Akhtar Sentenced Fourteen Months – Election Fraud

Interesting report from the BBC:

Derby election fraud: Four people sentenced

Four women who were part of a vote rigging operation at a Derby election have been sentenced.

Polling clerk Nasreen Akhtar, 46, from Derby, admitted malpractice, while her nieces Tameena Ali, 27, and Samra Ali, 28, both of St Chad’s Road, admitted personation in the May 2012 election.

At Derby Crown Court, Akhtar was jailed for 14 months. Her nieces were given eight months suspended for 18 months.

And from Derbyshire Police:

Four women sentenced for their involvement in electoral fraud case

This story brought to you thanks to our spotter, who does not wish to be identified.

Not going on in Rotherham? Remember Sajid Bostan who stated they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

The basis, I imagine, of Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain’s claims to be ‘untouchable’! They seem to feel they can act with total ‘impunity’. Hubris I am sure, but it goes to their world view and their attitudes to standards of behaviour. No better than Naz Ahmed’s. But wait, didn’t they learn political conduct from him? They are just poor copies even of Ahmed, I am afraid.

33 thoughts on “Akhtar Sentenced Fourteen Months – Election Fraud

  1. These kind of stories I can find on the EDL Site.

    **********Labour Troll Alert!***********

    Are you suggesting both the BBC and Derbyshire Police are racists?


  2. Hey this and that – They were found guilty, they incidentally happen to be Asian. The salient fact is they were found guilty. Get over it quick because if we don’t fight election fraud by legal means we might as well hand over the reins of state to the edl and other fascists now. Do we want a repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany and Spain where democracy was fatally weakened. Democracy must be defended against anyone who would undermine it regardless of race disability orientation etc


  3. That was mischievous, Rothpol. Don’t know about anyone else but I thought you were referring to a different Akhtar 😉 I agree election fraud is something which needs to be dealt with but I don’t see anything sensible from “This and That”- unless of course he/she is saying crimes by black/brown people must not be reported, which is insanity!


    • Insanity, yes! But that is the approach favoured by Jahangir Akhtar.
      Indeed, to listen to him, it is racist to report on anything he says or does!
      He has a very strange relationship to the truth. In his world what actually happened is irrelevant, the truth consists only of what can be proved!
      That approach served Ahmed well, until his own words sealed his fate as far as the Labour Party is concerned. This link may be of interest to readers.
      We have a number more like him, awaiting the same fate!


  4. Too many of our Muslim friends seem hell-bent on giving their enemies all the ammunition they need.

    Well done Nasreen, Tam and Sumra. You have just made Life that bit more difficult for the great majority who get on quietly, doing their best and serving the entire community.




      • They bring politics into disrepute. Full stop!
        No matter what party, colour or creed they may be.
        Last big election fraud case involved the Tories in Birmingham, it can, and does happen anywhere, where vigilance is not constant.


  5. Akhtar the hypocrite, was quick to resort to the law to prosecute a Maltby man for making death threats against him. But a few years ago there was a complaint made to the police and to the council that he had made death threats against members of the BNP who were out canvasing during the local elections. They claimed there was only a feeble effort made by the police and the council to establish what had happened before refusing to take any action against him. Whatever anyone thinks of the BNP, they are a legitimate political party, with a democratic right to canvas on the streets of this town without being threaten with death for doing so!


  6. d for 9: Fact; a complaint was made to the police and to the council that Asbo had made entitrely unprovoked death threats.The lack of evidence meant that no further action was taken against him, but are you trying to suggest that the complaints were malicious or frivolous. For a person to make very serious allegations without there being something behind it – given what we know about this bulling thug – simply does not ring true!


  7. Malcontent: Allegations? I could easily make an allegation about anyone innocently walking past me in the street and if it was a serious one of the nature we are talking of then it would, rightly so, have to be investigated to the full yet go no further due to “no evidence” but all of a sudden a totally innocent person (the one I made the allegation against) is now labelled as having made threats against me. Do not tarnish people with the brush of ” what we know of him” one action does not set a pattern. No doubt now I will be labelled a labour troll for disagreeing and going against the anti akhtar/moofy brigade.


