Thuggery Professionalised?

Thanks to another source, who wishes to remain anonymous, we can bring readers news of another of the Akhtar’s moneymaking enterprises. Somehow appropriate.

The quotations below all come from their website:

Aktive Martial Arts

“All of our classes are delivered by Azizzum and Tanveer Akhtar. They have over 40 years combined Martial Arts experience and hold 3rd degree Black Belts in Tae-Kwon-Do and Kickboxing under Master Shabir Akhtar  (renowned throughout the U.K as one of the leading Instructors and practitioners of Martial Arts in the U.K )”

“They are also CRB checked and adhere to stringent safeguarding principles.”

“We teach at the Unity Centre, St Leonards Road, Rotherham S65 1PD”

“We are the  no.1 Rotherham Martial Art club  because of our highly effective classes.”

“One of the main reasons parents bring their children to our Rotherham Martial Arts club is because of our anti-bullying classes.”

Readers should read this by way of explaining the links that matter:

Down Memory Lane

30 thoughts on “Thuggery Professionalised?

    • Graham: politics is the affairs of man – all the affairs. If you remain in public life after acquiring criminal convictions then expect your behaviour to be discussed. When members of a family of notorious bullies start giving anti-bullyng classes we are entitled to comment! What I’ve posted about this is surely fair comment!


  1. Talk about the poacher turned gamekeper! These people really do take the biscuit for brazen cheek! Shouldn’t that be bullying, rather than anti-bullying classes? As they are past-masters of bullying, Asbo and Shabir would then be then be able to particpate!
    Just as an example of how he embellishes his backgound: on his personal history page of the council’s website he states that during the 16 week steel strike of 1980 he fought hard for employee rights. The truth is the strike which I was involved in actually lasted 13 weeks and Asbo would have ben 2o years old then, and I and many of my exworkmates had never heard of him!
    I see in the recently published members’ allowances and expenses for last year, it states he received £33,573. Making him the second highest paid on the council, and there’s the more than three grand a year he’s collecting as vice-chairman of Police and Crime Panel. The thought that my council tax is paying for this reprobate makes me feel sick!


  2. Azizzum Akhtar and Shabir Akhtar, son and brother respectively of Jahangir Akhtar. these three were together convicted of a crime of thuggery.

    What on earth are they doing having any contact with children! How did Azizzum get a job as CEO of the Unity Centre with such a conviction?

    Funny CRB* check, if it didn’t pick this up, and hardly justifies the sentence in their blurb, “They are also CRB checked and adhere to stringent safeguarding principles.”

    Rubbish!! would be my response. Deceptive or what?

    *Now the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)


    • Azizaam Akhtar works in the unity centre as a manager of Rotheham Ethnic Minority Alliance on £45,000 per annum plus bonuses, free repairs carried out by Rotherham Borough Council.
      Azizaam has the previaliage of free hire of room for martial arts, all the money he earns goes into his pocket.

      By the way Jahngir Akhtar is the director of Unity centre. Keep it in the family.


  3. if aziizum is qualified to do the job and the unity centre is being run properly then i cant see the problem, every job has perks……look at our MP’s and councillors?


    • Azizzum has a conviction for Affray, which he acquired at the same time as his father, Jahangir and uncle, Shabir!
      Surely this should preclude contact with children in the settings described!
      Basic child protection measure I would have thought.
      I am particularly interested in how a clean CRB check could have been obtained to clear them to work with and teach children? Any insights from readers?


  4. Anon: A glance here will show that Asbo and his friend Councillor Shaukat Ali resigned as a directors of the Unity Centre in 2006. I thought REMA was based on Carlyle Street. Is it based at the Unity Centre? You sayAzizaam gets free repairs done by Rotherham Council. As far as I know only the caretaker lives at the Unity centre. Do you mean that he is living there, and if so in what capacity?


    • When your daddy is deputy leader of the council, you have criminal record and Azizeem has had no qualification or experience and has been shadowing for number of years and still cannot do the job, cannot put two words together and sits on the desk and stairs at computer screen al day and gets paid the amount above.
      Due to cut backs 95% of community groups have closed, apart from unity centre, favoritism comes to mind.
      Whitch hunt, you mention about expenses Jangir aktar is COUNCILLOR.


