt off the street. in fact talking of SOB’s i think bostan dirty ten bellies comes at the top of the list


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