More Blue Badge Abusers Prosecuted – One more needed?

This piece from the Star is very irritating to many Rotherham’s citizens, given that Rotherham Labour Group are still protecting one of their own from prosecution, for abusing his wife’s blue badge in Rotherham whilst she was safely ensconced at Rotherham District General Hospital!
Tim Mumford declared the Traffic Order to be flawed and therefore unenforcible, any prosecution would fail and proceeded to embark on a cover-up.The Labour Group closed ranks and were sworn to silence amid threats of data protection offences, if the abuser was named by any of them.

Incidentally the self-same Traffic Order, found to be faulty previously, is the Order used to prosecute those mentioned in the Star article. Selective faults then!

Why is this of interest now? Outrageously, the blue badge abusing Councillor in question, is seeking re-election, next year!

Incidentally this man has already been dumped, by one set of voters in an election, after a previous exposure of wrongdoing. They can’t be seriously considering, inflicting this repeat offender on the long suffering voter, no matter how powerful his friends are?

Motorists fined for abusing ‘blue badge’ parking scheme yet again

Motorists in Rotherham have been fined for the fraudulent use of ‘blue badge’ parking permits issued to disabled drivers. Read on…

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1 thought on “More Blue Badge Abusers Prosecuted – One more needed?

  1. I would have thought that any honorable individual would come forward and take the punishment, or that the Labour Group would have taken steps against the individual concerned.

    I forgot, this is Rotherham and very different standards apply to this town, just like protecting children from industrial scale rape.


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