Where have Labour’s voters gone?

Where have Labour’s voters gone? The story of the ‘stay at home’ voters!

Firstly some evidence of Labour’s very own lost voters:


Rother Valley
Votes % Vote Share
1997 31184 67.6
2001 22851 62.1
2005 21871 55.4
2010 19147 40.9
Total lost votes 12037
1997 26852 71.3
2001 18759 63.9
2005 15840 52.8
2010 16741 44.6
Total lost votes 10111
Wentworth & Dearne
1997 30225 72.3
2001 22798 67.5
2005 21225 59.6
2010 21316 50.6
Total lost votes 8909
Grand total lost votes in Rotherham


The evidence above was extracted from, Rotherham General Election Results 1997- 2010. Had the 1992 results been used as a baseline the lost votes would have been even higher as 1992, was the high watermark in Labour’s fortunes in Rotherham.

Even Rothpol was surprised at the lost voters, 31057 since 1997. Only one constituency was won in 2010 with a majority of the popular vote and that was by a whisker!

5 thoughts on “Where have Labour’s voters gone?

  1. The figures published above show very clearly how Labour has lost support from its core voters.
    But for a fair and balanced view perhaps rothpol can publish the number of votes lost by the Tories and Lib-Dems as well?
    I wouldn’t want Labour supporters to feel any more ridiculed than they already are.


  2. It shows that Kevin Barron is slowly losing his grip on Rothervalley which will turn into a UKIP seat at the next election. Remember UKIP weren’t far out in Rotherham central the last time the seat was contested.


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