Godfrey Bloom visited prostitutes!

Sally Kate Taylor left this as a comment, simply too good to miss:

“I won’t forget the Labour Council / RMBC Executive’s role in the scandal’ and will do all I can to ensure the sexual exploitation in Rotherham is not only kept in the spotlight but also that Thacker, Wright, Stone, the police and RMBC are brought to book. However, I will not forget this comment either:

“When asked about his use behaviour, (Godfrey) Bloom confessed that he used to visit brothels in Hong Kong, claiming that “terrified young women beaten into prostitution often from Eastern Europe is only a very small aspect of the flesh trade”, and concluded that “in short, most girls do it because they want to.”

Apart from this comment being scandalous and indefensible, I think someone should also tell Mr Bloom to start at the basics-and point out that all sexual exploitation is not victimless; the ‘flesh trade’, as Mr Bloom calls it, is used by abusers simply because they can.

Personally I will welcome an input and help with carrying on the fight; but if Mr Farage is to advance his party’s standing I feel he needs to question Mr Bloom a little bit more. After all Mr Bloom it seems is more than just a posh Harold Steptoe.’’.

Brothel-visit Euro MP under fire after saying: Most prostitutes not exploited

Simon McGee Political Editor YORKSHIRE Euro MP Godfrey Bloom has confessed to visiting brothels and declared that, far from being exploited, most prostitutes “do it because they want to”.

In an extraordinary admission, the UK Independence Party politician has said that as a Hong Kong-based businessman he used to visit whorehouses as if he were going for a curry following an after-work drink.

But in an article penned for the Brussels-based political magazine The Sprout, he claimed the amount of beer usually drunk by him and colleagues meant that visits were never consummated. Read on….

Original comment left in response to this post, Ten men charged in Coventry! click link to read in context.

An insight into Joyce Thacker’s mindset can be found on inquiringminds.cc/mrs-thacker-has-a-track-record-in-colluding-with-and-covering

12 thoughts on “Godfrey Bloom visited prostitutes!

  1. A word to Sally Kate Taylor
    Is she saying she is sticking by the words of mr bloom, as far I can read everything she is saying it is acceptable to say things about the asain community.
    If this is true then Sally Kate Taylor needs to know we are gobsmacked what she is doing.
    If she is sticking by mr gloom, why on earth is she represent racism if so she is going about it in the right way.
    Hope Colin can comment please and shed some light into this matter.
    As Sally Kate comments seem to suggest Mr Gloom comments are perfectly acceptable to be racist.
    Does UKIP represent racism why on earth are they sticking with racist people, this is totally wrong this needs to stop.
    By having a doctor as a husband does not mean you got better lifestyle Sally Kate, end of the day Sally Kate should apologize with with her remarks it is wrong to the asain community for accepting mr bloom comments and saying she will fight on behalf of mr bloom over his comments made regarding charity should not been spent in Pakistan.


  2. Upon the issue of exposing those responsible for the child exploitation scandal in Rotherham and throughout South Yorkshire, no one reading Rotherham Politics should be under any illusion that this issue will go away, it won’t!

    Rothpol and it’s readers will not be letting this subject drop:

    Until the errors of the past are exposed for all to see.
    Those responsible, pay the full price for their actions.
    A full review of the past cases by the Police and CPS and if at all possible prosecutions.
    Finally, as a result of all of the above, we can rest assured that everyone involved sees the child victims, as victims, and not ‘a lifestyle choice’ for 12 and 13 year olds as Joyce Thacker believes!


  3. Let us start with the basics:
    Godfrey Bloom said he USED to visit prostitutes, what we do not know is how many years ago this happened.
    Attitudes today on the exploitation of young women are far different from what they were 20-30 years ago. I agree with SKT when she says “all sexual exploitation is not victimless; the ‘flesh trade’, as Mr Bloom calls it, is used by abusers simply because they can.”
    I disagree with the-anonymous- poster above who appears to think SKT agrees with racism and sexism. Her post does not say that.
    I’m left wandering how a post concerning G.Bloom’s former sexual activities became an accusation of racism and then ends with a rambling sentence on charity in Pakistan?
    Before you accuse UKIP of racism remember Farage is married to a German lady and Sushil Patel from Essex was a candidate in this years local elections.(One of many Black and Asian candidates who stood for UKIP in the elections)


    • Alright your talking about candidates that are asain that are UKIP why you mentioning only one person.
      It’s like saying edl are not racist they got an asain guy abdus salaam doing demonstration but we really know they beliefs are racist same as UKIP.
      Your friend and your party represents racism with these comments I am really disgraced and your friend Nigel Farage is rubbing it under the carpet.
      Read this
      But what about your party policy regarding “Multicultarism”
      Do you think that is fair when you want to stop immigration.
      Let me tell you something if you say your not racist also why is UKIP anti gay


      • Where or when did I say I was a member of UKIP? Just because I happen to believe in most of their policies does not make me a member. It make me a libertarian.
        Anyone with more than 2 brain cells cannot honestly believe our island can accommodate unlimited numbers of immigrants, where do you get the false idea that all immigrants are Asian?
        I will now set you a challenge: find UKIP’s website and copy and paste the section where it says ‘UKIP is anti gay” Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. If you cannot find it then be man enough to post back and apologise.

        adversus solem ne loquitor . (don’t argue what is obviously wrong).


