Not Even On The Same Page?

Rotherham Politics and a wide range of the readership, are committed to bring justice to all those children whose pleas for help went unanswered!

We knew right from the start, that as far as South Yorkshire was concerned, this would be an uphill struggle, but those people most involved are made of sterner stuff and will not be put off by obstructions of any kind! The full story will eventually be told and those culpable brought to book.

A spotter sent me this rather interesting link,

West Yorkshire Police, a force that has considerable catching up to do, seems now to be ahead of the game. South Yorkshire Police’s response is very poor by comparison. Is that a surprise? No, after all the same guy that helped cause the lack of an appropriate response, is now the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner! One Shaun Wright, no less!

Finally, I agree with our spotter that Child Sexual Exploitation, as a term, underplays the significance of the actual crimes being committed. Child Rape, trafficking and paedophilia, or some such, would be a deal more accurate!

6 thoughts on “Not Even On The Same Page?

  1. And not forgetting how the councils forcibly remove children,glad I came across this site as things make much more sense now,it was round the time voting was going off when my family was getting harassed,guess they didn’t want bad publicity at the time with the grooming scandal and all,bmbc are quite nasty when they want to be and funny how bmbc banned me from voting for the police commisioner and even more one of there councillors getting set on by mr wright so to speak,sendind me between barnsley and rotherham for one thing or another,am I right in believing shaun wright was a magistrate ?bailiffs coming my house at 7a.m when dark and parking up side street where they couldn’t be seen,phoned police who tried coaxing me into opening the door saying they would send someone out,I refused and no_one came,got me at dinner time as I was leaving house and took me threw the secret courts as they call them and imprisoned me for four months,never been in trouble in my life,social workers always asking folk questions as to if I lived alone or not,nights of someone hanging round my house frightening me and my children and when phoning the police of what the council was doing to us it was always,we cantget involved in civil matters or the council wouldn’t do that,social workers phoneing me saying they’ve had anon calls that I’m up with my bedroom light on late at night,all which I have saved recorded,and all because I wouldn’t ignore the abuse they was giving my daughter,and that’s only the start of it,like I said nasty when shown for what they are,oh and the social team manager is now showing up as registered rotherham,surprise surprise.


    • Dawn, you should send your information to the UK Column ( as they have highlighted cases like this before on their daily news show ( The last time they posted a council child-snatching story, the youtube page displayed: “This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government.” ( )

      They are a good group, bright minds with excellent information. Anyone with an interest in the evils of ‘common purpose’ will already know the work of Brian Gerrish.

      Sorry I can’t be more help to you and your family Dawn, my prayers are with you. And everyone else should care too – today it’s Dawn, tomorrow it could just as easily be you.


  2. Looked on the RMBC AND South Yorkshire Police website, nothing on child rape and the warnings signs, nothing!

    Looked on various other sites, the one’s you would hope that would have an interest in keeping kids safe, local Labour and Conservative, nothing!

    Just what is happening in South Yorkshire?


  3. Thanks I will look them up,its wrong what they are doing to people,I never got any defence in court or got to hear what had been said as it we’re done before they took me in,they just silently take people off,I’ve never been in trouble,I don’t go anywhere and I don’t drink or stuff and yet I’ve been put threw all that,I’ve got the evidence so if anyone knows of anyone who can help me,a solicitor that’s honest for example I would much appreciate it my granddaughter is with people who have been accused of abuse,the man who as her,his ex partner even gave me her letters from support and survival but they won’t even look into it.


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