The interview everyone should listen to!

Thanks to our technical expert, ‘a regular reader’ this link will not disappear after a week.

The audio file can be downloaded and then played on the mp3 player of your choice.

Download from New link.

Andrew Norfolk explodes the myth !


8 thoughts on “The interview everyone should listen to!

  1. From Chris Longley MBE

    Dear Rothpol and dear “Regular Reader”

    Thank you both so very much.

    If a link to this recording could now be found in Rothpol’s header at the top of Rothpol’s Home Page, that would mean everybody could find it at any time.

    KIndest regards



    • Chris,
      Thanks for your appreciation for ‘a regular reader’, they did all the work! Rothpol deserves no credit.
      Header not possible but have put a link on the right hand column!


    • Thanks Chris,
      I had to listen to the broadcast 6 times whilst learning how to capture the sound, I really really don’t want to have to listen to it again.( I even ran out of shower gel at one point).

      Andre Norfolk is a very brave journalist.
      … and all credit to Eddie Mair – a superb and empathetic interviewer, who held it all together and gently moved it forward.
      I am not sure what the rules on posting this MP3 are; certainly the one dedicated piece of software for saving BBC radio was made unavailable at the BBC’s request,
      … and whilst google will find you other things that say they will do it – stay away from them – they all pollute your computer with things you could never ever want.
      In case Rothpol is asked to take it down, here are the standard software tools I used:
      Audacity ( , with Lame to do the MP3 encoding (
      Since my motherboard uses Realtek sound chips I used the information here: to make it all work.


  2. From Chris Longley MBE

    Dear Rothpol

    Please keep it there permanently. If it slides down the list and into oblivion we will all lose a reminder that Rotherham sorely needs every day.

    There too many people who just hope that the passage of time will make people forget. And that cannot be right.

    Kindest regards to you and to “A regular reader”



  3. Brilliant, thanks RR. I would be suprised if you get any hassle about the copy. My understanding is that Andrew could have asked for a copy, so you have just saved him the energy. Well done.



    • Wil,
      I’m sure that’s the case; and if all else fails there’s Pirate Bay.
      … If Andrew wants a high definition copy I can easily create it for him now on CD.
      After everything that has happened with Levison etc, it reminds you that journalism is still, at best, a most honourable profession.


  4. From Chris Longley MBE

    Well said, “a regular reader”.

    We should not forget successive Editors of the Times either. They have stood by an investigation of great length (three years now and lengthening, I understand),and have also stood foursquare by their journalist.

    There must have been many occasions when they wondered whether there would ever be results capable of publication about these issues. Whether the pieces that seemed to be isolated, unconnceted and horrifying enough on their own – and that required a leap into even greater darkness to connect – could ever be joined up to create this dreadful perverted picture we all now see of industrial scale abuse.

    But they did indeed stick with Andrew Norfolk and his work, and I think we all owe these unheralded editorial folk our thanks too.

    KInd regards to all


    Chris Longley MBE


  5. From Chris Longley MBE

    This item is sliding down your list of Posts.

    Please keep it at the top so it does not disappear. When the summer is over, people will still need to hear this interview and many are on holiday as we speak and will not be aware of it.

    They need too the chance to hear it.

    Kind regards



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