  4. I want to ask you this question to Colin why are you against multicultarlism
    I want Colin to answer this question please.
    I have read about it so much on this website
    Also to Colin in regards to the Anti-gay that there against.
    this is regarding your friend nigel farage, he is totally against the gay people
    if your leader can be against gay people that just shows his party is against gay people.
    so your accepting the views of UKIP then.
    there are mostly against gay people, you need to realize that now.


  5. Don’t I just love selective quotes!
    The Observer report is from December last year, what else should I expect from a left wing newspaper (Part of the Guardian Media Group).
    Expressing support for an organisation that has ,in part objected to homosexuality does not mean a person supports the organisation’s views 100%.
    According to your twisted logic if a person or group of people do not support a left wing agenda, believe there should be no limits on immigration and do not subscribe to the gay cause they are unreconstructed right wing fascists? You’re having a laugh.
    Do you understand the words freedom of choice? If a councillor chooses not to support gays or multiculturalism what is so wrong with that? Perhaps in your airy-fairy political dreamworld
    everyone should follow the party line without question, if you do believe that then I suggest to emigrate to North Korea, you will feel at home there.
    If you are going to engage in serious political debate-and not stray from the OP-I suggest you remove your blinkers and read a wider variety of news reports and newspapers to try and form a wider and more neutral view of the world as it is.
    You will reach a balanced view only if you believe in Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Choice. Unless these are alien concepts?


    • Don’t I just love conspiracy theories!
      Because the Observer is part of the (off-shore owned) Guardian Media Group it must be left-wing and therefore biased against UKIP.
      As a long-term Guardian reader, I have to agree that that Observer piece is rubbish journalism, pure knocking copy, and I’ve never understood how the Guardian journalism can be so good whilst the Observer journalism is as bad as that of the Telegraph.


    • Colin your making no sense in what your writing.
      You supporting UKIP views because they against gay people, they against multiculturalism and your saying it is upto the people.
      I do agree but your lacking in knowledge who does. UKIP represent what happened to Nigel Farage when he came down to Scotland.
      Your saying about thacker, why don’t you talk about UKIP policy regardIng multicultarism why is all of your members against multicultarism they is no difference between between edl, national front and bnp.
      What is so bad your saying it is upto a councillor chooses whether he says what he wants, Godfrey is shame, even cabin vines is a shame, people in Rawmarsh are understanding what UKIP is all about now, let’s put it this way, people are going against UKIP, and your saying they are doing right they have caught the attention of the public, many supporters have said to me in Rotherham we will not support UKIP again, this is what is UKIP all about, it is evil and racist, many of them said they wish to resign they membership in Rotherham from UKIp it is happening know.
      People are going angry on councillor cavin vines, coz what he represent, Colin you stick by a party where they is alot of corruption more corruption is heading towards UKIP in the next couple of months in Rotherham.
      A bit of advice how many more UKIP supporter will stand down.


  6. Errm I’m confused: Well maybe not! I can spot an attempt to deflect an issue from a mile away: or should that be 1.6093 kilometres. ‘Ich bin ein European’; as we say in my birth place – Sheffield 6.

    To ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’.

    Please read the post again. I was actually criticizing Mr Bloom and highlighting his’ double standards and that of some (not all) elements of UKIP-. For the record I don’t vote UKIP – some do as they have the right – we debate – that’s democracy. End of story. No further explanation needed regarding how I feel about Mr Bloom other than to say I find him an odious, self promoting bully in more ways than one.

    But back to the point Mr /Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ I won’t let you move the debate on RothPol regarding the grooming and cover up off track for longer than I took to type my opening statement. Get it- I won’t go away despite your insults and misrepresentations.

    Mr /Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ I believe that all sexual exploitation (indeed all misuse of power) is wrong. Whether that be perpetuated by Mr Bloom or child’ groomers of any race. Indeed if a member of my family was involved I would report them and be campaigning with the same zeal. It isn’t racist to say that sexual exploitation is wrong – quite the opposite as I believe no child or indeed any individual should be raped or groomed. It’s called standing up for the abused. (As I do on many issues – including lack of opportunity, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, social status, employment status ad infiitium.

    Mr /Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ standing up against the abuse of power is what I do when I am not knitting, stroking kittens, struggling with baking cakes, talking about lipstick, being with my family and friends or watching tele or football. Such a sad life I lead. Quite Bridgett Jones at times; with a little’ twist of course called SKT.

    What I would like to ask you Mr / Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ is where you get the view that I have insulted the entire Asian community from? I am still struggling to fathom that one; especially since I simply criticized Mr Bloom (actually post ‘Bongo Bongoland’ scandal) and didn’t mention race or religion at all. Can you please expand and explain in a non ranting manner.

