A Machiavelli for our times?

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has been controlled by the Labour Party since the reorganisation of local government in 1974, which created the current structure we operate under today.

Power corrupts! Absolute power, corrupts absolutely! Were it ever thus?

Labour has exercised untrammelled, hegemonic power throughout Rotherham, since 1974. On one occasion, Labour held 65 of the then 66 seats on the Council! This lone opposition member was Michael Clarke the only Conservative Councillor, who is sadly no longer with us, who kept the Tory flame going on RMBC during very lean years indeed!

Despite the recent rebellion of the voters in Rawmarsh Ward, no one seriously expects the ballot box, to bring about positive change. If such change is to happen it will only do so once the silent majority wakes up and at least on one occasion, votes to remove those who  are unsuitable, that the Labour Party fails to deal with themselves! Just like the Rawmarsh voters did in May. Life will be awfully difficult at the hustings for the likes of Gerald Smith, Jahangir Akhtar or Richard Russell if the Labour Party does not retire them in 2014.

Rotherham has witnessed with incredulity, the antics that Labour gets up to, without paying an appropriate penalty for their wrongdoing once exposed. Rotherham must be the cover up capital of the UK!

There are enumerable examples on Rotherham Politics for the more curious, that illustrate this phenomenon. Everyone of the examples cited will have involved a breach of the Councillors Code of Conduct and many involve breaches of the Officers Code of Conduct additionally.

The history of RMBC is littered with scandals involving the misappropriation or misuse of public money! There have been enough scandals now, for a distinct pattern to be evident. These scandals always seem to involve the Deputy Leader of RMBC and not, as you might expect, the Leader.

Perhaps the most memorable of these were the fraudulent activities of Garvin Reed and the National Local Government Forum Against Poverty (NLGFAP), involving a huge amount of public money, facilitated by Councillors still on the Council to this day. This List would include Roger Stone, Richard Russell and Gerald Smith to name but a few.

Few who knew Garvin Reed liked him, but they certainly feared him. He had a reputation for being quite the most Machiavellian and manipulative of local politicians, Rotherham has ever seen!

Rotherham’s Deputy Leader is emerging, as someone who could give G.Reed a run for his money in the Machiavelli stakes? Has Rotherham a new Machiavelli, in Jahangir Akhtar?

Jahangir Akhtar is under scrutiny as never before. New information is always welcome to increase our understanding of the way this, deeply flawed man, operates. Please drop Rothpol an email, thanks.


Machiavelli, The Prince. Probably the most important work on the exercise of political power ever written and never out of print! Thanks to Project Gutenberg, you can read it for yourself in many convenient formats. Click here.

A more ‘well rounded’ picture of Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, is emerging from reader supplied information on Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version.

4 thoughts on “A Machiavelli for our times?

  1. He does his job well and like most of us he uses his judgement to the best of his ability. You can never knock a guy for doing what is right without at least spending sometime in their shoes. I hope he becomes the leader of the council at some point as we all would benefit from his passion for local politics!


  2. The word “gora” means european or light skinned. Asbo will be using it to refer to us when he’s talking to other Pakistanis! “Witch hunt” is another of his favourite expressions. Any one criticizing him, is said by him to be on one!


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