Rebuked! Should He Go?

This piece from the Star seems to be moving this story on:

‘Bongo bongo land’ Ukip MEP rebuked

The UK Independence Party Euro MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire has been rebuked for complaining about the provision of taxpayer-funded aid to “bongo bongo land”.

MEP Godfrey Bloom was recorded questioning the UK’s overseas aid payments, claiming the recipients spend the money on luxuries.

He told a meeting of supporters in the Midlands that those who receive aid spend the money on “Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it”.

But responding to the controversy over the “bongo bongo land” comments, Ukip chairman Steve Crowther said: ” We are asking Godfrey not to use this phrase again as it might be considered disparaging by members from other countries. Read on….

Should Godfrey Bloom stand down? Godfrey Bloom is currently an MEP representing Yorkshire and Humber Region, one would have thought he might have developed a little more tact by now? That fact alone, should prevent him from heading up UKIP’s European Elections 2014 panel. I would suggest position 6, at the highest, for Bloom!

27 thoughts on “Rebuked! Should He Go?

    • Male bore?

      Quote from YouGove blog:
      “Demographically, UKIP voters attract men slightly more than women – and the party draws its support disproportionately from older people with fewer qualifications. Whereas 46% of all voters are over 50, and 38% under 40, the figures for UKIP are 71% and 15% respectively. And just 13% of UKIP supporters have university degrees – half the national average (though this partly reflects the age profile: older people generally were less likely to attend university when they were young)”.


  1. Why should he, people voted for him because he had strong views. He uses colourful language and so does Nigel Farage when addressing the EU. Godfrey is a little eccentric and isn’t that what people love about the English. We are the first to take the mickey out of ourselves. To educate people see this link There isn’t going to be much left of the English language if we aren’t careful, because somebody is always looking to be insulted. It isn’t the words, but the feeling behind them that counts. Aka Humpty Dumpty in “Alice in the wonderland.”


    • I agree UKIP is losing support know.
      I spoke to people in Rawmarsh they going angry what Godfrey said.
      Who announces racist comments and on top Colin and many people stick by racism saying it is perfectly fine what Godfrey said.
      It is wrong what he is saying, people like Colin and all of the UKIP followers support a man like him.
      Soon more and more people will be going against UKIP.
      Even cavin vines, is another example, his ward people are wondering now why people voted for UKIP.
      They are shame to our community and brought problems on themselves in Rotherham.


      • “I spoke to people in Rawmarsh they going angry what Godfrey said”
        How many people did you speak to? How many of them are Labour supporters?
        “. Colin and many people stick by racism saying it is perfectly fine what Godfrey said”
        Do not accuse me on a public forum of racism unless you can provide hard evidence. I suggest you apologise for that remark.
        “.They are shame to our community and brought problems on themselves in Rotherham.”
        Would this be similar to the kind of shame brought on Rotherham by Asian sex grooming gangs or Thacker’s heavy handed-and possibly illegal-abduction of foster children? Or having a borough councillor with an ASBO?
        I wouldn’t mind if your posts were accurate or supported by evidence instead of the anti UKIP rants you insist on posting.


      • UKIP’s support is in fact growing at such an extent, that the word is that they will also win the wombwell bye election. Im sorry but many many local Rawmarsh people Support Cllr Vines, as they do UKIP, Labour caused this nasty mess with the influx of immigrants and people just don’t like it, it puts more pressure on all the services including housing and local people are being placed at the bottom of the pecking order, if they complain their called racist ~ Disgraceful.


  2. I suppose as UKIP takes a hold of the country, that people like you will have to shout louder to be heard. A bit like the Titanic going down. It will appear to you as though you are winning ground, but you are only circulating with people who have your view on life and you are having to shout louder to be heard. Even though I see myself as a moderate, the country will have to lurch to the right to kick out the left wing dogma that has eroded the very heart of our society since the later 60’s.


    • Tim Anston – 2 small points:
      If you are replying to someone’s earlier comment , click the reply button, don’t start a new comment, or at least state who you are referring to as “you” – as a “computer expert” you might be expected to be aware of this.

      We probably all consider ourselves “moderates”, I’m certainly a moderate (IMHO) , and I strongly believe that it is right-wing dogma that is eroding our society.

      “I suppose as UKIP takes a hold of the country,” thanks for the laff!


  3. Just to clarify things, Yes Ukip: are you also dyslexic, or are you perhaps from bongo bongo land , because we certainly need an interpreter to read and understand your posts!


      • I certainly support a referendum on the EU, can’t trust Cameron’s promise of of one in 2017. A week is a long time in politics, in 4 years anything can have happend! In fact I also find appealing UKIP’s policy of more referendums. Let the people speak now and again. at least they’re are not the same as venal MPs who have been got at!


  4. Tim, Why should we lurch to the right to kick out left wing dogma? We will only substitute one set of dogma for another. A moderate alternative that uses intelligence in debate is what is needed to restore sanity.


  5. Why do we need to lurch rightwards to kick out leftist dogma Tim? Why swap one lot of dogma for another? A moderate alternative using intelligent debate Is all that is needed


  6. No he should stay because he is the perfect illustration of why voting UKIP is a vote for some very unpleasant right wingers. Some of whom rub shoulders with fascism and some of whom link arms with it.

