On Insults To Mums.

Mums defend their children, often regardless of danger to themselves and often with complete disregard for the facts. Whatever I did wrong, I know mine will be there for me.

I agree with those who don’t like the term SoB. It extends the insult beyond the person one wants and demeans their mum. If mums ruled, even the mums of criminals, there would be fewer wars.

The issue with Asbo, is that he himself brings mums into the debate.
In one tweet he insults the mother of two recently convicted child sex groomers. He justifies it on the basis that she was quoted in the press as denying their guilt.

I read the same article, and all I saw was a desperately confused woman, who was thrust in front of the media and said what any mum would. “I don’t believe they did it.” It is wrong, but also sad. After all she didn’t do it and there is no suggestion that she either aided or covered up.

Just a sad and rather pathetic mum, grieving for the loss of her innocence.

Akhtar’s Tweet:

“Jahangir Akhtar @Jahangirakhtar20 May
Vile comments by mum of Oxford grooming pair blames victims !!! If you had brought up em better love, they wouldn’t have turned in to monsters”

The other thing is his lack of respect for his own mum when he says such things. After all we don’t blame her for him, his brother and son beating up some innocent people and getting serious convictions.

I’ll bet a tenner that she would have defended them saying they were innocent or blaming the victims as bad people, drug dealers money launderers or some such.

That’s what mums do.
Lastly it is misogyny. As ever mums get the blame, while the father hardly gets a mention.

So a word to Asbo. Show some dignity and respect for others, then maybe it will be returned out of fondness.

Don’t make a cheap and easy hit by attacking a mum, get the Council to come clean.

Wil Ewart

4 thoughts on “On Insults To Mums.

  1. When a person has no self respect, what respect he would have for his own flesh and blood mother.
    Leopard never changes its spots.
    I am great beliver that the heaven is beneath your mothers feet.


  2. I am very alarmed and disgrace over Asbo comments, I was deeply concern he has upset the individual mother, what has she done, she has not done wrong at all, it is not her fault, Asbo Akhar, should repent in this month and start to become a better man, by running off with runaway bride does not get you anywhere in life, it gets you to do wrong things.
    Shame upon the people of Rotherham west for voting for him as a councillor.
    If this man can say stuff about a mother in Oxford, god knows what he will say about people mothers in Rotherham for grooming on radio.
    He needs to get a life Asbo google eyes.


  3. this is starting to turn out to be one hell of an ugly witch hunt against certain councillors rather than being about politics…..maybe the site should be renamed……….witchpol maybe?


    • Willie, claims of a witch hunt are way off the mark, as are your hints that we are motivated by racism.
      Out of control Councillors will be the subject of criticism on Rotherham Politics. The best way of avoiding this, is for them to stop acting like thugs and bullies and exerting undue influence, making them believe they are above scrutiny and the law!
      The culture of impunity is ending one way or another, those who don’t like it, should consider leaving the political scene. In Akhtar’s case, he has just such an opportunity to stand down next year! Should he not do so, his constituents are preparing to throw him out next year!
      Unless, of course, he falls on his sword, sooner rather than later!


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