Welcome to Rothpol’s latest contributor!

Quite out of the blue, Rothpol suddenly had a flurry of activity from an anonymous commenter recently. All three were left on the post, FOI – Two answers arrive!

Taken together they are at least attempting to muddy the waters:

“how do you know that proper recruitment procedures weren’t in place were you part of the interview panel or just part of hearsay? how do you know personally that these people weren’t the best for the job were you part of the selection process interview panel and such like – sounds like sour grapes to me luv”

“not all quite right not all grants are restricted they can be unrestricted and designated it depends on the grant and what its for a foi on £50 is unlikely as they have no duty to it if its too costly to provide.”

“Funny how there are lots of judgments on Unity Centers recruitment yet you are saying  of the compthat an employee of REMA worked at the Unity Center while employed by REMA? Is it not impossible to be in two places at once? Also how do you know that the process was not transparent. As it seems clear that they receive no contracted RMBC money why is it unfair processes?”

These comments seem to echo others commenting anonymously, on recent posts. Imagine my surprise when I checked the connection details of the device being used to leave these comments traces back to rema-online.org.uk!

Does rather undermine the credibility of these comments when the likely author is a member of the Akhtar family business!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Rothpol’s latest contributor!

    • Sorry can’t publish on a public forum, as this would allow anyone to abuse this information.

      Glad to see you have changed your IP address, since you last commented.


      • Our independent technical expert has now examined the connection used and they confirm the source as rema-online.org.uk!
        Our thanks go to them, for taking the trouble to assist in establishing the truth here.


    • For the majority of people one can’t recognise them from their IP. For most their IP is floating, that is changed by your ISP every time you go on line. Even when an individual has a fixed IP it will normally be registered in the name of your ISP. So little hope their unless you have super skill and maybe be prepared to break the law.

      The issue comes when a company with a number of computers has a fixed IP registered in its own name. In this case it is fairly straighjtforward to track the IP owner. There is even a web site to help you do it.

      As for the issue of multiple jobs at Unity and Rema it seem that the Karate Kid is a workaholic given that with ( I think) his uncle is also advertising kickin peoples heads in lessons at the Unity Centre.

      Apparently he has black bracers in the Futinmowf strand of Feng Shui.


  1. The person says: “Also how do you know that the process was not transparent. As it seems clear that they receive no contracted RMBC money why is it unfair processes?” If the proper recruitment procedure was bypassed to make a financial gain by doing so then this would be fraud – a criminal offence!


    • It stated on a previous post sorry isn’t it a obvious question? Am not a fan of politics but found this site interesting after a recommendation. Done alot of voluntary work and public sector work in the past so was curious of how some conclusions had been reached. Most information is available on funders sites or through websites and annual reports not hard to find really. Maybe a solution would be to make an email a requirement for posting even if it is only seen by you


  2. There are so many “anonymous” postings on here it’s becoming confusing. Either use your real name or pick a name, any name, even if it’s a daft as the one I use! Anonymous you seem to be suggesting gagging some posts. I am not au fait regarding charities and donations to them, that’s why I used the word “subsidy” in the FOI request thinking it would cover all donations under whatever terminology is used for money paid! If erroneous posts are put up they usually get shot down fairly quickly!


  3. “There are so many “anonymous” postings on here it’s becoming confusing”

    Well said.
    There are not many of us here who use our real names but that is a free choice. Unless it’s for personal and/or security reasons I think anonymity should not be allowed or used on this forum (At Rik’s discretion of course)
    What is so wrong with using a contributor name? I’m a member of 5 other forums (fora?) and this is the only one where I can be identified. I have nothing to hide.


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