Council Chief Quits Over Grooming Scandal!

Andrew Norfolk, the Chief Investigative Reporter of the Times, brings us fresh insights into Jahangir Akhtar’s resignation:



18 thoughts on “Council Chief Quits Over Grooming Scandal!

  1. Why hasn’t Keith Vas’s “utter incredulity” that the council failed to act, resulted in the resignation of the PCC Shaun Wright, or better still, his dismissal? This utterly incompetent man cannot be allowed to remain in post. For a start, he is in a position to influence any investigation into these disgusting and despicable activities both by the offender and the council officials. HE HAS TO GO!


  2. I fail to see what Councillor Aktar did wrong. He did what was reasonable and I guess that is what we would all do considering the circumstances.


    • If you fail to see or understand what Akhtar did wrong you must live in a bubble.
      The Deputy Leader of RMBC is-allegedly-supposed to keep his finger on the pulse in order to allow the council leader to concentrate on providing political and strategic direction for the Council.
      Akhtar is also related to the alleged child abuser and he (Akhtar) should have immediately
      discussed this with the council leader and stood down, not wait until Andrew Norfolk published the details.
      Doing the honourable things in life is not rocket science.

      Do you still think “He did what was reasonable”?


  3. Graham, your comment sums up the attitude of most members of the Labour group in Rotherham. You are a disgrace. That is why our town needs shut of Labour. You are a prime example of how morally bankrupt the Rotherham Labour Party has become!


    • What is wrong with the deputy leader helping the police to reunite a girl with her family? There are many reasons why he might have considered not to do so however he did the right thing which is a credit to him. I think people should consider the circumstances and then try walking in his shoes and then ask themselves if they would have done anything different!


      • Again Graham, your comments say it all really! Keep talking. You are just reinforcing people’s already low opinion of how Labour in Rotherham think and behave towards the electorate and innocent child victims of rape and sexual exploitation.


      • Graham,
        you say “There are many reasons why he might have considered not to do so … “.
        Perhaps you might like to list some of those reasons.


      • Read the following article “Why the Labour Party should investigate”. Labour have spent years denying that victims were ignored and perpetrators went free. Here is your Deputy Leader provien to be part of such . It blows the Council’s “hear no evil, see no evil case out of the water.” Your Deputy Leader knew.

        His relative went on to commit further crimes, and what do you think other perpetrators did? Do you honestly believe they turned to god and stopped? No, many are still walking the streets, unpunished and unrepentant.



  4. Failure to see and moreover failure to act, by those in office, is what has allowed this disgusting practice to continue.


  5. Ask the questions:

    Was the Foster Parent allowed to continue fostering after these fact became know?

    Were the Social Workers who oversaw this case reprimanded or disciplined in any way?

    Will the police who failed to apply the law to a sex abuser be reprimanded or disciplined?

    How high up the Police ans Social service chains was the decision to not prosecute taken?

    Has Akhtar acted as a mediator between the Police and suspected criminals in sex grooming on more than this occasion and if so were any prosecutions undertaken?

    When the Council were looking at their response to the Child sex grooming allegations did Akhtar tell them of his experience?

    Now to the ridiculousness of it all:

    Akhtar a man who was involved in a Police operation where they deliberately failed to apply the law is now Rotherham’s representative to the Police and Crime Panel and its vice chairman.

    The role of this committee is ” to examine the actions and decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The Panel will ensure that relevant information is made available to the public so that they can effectively hold the PCC to account”.

    Don’t you just lover the bit about ” ensuring that relevant information is made available to the public”.

    How can he hold the PCC to account when the Police will know that he was actively invoved in a dodgy operation?


  6. How can anyone suggest that Arshid Hussain was distant relative of Akhtar who he hardly knew, when infact at one stage Hussain was living with Ahktar at other times was living next door. Hussain was a known criminal and a thorough bad egg. Is Ahktar so stupid that he was totally oblivious to Hussain’s activities at that time.


  7. @mussy.

    “I dont believe al that mr Akther knew everything”

    Your statement is based on what………………??
    Any evidence to support your theory?


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