The Star – ‘Grooming victims’ to sue Rotherham Council

The Star – ‘Grooming victims’ to sue Rotherham Council

Four women are suing Rotherham Council for ‘systemic failures to protect them from sexual abuse by predatory men when they were children’.

South Yorkshire solicitors Switalskis said a number of women had instructed its lawyers to take legal action.

David Greenwood, of Switalskis, acting for some of the abused girls, said: “It is important to remember that at the time of the abuse they were children under the age of 16 and could not legally consent.”

The revelation comes after fresh allegations of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, already rocked by revelations about the grooming of teenage girls.

A national newspaper claimed a teenager was allowed extensive contact with a violent adult offender who was suspected of grooming young girls to use and sell for sex while she was in the care of social services.

It said the girl first met the man in 1999 when she was 14 and he was 24. Read on…

1 thought on “The Star – ‘Grooming victims’ to sue Rotherham Council

  1. How dare that two faced liar, the PCC make such comments about what he has put in place to prevent these offences taking place. He is as responsible as Akhtar and the rest for the cover-up, Why the hell is he still in post. If he doesn’t resign, then he should be sacked immediately by the government who’s idiotic election process put him there.
    How can a thorough and unbiased investigation take place if this corrupt individual is still in charge of the police? It can’t. HE HAS TO GO!


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