Press Release – Rotherham Respect Party

Statement from Rotherham Respect party:  

We are closely following the developments in Rotherham Borough council, which has resulted in the deputy leader of the council temporarily resigning. We expect that the police will be conducting a thorough investigation #peace #justice #equality

Sarah Kiran Mahmood BSc (Hons)
Rotherham Respect Party

21 thoughts on “Press Release – Rotherham Respect Party

  1. Who on earth actually calls himself Anonymous but that’s just my opinion as an individual nevertheless we are living in a democracy or atleast we are supposed to be living in one which gives us all the right to write whatever on earth we wish to. Thank you for the comments 👍


  2. Who puts bsc at the end of there name? Maybe someone that can be bothered to spend time, money, guts, perseverance, hard work and determination to get themselves an education to better themselves…….. Maybe anonymous the down and out good for nothing gutless ill ride on other people’s back cretin should try it?


  3. Pray? I think you will find that several church leaders have been meeting to pray for Rotherham over the last few years and now light is beginning to shine on a few murky places and a few mighty thrones are beginning to topple. coincidence?


  4. As someone that actually ‘gotta degree’ or two but (apart from this instance) doesn’t resort to stating it in ‘posts’ or correspondence to fool people I have intelligence (I haven’t) can I say I refuse to view individuals without degrees in the vulgar manner that some have on here (RothPol); shame on you all.

    Come on ‘It’s just a piece of paper’ and all ‘having a degree’ proves is I (you) do one particular thing quite well – not have a monopoly on what is right or wrong or opinion. Anyway ‘getting a BSC’ wasn’t as hard as working for BSC.

    But I digress – can I just ask ‘Respect’ what they are actually doing within the Asian community to encourage witnesses to come forward with evidence? Surely, considering their valuable work within the community, they have ‘influence’ and could assist those that fear ‘coming forward’ to do so. Come on Respect do it – you will be respected more for it.

    As for the claim that Respect are ‘closely following the developments’, this is not enough – action is needed. I ‘follow’ quite a lot of things closely, ranging from the Sheffield Wednesday football results (heartbreaking), fashions (even more heart breaking at my age) and politics (totally depressing) and more. But lets be frank – ‘following’ changes nothing – only action does.

    Please Respect; let’s see more detail. Like all I want to see the elected and non’ elected members and officials at RMBC (and the senior officers at South Yorkshire Police) answer for their behaviour and ineptitude. But let’s be honest neither’ praying nor ‘following’ will help achieve this. Or for that matter ‘sound bite’ press releases.

    Pray tell me Respect (no pun intended) what are you intending to do; details please. Although thinking on – considering Mr Gallowy’s past comments concerning rape – it all may be just words.


    • SKT Respect is not a party for the asains its for everyone.
      Just because one person says something wrong dont blame whole of the party.
      Everyone is different please your an intelligent person.
      If Miss Mahmood wants to put BSc next to her name she worked for it.
      Look at Mahroof Hussain did nothing and got MBE, which he uses on his twitter account


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