Andrew Norfolk on Akhtars ‘temporary’ resignation!

Council chief quits over grooming row

The deputy leader of a local authority hit by a sex-grooming scandal resigned last night after details of his role in the recovery of a missing child were revealed. Jahangir Akhtar, who also stood down from his position as vice-chairman of South Yorkshire’s police and crime panel, took the decision pending the outcome of a police investigation. Rotherham borough council, where Mr Akhtar, 52, has been a Labour councillor since 2000, said that it had referred “allegations made in The Times” to police “to consider if any criminal offence has been committed”. It was revealed yesterday that 12 years ago…

Much more in the mornings Times Newspaper!

2 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk on Akhtars ‘temporary’ resignation!

  1. Well done to andrew norfolk for persisting into Rotherham grooming.

    Perhaps the MPs and PCC will now demand an outside police force is brought in to give some integrity snd credability to investigation?

    But…..Don’t hold your breaths.
    S yorks police need investigating for inaction.
    They are too closely linked with akhtar and councils.


  2. I want to know what Country Akhtar thinks he lives in. He is resigning “temporarily”? It may happen in Pakistan, but certainly not here. If you resign, you resign. No if’s, no but’s. He has resigned and that is the end of his political career, hopefully!
    But you never know, they may change the rules, just for him.
    Yes, Old Bill, I agree there should be an outside force brought in to investigate AND there must be a demand for the resignation of Wright to prevent any interference from him too, particularly as he was as deeply involved in this cover-up as Akhtar. Perhaps another article from Andrew Norfolk will assist?


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