Time for all of us to unite?

The Pakistani origin people in Rotherham are coming to a critical point when big choices ought to be made.

At Prayers today there will be an attempt to shut people up, calm the community down and get them to comply with the tradition of not speaking outside. Akhtar and chums will be keen to keep you quiet. The Gandhi will offer to pay a little to the Masjid and everyone is expected to go back to life as normal.

This advice from the elders has not done much good so far. By seeking to cover up crimes the elders have not saved pride and face for the Community.

Instead they have tried to cap a volcano, and now it is exploding.  More is going to come out about child sex abuse.  It is going to do massive damage to community relations in Rotherham, with Pakistani people not only being accused of child abuse but also of seeking to protect those who did.

The leaders of the community have made a massive mistake in backing Akhtar and his friends.

The community is already under massive stress as the disturbances around Broom showed earlier this week. Again, a collection small injustices that went unpunished has led to a build of tension and an explosion of anger; dreadful judgement by the leaders who are now seen as on the side of the criminals.

The choices for the people?

Either join the other communities of Rotherham in demanding honest and open politics OR keep quiet and continue to be exploited by those who give little back but expect much for themselves.

Either demand justice and a fair Police force for the prosecution of th criminals OR forever come under the shadow and be fearful of the “pretend” justice offered the elders.

Your silence is what makes them rich. Their actions are what divides us.


18 thoughts on “Time for all of us to unite?

  1. On behalf of all true Christians in Rotherham we humbly offer our prayers and the hand of friendship to all our Muslim friends who want to take a stand against evils in our communities – wherever they originate. Please, if you are a Christian or of any other faith or none, endorse my post. It’s time for all people of good will to stand united and be counted.


  2. The majority of muslims of Rotherham find the acts of child grooming to be abbhorrent, but we don’t have the ability to voice our views because our so called leaders tow the council line. I for one support your stand against these animals and wish to stand with you to expose the corruption.


  3. Do you really expect an open and fair investigation from S Yorks police force so linked to woeful wrongdoing in this case?

    Who is the PCC?
    What was his previous roles?

    What links to police did Cllr Aktar have?


  4. If this article isn’t racist but sure feels like it. Looks like Rothpol has an agenda against Pakistani people and some dumb pakistanis and contributing to this agenda.


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