    What is apparent Mr /Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ however is that I seem to have insulted you in some unfathomable way – though I feel you need to re read again – and for that I won’t apologize? You see the vast majority of Asian citizens in Rotherham and throughout the land are as alarmed and as disgusted as I am by the grooming scandal; as they are the cover up. Indeed in my fight to get to the truth regarding ‘the cover up of child sexual exploitation’ in Rotherham I have the support of all communities. What you have to understand is that the child grooming scandal and the ensuing cover up is not an issue of race and should never be so. It is am issue of exploitation and criminality. To blur the issue (and many do – including you) simply denies what is needed – justice for the victim and all involved (including the cover up) to be brought before the ‘judge’ to answer for their crimes.

    Personally, I have the inclination that you may be wanting ‘The Child Grooming Scandal’ in Rotherham to go away. For it to be covered up in the same way RMBC want it to be. Well Mr / Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ it won’t until RMBC come clean and the judges pass sentence.
    What we need is openness and transparency. And that means from all involved or with concerns– of all political views, races and religions and more. Indeed I believe that openness will help address the issue we now have in Rotherham whereby many wrongly view the issues of paedophilia, grooming ands sexual exploitation as an Asian issue rather than for what it is; a societal and criminal acts perpetuated by evil individuals from all backgrounds and communities that feel they can do what the want and get away with it.

    Get this clear Mr / Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ I for one will not be silenced on this issue (or any issue I feel I should comment – including Mr Bloom) by you or senior management at RMBC or councillors or MP’s or anyone; neither will I be silenced by rants and accusations of none existent racism. I won’t be silenced; get it. You can try to deflect the issue but your tactics won’t work. Indeed I will tell you now – the cover up will be exposed – the inadequacies and corruption within the Young People’s Services, RMBC and elected / non elected officials will be punished. And I will state this; until that happens no child of any race or religion in Rotherham will be safe. Shame on you for ignoring the victims I say.

    Now back to your accusations of racism. As an original and highly active member of countless organisations that oppose racism, sexism, exploitation in the workplace and bullying wherever it occurs of all kinds I don’t need to justify my stance to you. However for your benefit I will. Wherever I see the misuse of power I will oppose. Wherever I see injustice I will stand up for the victim. Wherever I see a cover up I will strive for clarity. Where I see oppression I will speak out and oppose it. And where I see an attempt to silence the voice of debate (even if I disagree with my opponent) I will SHOUT louder for all to be heard. I’m sorry Mr / Mrs ‘Does UKIP Represent Racism’ far from keeping this little powerless ‘little girl’ quiet all you have done is inspire me to work harder in my attempt to get to the truth. Now go back and tell your little friends at RMBC that. The truth will be out. And my advice to you is when it is make sure you’re are on the side of right and justice and the need for truth; otherwise you will be castigated for you actions in the cover up too.

    SKT xxxx

    PS: re the comment ‘By having a doctor as a husband does not mean you got better lifestyle Sally Kate, end of the day Sally Kate should apologize’ Married to a doctor?. If you are going to research do’ it right. I do go to see my doctor far too regularly but unfortunately it’s for health issues. Although thinking on he’s quite dishy. I jest of course. Can I state now I am not the Sally Kate Taylor who happened to be Carly Simon’s daughter. Though I did by her record. ‘You’re so Vain’. Now I will now get back to researching Mr Bloom’s bigotry; quite an easy subject to research actually.


    • You sure that you’re not even one of Sweet Baby James Taylor’s other daughters?
      He was quite a charmer during his early days in UK.

      On a more serious note:
      The nasty and ugly comment addressed to you that says “By having a doctor as a husband does not mean you got better lifestyle Sally Kate, ” is getting pretty close to cyber-stalking. It’s basically saying “I know where you live”.
      OK the person is too thick to get it right but it is still pretty nasty,
      RothPol should have the date-stamped IP address that sent the message – so the perpetrator can be easily found, if you were to wish to make a complaint.


  7. I’m more worried people will wrongly think I’m having an affair with my doctor; people tend to gossip and my Mom will go mad if she thinks I have became a ‘wanton woman or a council floozy. Anyway she fancies him too and being a Mommy’s girl at heart (she brought me up well and I love her to bits) can I state publicly there is no way I’d date someone my Mom fancies. Okay he looks at my knees from time to time but that’s to check the progress of my arthritis. Well he says that; a girl can dream. You have to laugh.

    I would also like to state I am not related to James Taylor or Elizabeth Taylor either. Indeed I am not related to Burton the tailors either – though I have been called a dummy several times throughout my life; mostly by my ex- who obviously is my ex because I wasn’t that dumb.

    To save time with future denials I would like to state I am not realted to any of the famous people on this link and even if I was I wouldn’t use ‘family’ to influence policy at RMBC; as I have heard talk some often do.


    SKT xxxx



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