    • D fot 9: There was evidence but it was uncorroborated! It was only one person’s word against anothers and as the convicted thug Asbo denied making the threat. the police and the council could not take the matter any further. The point I was making was that it’s ironic that a person convicted for a serious violent offence and who himself was accused of making death threats is now the accuser!
      I did not say the BNP were respectable, I said they were a legitimate political party – which incidentally I am not a member of! Unless they have recently been outlawed then they are legitimate and no matter what you think of them they are entitled to canvass for votes! If you don’t support the democratic processs you should not be allowed to engage in politics in this country and some muslims clearly do not support a liberal democracy!


  8. Ps. The initial allegation makers (bnp) are hardly made of sheepskin are they…….. Down right racist party with rotten views……… Yep you’re right, allegations from a very respectable source indeed.


  9. I think there is only one racist here and that’s you D for 9. You’re not yet another nom de plume for asbo are you because you sound like it.


  10. its ok i knew that was coming thats why i put it in my last message that rothpol conveniently edited. yes the BNP are legally a political party thats allowed to canvass just like any human is allowed legally to try and put there life back on track after making mistakes like asbo and anyone else for that matter.


    • Rothpol would point out to readers, no editing of d for 9’s comment has taken place!

      You appear to be the Asbo and Moofy rebuttal squad!

      Is that Vakas or Muhbeen?


      • Received an email from Vakas Hussain last night, he emphatically denies being the author of these comments, additionally he includes his brother, Muhbeen in this denial.
        I am, of course, happy to accept this!
        Still leaves the mystery as to the identities of these apologists for Asbo?


  11. People make mistakes, including Asbo, and with few exceptions they should be allowed to take their punishment, apologize and get on with their lives – even politicians.

    However, has anyone actually heard or seen Asbo apologize publicly for his crime? Has he ever shown remorse and sympathy for his victims? Did he visit them and say sorry?

    What was the Community Service he carried out & why do I suspect he may have got a cushy number?

    Worse, with some he uses the violence to build his family image as a bunch of tough guys who will turn to strong arm stuff if they feel messed with.

    In his Council pen picture he states “I have a black belt in Kung Fu.” Now who is being stupid here? 130 days Community Service for violence and 10 or so years later he still promotes himself as having the ability to hurt people?


  12. As far as I know he’s never made any apology at all for his part in inflicting injuries on innocent people that required hospital treatment! He was more concerned to state that he would not resign and would continue to serve “his people” on the council! During the complaint to the Standards Board that he had brought the council into disrepute, which was upheld, he jeeringly tried to belittle the restaurant owner’s son, because he had claimed that during the fracas his expensive watch was damageed. Instead of showing any concern for this totally innocent man, who was also injured, Asbo said that as a mere waiter ownership of such an expensive watch was beyond his means and implied that his claim for damages was spurious!


    • ASBO Jangir Akhtar has never been a black belt, his profile is pack of lies, his trying to creat fear in people. I no people who have grown up with him and he used to hide behind people.
      He is a wimp, just like he hides behind the Police.


  13. So when his apologists ask why he is he still called Asbo, why are crimes so old still brought up, why do people seem to pick on him? There are several reasons, one is

    That having beaten up innocent people as part of a gang of thugs, he has never once shown remorse for his actions, respect by way of apology to the communities of Rotherham or sympathy for his victims.

    Ask him about it, get him to write a press release saying sorry, show us the clippings where he said sorry, tell us something different. Because as things stand there us nothing to tell as that he isn’t the same personality who beat up those people.

    Hence we are going to keep on about him until at least the 2014 election when I for one will give all the assistance I can to removing him democratically.


    • William Ewart, too late for apology.
      He needs to be humilated in the public by painting his face in black and put on a donkey and take him around his ward.


      • Over ten years too late for any apology! That there were none at the time, speaks volumes!
        There is no evidence whatsoever that he has changed his ways. Thuggery, bullying and intimidation are his standard MO to this day!
        As for humiliation, that is something that Akhtar brings upon himself, by his own deeds and actions! In his case, it is certainly well deserved! Has he no shame?
        Glad you seem to be up to speed and want to tackle the vexed question of fair votes in Rotherham!


      • Don’t know where we could find a donkey? It’s an amusing thought though!
        Got to agree with the recent comments, about the lack of contrition shown by Jahangir Akhtar at the time. Any apology issued since, would just be a cynical attempt at manipulation!


      • ASBO comes from a village called BADAL in Pakistan, if any one brings shame to people in the village, they put shoe polish all over there face, put them on a donkey and take them around the village and people throw rotten tomatoes and greet them with shoes on a string and put them around there neck.
        The above is similar to what people do in Middle East when they throw a shoe at a person who they disrespect.
        Then again he is that low life he would have his Side kick Mahroof Hussain with him and pose for a photo shoot.
        I am sure at one time they used to have donkeys in Clifton park.
        The biggest ASS lives on Clough Street.