    His self penned description of himself on Twitter is interesting

    “Urbane, witty, well informed and sensitive, even as he punches your lights out.”

    Interesting self image…. somehow it remonds me of a charector even closer to home. Guess who:) Also a braggardly bully with a highly exagerated self opinion.


  7. Changed my mind, Just read Bloom’s comments on prostitution again and then listened to an excellent interview with Andrew Norfolk on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme.

    What makes his having paid for sex with young girls and women in Hong Kong any different from the people we want to see locked up here in Rotherham? Did he ask for birth certificates? I doubt it.
    That he is forgiven and excusd by UKIP leadership and some members reflects their hypocricy.

    They say they they aren’t racist. Just blunt talkers, people who call a spade a spade.

    Yeah, well how can we trust Caven and his party when they don’t condemn and kick out someone who was perfectly happy to abuse young women in Hong Kong. While they cry crocodile tears about young women being abused in Rotherham?

    The hypocricy is sick making. All decent people should think about their membership of UKIP now they can see the shabbiness of their leaders.


    • Well said William ewart you are right.
      Cavin vines needs to resign as he is getting alot of stick with his constituency regarding bloom issue.
      Alot of people are considering to leave UKIP party in Rotherham soon and that is frightening now.
      Because it has caused alot of problems for the Rawmarsh people what bloom has said and it is disturbing.
      It has a massive impact on Rawmarsh ward.
      People were all happy regarding cavin vines winning the seat now they are realizing they parties full of racism.


      • Come to Rawmarsh ask people that’s my evidence Colin.
        Ask the people now what they say about your so called leader Godfrey an cavin vines, the voters are hating UKIP coz of the comments and they saying they want cavin vines out.
        Firstly a women who does not want to be named has left membership for UKIP coz she thought UKIP represented a party for the EU referendum she said she does not want to be named she will resign her membership in the next couple of days.
        Same as other supporters and many other people if you want evidence do you not see the odds now people are going against a corrupt party that has got alot of problems whilst inside their own party, you want evidence speak to the people of Rawmarsh, I think it is going to be a very difficult seat for cavin vines to defend next seat, UKIP has brought shame upon their members, Colin you are a heavy supporter of Godfrey perhaps you should find out, how many people are resigning, coz your a UKIP member you probably know.
        Read this
        Read it properly, they should be an investigation why
        The MEP is involved with groups like this as they are linked with far right extremist groups in Europe even that lady was in the UKIP, she resigned she was a member they must have been a reason why this lady has resigned.
        They wrote in the last election
        What asain women can’t wear, we live in a democracy you should be allowed to wear what you want.
        More UKIP supporters are leaving membership for the party, if this lady can leave what makes you think others can’t leave.
        Read it bloom is also a Founder member of the UKIP party he comment such as women should stay behind the fridge and clean the fridge, which MEP makes comments like that, it’s not me it’s your leader Colin, Godfrey blooms MEP.
        So check out the evidence properly.


  8. Poll in the Yorkshire post says 64% of people don’t believe he has said anything offensive. Of the others who think he has said something offensive, I bet a good proportion agree with his sentiments and not the head line language.


  9. @ Cavin vines seat is next to go in Rawmarsh soon.

    You really are the most tiresome and semi literate buffoon.
    Every time I ask you for hard evidence to support your incoherent posts you link to old news.
    Can you find and post links or news items that are new? Can you meet the challenges I’ve set you?.
    Can you do anything useful at all?

    If you feel so strongly about the (perceived) failures of UKIP then I look forward to seeing you standing as a candidate in 2014 to oppose them. It shouldn’t be difficult for you, after all you keep telling us about membership losses from UKIP and their lack of support so you should have an easy victory.
    Put up or shut up.


    • Look at the facts were on when cavin vines lost the seat in rotherham west, then he regained his seat in Rawmarsh, now people are getting fedup with UKIP, I am bringing you facts soon he will be losing his seat next cavin vines, he has lost the seat before in Rotherham west, The seat in Rawmarsh, now people are going against UKIP it is a fact.
      UKIP are panicking cavin vines is next to go we will wait till UKIP loses that seat in Rawmarsh it will b soon time will tell.
      Colin why don’t you stand up for UKIP as your so fascinated in defending UKIP.


  10. May I ask you question at least I am bringing facts and prove.
    Why don’t you bring me proof whether UKIP are right or wrong to my opinion they are wrong.
    What evidence your bring you should shut up coz your embrassing UKIP I don’t understand why you sticking up for a party that is full of corruption.


  11. I get the feeling that beneath your sesquipedalian loquaciousness you’re the same kind of fundamentalist intent on winning arguments through Argumentum Verbosium.


  12. I’m not one off for Mr Bloom;s admierers. Never will be. I’m not a friend of Mr Bloom’s politics but his friends should tell him it’s 2013.


    “I just don’t think [women] clean behind the fridge enough” and that “I am here to represent Yorkshire women who always have dinner on the table when you get home.” ‘I wouldn’t have a problem employing Isabel because she’s a writer – she can do her work from any work station, that’s not a problem – but if I wanted a receptionist or I wanted a dental nurse I would be thinking very carefully about the age of that woman because she has to turn up at 9 o’clock every morning. This isn’t rocket science is it? This is perfectly straightforward small business policy.”

    Finding Bloom’s silliness isn’t difficult. Message to Bloom – make your own dinner.


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