Godfrey Bloom – a tale of discrimination!

The colourful Godfrey Bloom has been at it again! Has he passed the ‘fruitcake’ test? We should be told!

This time alleging discrimination. Against men!:

UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom: employers discriminate against men

Never one to mince his words, UKIP’s economic spokesman, Godfrey Bloom is in the headlines again – this time for saying that employers were discriminating against men in favour of less-qualified women.

The MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire said that employers were “prejudiced” against men. Read on…

Now the Express wades in:

Ukip senior figures Godfrey Bloom and Stuart Wheeler in ‘sexism’ row

UK INDEPENDENCE Party (Ukip) senior figures Godfrey Bloom and Stuart Wheeler have been caught in a ‘sexism’ row after speaking about women’s roles at work.

Ukip MEP Mr Bloom has accused employers of being prejudiced towards men and preferring less qualified female workers.

The European Parliament member claimed male employees are ‘disadvantaged’ in the public sector and females who aren’t as skilled are more likely to get promoted.

The 63-year-old added that women in the armed forces were allowed to pass courses because examiners did not ‘have the bottle’ to fail them.

The comments from Mr Bloom come a week after the Ukip faced a barrage of criticism for saying Britain should not send aid to “bongo bongo land”. Read on…

This piece in the Guardian, spotted with our thanks once again to’ a regular reader’, should at least provide some amusement for readers:

Quiz: would you pass Ukip’s ‘fruitcake’ test?

2 thoughts on “Godfrey Bloom – a tale of discrimination!

  1. Is this what UKIP go around representing now.
    Can you please ask cavin and tim to comment regarding if this is true.
    Do they believe they leader is right in what he says.


  2. Could you remove my last comment, there were a couple of typo’s.
    There always seems to be concerns about the lack of woman in board rooms, but not the lack of woman coal miners and refuse collectors. For every 100 male deaths in our armed forces, 1 female loses their life, but where is the outcry? Female life expectancy is three years longer than the average male, this gap has only closed since the loss of heavy industry, not due to it being addressed. Or am I missing the point of equal rights and fair treatment of both sex’s!


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