What’s new pussycat?

The starting gun has fired & Parties are selecting candidates for the 2014 Council Elections.
It’s more important than we realise in single party places like North Korea and Rotherham. e.g. you want to vote Labour but the candidate they offer is either a drug dealer or the mummified remains of a trade union official in search of a pension. What can you do, stand yourself?

So using a simple Google search I surveyed the Parties for openness and transparency in selecting candidates & how you might get to be a candidate for one of them.

You in theory ought to be a member, have opinions, beliefs and at least a rudimentary knowledge of Politics. NB in Parliamentary elections these may be a hindrance. Ask Sarah.

Rotherham’s political party web sites revealed:

Conservatives: Nice clean site notifying would be candidates how to apply and informing that their nomination for Sitwell in 2014 is vacant. Is incumbent moving to UKIP?

Lib Dems Roth and Barnsley: Poor, no reference to elections or candidacy. The latest News item is dated Nov 2012, confirming popular belief that they’ve given up the ghost here.

UKIP –It galls me to say, but good. Fresh looking, Twitter feed and a section inviting people to apply to be candidates. A welcoming and modern effort from the old right wingers.

TUSC – A worthy Stalinist approach – here’s a form fill it in. Old Millers joke “what time does the match start?” “What time can you make it and can you bring your boots.”

Respect –Short on “your role”, long on Gorgeous Georgy G’s. What’s new pussycat?

The Labour Party…. Using the same criteria as elsewhere there was a good showing from Rothpol but nothing from the LP local or national. Extra effort got me to the Labour Group web site; news feed of party platitudes, nice picture of a VW Golf and escaped prisoners. Nothing about elections or candidacy.

So I asked an LP friend about selection. ” Somebody turns up at a Ward meeting with friends you didn’t know they had” was the reply. What about other Wards? Reply “another Country”.

The LP bangs on about attracting young people, ethnic minorities, disabled and women. Yet they make little effort to engage and listen, its just pay up and keep shut. After a big upsurge in LP membership post the Lib Dems joining the Tories , membership is waning rapidly. Wonder why?

Betting on who will be the new LP candidates

The mummified remains of a Union official – evens

Family/friend/lover of a Councillor – un-evens (daft enough to try Ms Wright again? 3 to 1 on)

You, your family — umm— a cat in hells…

….Coming soon “Proposal for an alliance to fight corrupt postal voting in 2014”

– Wil

5 thoughts on “What’s new pussycat?

    • No, I’m just one person who along with many others is disenfranchised by those who conspire to build their own egos through the block vote on the backs of the poor subscription paying members. I’m just feeling a little Falkirk. And getting fed up with some low ranking Union officials who recently are trying to convince us that they and they alone started the Labour Party and that therefore they own it. .It is the “they alone” element that is the lie.

      Those Union officials who are part of the problem. The ones who hypocritically bore us with their crocodile teary rants about representing the working people, while actually trying to get their cronies, family and lovers elevated to power,

      The not very bright ones who hide their covert racism behind grandiose, pompous pronouncements about being in touch with the man in the street,

      The reality is that the Unions are part of the corruption within Labour Party, not part of the solution.

      Pick in the Unions? Would I do that? Just read the article and we’ll see if it’s correct when selection ends.



    • I think I’ve lost the plot.
      ‘Rothpol’ commented on the appearance and ease of usage for each political party’s website. They are IMO valid comments and worthy of publication so forgive me if I seem a bit dim but I missed the quantum leap in logic that took you from political comment to ‘pick on unions’.
      A fuller explanation would be beneficial-for all of us.


  1. Is it any wonder people from all levels of society do not and cannot engage with local politics when their attempts to try and find a party that accords to their beliefs leaves them floundering and none the wiser? From the article above it should not be a surprise that ‘tribal loyalties’ seems to take precedence rather than a balanced view of what each party has to offer.
    Good to see UKIP offering a fresh and modern approach to capture members and future candidates, perhaps the laissez faire approach to politics by the Labour party sums up their raison d’etre, ie: “We are Labour, vote for us” It is precisely this attitude that lost them the Rawmarsh seat and will lose them a lot more next year.
    Oh dear, how sad. Not.


  2. “UKIP offering a fresh and modern approach”, you have to be kidding, UKIP want to take the country back to Pre-war times socially, economically and educationally.
    Put the working class back where they belong, at the bottom of the pile.


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