Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group – Latest!

The Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL) membership is now a very significant number and representative of just how angry the Upper Haugh community feels about this travesty by RMBC who is in breach of their Statutory Highway duty and has allowed a resident, Gary R Watson, 11 Hoober Court, Upper Haugh to build on Stubbin Lane which is a public highway, obstruct it and seek to profit from it.
You just could not make it up.

Sandra Horridge

Sec: Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL)

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6 thoughts on “Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group – Latest!

  1. An object lesson on people power! Sandra Horridge and the HOSL Group should be congratulated, by all of us, for exposing the incompetence of RMBC and some of the senior Officers too! No surprise there, then!
    Everyone underestimated the skills that could be brought to bear and their resolve.


  2. RMBC’s failings where planning is concerned should worry everyone.
    In Anston a resident has built on land he does not own, the answer to this offered by Anston PC-with borough councillors in attendance-was rather like asking a 7 year old child a question on quantum physics ie: Not sure. We’ll ask someone.
    The resident has offered (it is rumoured) £60k for the piece of land but the questions are ; Is the land allowed to be sold? Should it be sold? Will the offer of money override planning laws?
    Labour councillors (via their party) keep pumping out propaganda to residents telling us what a wonderful job they are doing. With all the negative publicity heaped on RMBC and Anston PC. I don’t think their message is very effective. Or true.


    • The incompetence of RMBC is simply breath taking despite them being given the relevant information (and evidence) they needed nearly three years ago by HOSL. They chose to ignore it, cover up their incompetence, collude in criminality (by allowing the obstruction of a public highway and the removal of a public right of way) and breach their statutory duty as a Highway Authority.

      All they have done is put their heads in the sand and hoped it would all go away including HOSL. Well it won’t and HOSL definitely wont; our barrister is second to none and the community is as determined as ever to expose RMBC for its shenanigans, self denial and incompetence. A greedy resident hoodwinked RMBC and they chose to cover up. Well, I have news for RMBC, our communities are proud, hardworking and stronger than they could have imagined and prepared to fight where injustice is so blatantly applied by this ‘Rotten Borough’.

      Worse still, the RMBC Highway / Adoptions officer involved in the Public Inquiry in Upper Haugh on 20 & 21 November 2012), removed one of our legal bundles from the Public Inquiry in front of witnesses and without permission!

      Yes. you have guessed it – I reported this immediately to the officer involved (upon our barrister’s instruction) including: Karl Battersby, Director, Martin Kimber Chief Executive, Roger Stone Leader of RMBC, John Healy MP and Gareth Dennison of The Rotherham Advertiser. I demanded that it was returned to me at my address by noon of the day in question. The Highway officer who had removed it (contrary to RMBC Code of Conduct and Data Protection) duly turned up with his ‘tail between his legs’ at the appointed time and returned it to me.

      Footnote: RMBC Legal Services had received in advance of the Public Inquiry the Legal Bundle as is the pre-requisite but this individual thought he could tuck a copy for himself under his arm and ‘retain it’ in his own words.

      Like I keep saying you just could not make it up.

      Sandra Horridge
      Sec: Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group (HOSL)


  3. This sounds to me more like a criminal enquiry should be instigated. This is the type of actions Doncaster Council were involved in which resulted in the Donigate enquiry some years ago. Surely there is something much more sinister than just complete incompetence by the over-paid officers of RMBC. Removal of legal files by a RMBC officer! Is he still working for the council, if so, why?


    • Yes, he is still employed and despite me informing the ‘RMBC big suits with high salaries’ who are responsible for the line management of this officer ie CEO Martin Kimber, Leader of the Council, Roger Stone and Director for Planning and Development, Karl Battersby; the absence of a reply from them is deafening.

      The officer was the sole representative of RMBC at the Public Inquiry giving evidence. It was weak, lacked specialist knowledge and understanding resulting in an incoherent and inarticulate delivery which was highly embarrassing for a packed hall to hear. The barrister suggested to the Planning Inspector that he make recommendations to the Secretary of State to put urgent training into the Planning and Highway departments.

      The fact that RMBC Planning and Highway departments (as a Statutory Highway Authority) have allowed a highway (to be partly removed) and a Public right of way to be obstructed is complicit with the criminal offence committed by the owner of the property, Gary Watson 11 Hoober Court, Upper Haugh, Rotherham S62 7LH.

      Like I keep saying ‘ you just could not make it up’.

      Sandra Horridge
      Secretary of the Hands off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group.


      • The person who represented RMBC at the Public Inquiry by giving a poorly articulated presentation of weak and inaccurate evidence to the Public Inquiry was Robert Wright, Assistant Adoptions Officer.

        In addition, Robert Wright was the RMBC officer who removed one if HOSL’s legal bundles from the Public Inquiry without permission and in front of witnesses.

        We do not need to wonder why Rotherham and its council, RMBC is perceived as a national laughing stock.


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