      • Tanvir akhtar, jangirs 2nd son has been working at unity centre for number of years, until recently he has joined the police force.
        God help them.
        May be they should rename jangir akhtar family only centre ” not unity centre.


  5. seriously are you guys for real a enhanced CRB for working with children takes into consideration offences but not all offences and the age of them will stop you from working with children you should look more into the CRB process as for REMA they do excellent work in the community they have no association to Cllr Akhtar and are not political its not as secret Azizzum is working there and has done in the past. The Unity Centre would not have been set up if it wasnt from the Cllrs support and community support. Non of this is political and the good work that community groups do is being tarnished by your personal venedetta. Leave the rest of the family alone what you do on here looks like bullying sadly and it is sadly


  6. So now we have gone from scrutinising political wrongdoings to ripping shreds off individuals and disrespecting their mothers, deceased at that……. Yeh yeh I know what’s good for asbo is good for you too, like 2 wrongs make a right don’t they, also gone to individuals being jealous as to what someone else is earning, I say if the akhtar family wages hurts so much then get off your backsides and do better and get a job.


  7. witch hunt willie: Witch-hunt is a favourite expression of ASBO’s. Any one criticising him, or his family – and there’s plenty to criticise – is said by him to be on a “witch-hunt!” If you’re not ASBO then you are certainly one of the stooges he uses to deflect criticism ! Just made a FOI request to the council as to much it subsidises the Unity Centre, and how much the manager is paid per annum!


    • Malcontent please keep us updated with regards to FOI.
      For your information 2 partime administrators were dismissed by the Unity board which ASBO is the chairman of the board. ASBO said due to cut backs we need to save £10.000.
      Then in the same meeting ASBO said this £10.000 we have saved WILL go towards the salary of REMA manager Azizaam Akhtar.


      • Anon: As you may know, it can take a month for the council to reply to a FOI request and they always try to make you feel guilty about making such a request by stating how much it’s cost them to answer it. The last one I made, which was really quite easy for them to answer, cost them £70, or so they claimed. When I do get a answer I will let Rik know.


  8. i dont need to be asbo or one of his cronies to say its a witch hunt when i see it. thats the thing with you idiots, when someone isnt towing the line either ryk decides not to publish the comment or you decide its asbo or someone connected to him


    • How would you know what is not published if you are not working together to troll?

      We go where the story takes us and so far it is a pretty murky world Asbo and members of his family inhabit.

      Public service is not there to provide a good living to some pretty unpleasant characters, nor a fiefdom from which to operate, all at the taxpayers expense! Outrageous!!!


  9. The taxpayer needs to know much more, about how the Unity Centre is funded, it’s governance arrangements and relationship with REMA and other organisations that operate from there. Additionally, it would also be valuable to establish the ownership of the Unity Nursery and it’s relationship to the Akhtar family.


  10. Regular reader: I’m not clear about this. If the Unity Nursery is owned by the Unity Centre then wouldn’t it share its charitable status and have the same charity number. Now if it’s a seperate facility entirely with charitable status of its own, then of course it should have its own registered charity number. Is the Unity Nusery part of the Unity Cerntre? On the face of it I would say yes, as this statement makes reference to the “Nursery Department.


    • Rothpol’s information indicates that they are indeed separate legal entities! With different ownership arrangements for the buildings. Just what is going on here? We must be told!


    • “Regular reader: I’m not clear about this. ” Well Mal, that makes 2 of us! Transparency not!

      What I found “odd” was that there was no statement of its organisational status on the Nursery’s own website (as supplied in RothPol’s link), so I followed your link, where I found the Charity#, and then went and looked at the Charity Commissioners site.

      I’m not in any way an expert in Charity Law, so I can’t answer your question straight off … but the family member who is will be home late tomorrow night, and I just happen to be staying at her place in Surrey right now, so…
      In my experience what normally happens is that a Registered Charity will have a “profit making” associate company that donates all it’s profits back to the charity. It is a flexible way of handling things without everything having to be part of the Charitable Objectives, but .”Education” is a valid Charitable Objective (pace Eton College ) … m’thinks I’d better read and print off the returns of Charity #1090559, Company #4312881 for tomorrow.



  11. This “unaudited” Financial Statement is more than 2 years old, so it’s possible things could have changed since it was made, but it does refer to the nursery several times, as if it is an integral part of the Unity Centre. If Rotherpol has information indicating otherwise, then the position of the nursery need clarifying!


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