Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL) – A Litany Of Incompetence!

The Advertiser published this story featuring the Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL).

Written by Gareth Dennison and Naeem Siraj (HOSL barrister). Onwards and upwards……

View the pdf, Download pdf here.

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4 thoughts on “Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL) – A Litany Of Incompetence!

  1. Allow me to add a bit more ‘clarification on this story!!

    Very simply, a bloke in Rawmarsh built an extension to his house, which transgressed his boundary and ended up with half of the extension stood on public highway.

    RMBC gave him planning permission with a condition that he must obtain a stopping-up order for the land that he had subsumed into his ownership.

    RMBC stated they owned the land that was under the highway – they didn’t. Anyone with a smattering of highway law, knows full well that when the highway ceases to become so defined, its ownership reverts to the original owner. Not many people are aware, but local councils own very little land under the highway surface.

    RMBC stated that they would carry out the stopping-up procedure – they couldn’t, due to certain legal aspects of the matter.

    RMBC then transferred the stopping-up procedure to DfT in Newcastle, who initiated their procedure.

    During the consultation period, the objectors to the application to stop-up a slice of the highway engaged the services of a barrister.

    Also during the consultation period, RMBC formally objected to the stopping-up application by the aforementioned bloke.

    Prior to the hearing, the barrister contacted DfT and advised them that they did not have jurisdiction to proceed with the hearing, as the extension had already been built and it now constituted an obstruction to the highway.

    DfT advised they were going ahead with the hearing anyway.

    At the hearing, the barrister repeated to the inspector, who had been appointed by the DfT, that he did not have jurisdiction to continue with the hearing.

    The Inspector informed the barrister that his observation was noted, but he was continuing with the hearing anyway.

    During the hearing RMBC withdrew its objection to the stopping-up application.

    After the two day hearing, the inspector advised that all attendees would hear from him within a couple of months.

    After considerable delay in publishing his report, the Inspector advised that he could not produce a decision as he (guess what) did not have jurisdiction!!!!

    My goodness me, fancy that!!!!

    Since the above farago, DfT has denied any wrongdoing on their part and refused to pay costs (very substantial barrister fees).

    Most recently, RMBC has served notice on the aforesaid bloke to remove the obstruction to the highway.

    All in all a complete cock-up by grossly overpaid inept dolts in public service!


      • Thanks to Trambuster – just one point of clarification to add though. It wasn’t ‘half of his extension’ built on Stubbin Lane but TWO extensions resulting in HALF of his house now built on a public highway


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