      • Badali, Thanks very much for the insights. You paint a graphic picture of ritual humiliation, but as for Jahangir Akhtar, we will probably have to leave it to our imaginations.


  14. Sorry I can’t see the link between the Derby voting manipulation and Mr Akhtar – I think it must be the silly season on Rothpol. It’s like saying I starred in ‘Cleopatra” with Richard Burton and had his babies because I’m called Taylor. So tenuous it would be rejected by the X – Files scriptwriters. And maybe seemingly too open to claims of being racist for comfort. I agree with d for 9 on this occasion – it wouldn’t look out of place on the EDL sites.

    As I’ve said before I’m not Mr Akhtar’s biggest fan – quite the opposite – but this link is a little scary and doesn’t actually have anything to do with him. (Cue Rothpol – Labour Troll alert – I am so not).

    The voters will not be impressed with this type of debate on RothPol. It will play into Mr Akhtar’s hands. Come on – there is enough ammunition to fire his way without rather silly conspiracy theories. The truth is out there but this isn’t it.

    As for the term ASBO – 1 in 3 adult males in the UK have criminal records. It doesn’t preclude them from involvement in the democratic process. Let those without sin cast the first stone etc etc. To affect change you have to offer an alternative: not simply mud sling and indulge in playground name calling.

    Yes there is an alternative to Mr Akhtar (there has to be) but it won’t see the light of day if we continue in petty name calling and trying to make tenuous links that actually don’t exist. I thought RothPol was about cleaning up Rotherham Politics (a must do) not murkying (is that a word or one I made up again) the waters.

    Finally, if members of the Labour Party want to comment they should be allowed to without the ‘Labour Troll’ tag. I’m sure contributors can decide themselves. This site is called Rotherham Politics. Everyone should be able to put forward a view. I (or anyone) don’t have to agree with what is said but hey that’s called debate.

    SKT xxxx


    • Sally, Rothpol has the advantage on you as I get to see the whole picture.

      Firstly there are currently nearly 300 examples of troll comments, collected since November last year, when the troll attacks began. My default position is to publish all comments if possible, however had Rothpol published any one of them, he would have ended up in Court! Am in the process of collating this information, this will certainly form the subject of a future posting, once we have ascertained whether, or not, there is evidence that crimes have been committed! Rothpol also has a very large number of examples of twitter trolling using similarly configured accounts, that where each used for a short time only. These are also being investigated.

      Rothpol makes a troll warning, only where the originating IP address, has been associated with trolling in the past, a dead give away! The trolling has been so extensive, that a blog was set up for this express purpose, by our very own trolls!

      This article was initially brought to my attention because, it demonstrated that electoral fraud, can and will be discovered and those guilty dealt with by the Courts.

      You are right about this being the ‘sillly season’. The serendipitous nature of Rotherham Politics though, is part of it’s charm! Both posts and comments sometimes go off at a tangent, but these detours often yield fresh insights. None more so, than as a result of this post, in addition to the comments, other information has been provided and is in the process of evaluation.

      Everyone interested in politics, is welcome to contribute to the content, to be found on this blog, either by submitting a proposal for a post by email or by leaving a comment. Everyone is welcome on Rotherham Politics, whatever their political viewpoint or party affiliation! With a labour boycott of Rotherham Politics, it is unlikely that we will be getting many, openly declared labour members contributing as themselves, but they would be most welcome to use a pseudonym of their own choice, to comment freely if so moved!

      The moniker Asbo? Once Rothpol learned Jahangir Akhtar was very proud of his nickname, as far as we are concerned, it’s fair game. Jahangir Akhtar famously even mentioned it in a Police witness statement of complaint he was making, the moniker has stuck whatever Rothpol thinks!

      As a result of this complaint, an investigation was mounted by the Police, even though there was scant evidence of a crime, it took a while for his spurious complaint to be dismissed. But not before the subject of the complaint, endured what in effect became harassment by Police on behalf of Jahangir Akhtar! This is just the first complaint in a series, we will be reporting on in detail soon. This has become an established part of his MO, as readers will learn in the near future.

      Hope that responds to your points SKT, if I have missed something please let me know.


  15. Sorry SKT but look at my earlier comments…sometimes the past remains relevent until it is resolved. Only one person can do that.


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