A note of caution on language

Received this from Vakas Hussain, raising an issue as to terminology

Dear Rik,
“I am just writing to inform you of some deeply insulting and extremely homophobic remarks which have been made on your blog. I have only just come across them now whilst browsing your blog. I know that you would not knowingly post such comment/ but because they are in Urdu/Pubjabi I appreciate you will not know what the mean. A great number of posters on your article about the riots in Broom and your article titled: Help Wanted, have used the word, Ghandu or Ghandoos (or various spellings of the word) before referring to various members of the Ghandi family. The word Ghandu translates to meaning Gay. In fact some posters have called themselves Ghandu Haters, which translates as Gay Haters. Now it goes without saying that this is totally and wholly unacceptable. Also where the contributors have used the word Ghandu before referring to then Ghandi family, they have done so as to insult the Ghandi family, by equating being Gay as being something vile or horrible.

As someone with many Gay friends, this vitriol hatred showed toward homosexuals has been upsetting and I know for certain if my gay friends were to see this they would be extremely distraught. As I said, I know your wouldn’t knowing publish such homophobic comments but because they are in another language, and you cannot be expected to know what they mean, it had resulted in the comments being published. I will let you decide how you wish to deal with this but there should be no place for such cruel and vile discrimination of gay people. What’s even more sad is that it now appears that some of your regular Asain/Muslim contributors who are normally well received on your blog have also resorted to using such derogatory and insulting language. 

If you ever need any assistance in translating any Urdu/Pujabi words feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards”

Vakas Hussain

Readers should also read this, Vakas Hussain’s own words, to see if his protestations are without merit. People who live in glass houses, perhaps?

15 thoughts on “A note of caution on language

  1. An unusual coincidence for one of ‘Moofy’s Mafia’ to turn up, just when Jahangir Akhtar and ‘Akhtar’s Army’ are in disarray!,
    Is that because Moofy knows that Asbo is ‘holed below the waterline’?


  2. I’d follow uncle Moofy’s advice and keep well away from this issue. He said keep your head down not jump head first in to it. Moofy was verbally abused the last time he went to the Ghandis and left with an ear full. He doesn’t want any link with them and you stupidly put your head above the parapet. Good luck when he hears about this.


  3. Although I will never desist on my ‘journey for justice’ concerning the fraud and intimidation by some (we all know who) at RMBC and beyond, I can see the point of this thread concerning ‘hate based’ insults instead of debate. Indeed I have said before that the use of such language has led to some of my friends of all political shades (who I recommended the site to) not joining; and for me that only stifles debate – not encourages it.

    Why someone would want to tag themselves as a ‘Gay Hater’ and still expect respect regarding their opinion is beyond my understanding. Similarly if anyone tags themselves as any sort of ‘hater’, I feel they should think deeply. Hate is not only an extremely strong term that many obviously don’t seem to truly comprehend, but it also a term that encourages division; the last thing we need concerning our struggle for justice in ‘The Child Grooming Scandal’

    Sadly ‘Hate’ is a word I hear constantly in Rotherham. People seem to use it about so many things – often trivialities. Having roots in ‘The Province’ (although others called it the ‘Occupied Territories’) and ‘Glasgie’ too, can I just say that I have seen ‘hate based politics’ first hand; and believe me we don’t want to go down that road. No one wins. No one talks. No one debates. No one moves forward. All that happens is both sides (be it Orange or Green) simply become entrenched, close their eyes and ears to everything and see hate as the only things that matters. Do we really to encourage that? Personally I think not and I am glad most have taken that view now.

    To date I think the contributors on RothPol, in the main, have done a good job in helping expose RMBC and all its ills. But if we start descending in to simply posting insults and hate then we degrade ourselves. Not only that we will leave ourselves open to accusations that it is a site for political idiots, and even worse bigots, rather than a site for concerned citizens with a voice that just want fairness and justice.

    By all means disagree with someone; that’s’ life. But please don’t resort to insulting ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religious conviction or anyone’s background for that matter. It lesson the argument and helps loose focus.

    Finally, if as stated ‘Ghandu Hater’ is an insult it should stop now. No ifs; no buts. It should stop now. I’m sure there are a lot of other (rabble not rebel) sites where it can be used to denigrate but surely not on here.

    Hugs and kisses to you all as always

    SKT xxx

    (A girl with ‘real knife’ wounds to prove hate doesn’t work)

    PS: Radio Sheffield’s ‘Asian Air’ 25.08.13 had the most honest live debate on the ‘Grooming Scandal’ I have heard to date. If anyone can get a link please do so. It shows ‘we all are’ outraged by the Grooming Scandal.


  4. Maybe Vakas thinks he has a chance at a future political career and is collecting sound bites and comments he can point to when the time comes. Don’t worry about the future Vakas we’ll always be around to put the wider community straight on your intentions.


    • I agree-Anon, the reason the asbo and moofy were elected was due to the innocence of our elders they got there votes.
      The next generation are educated and want the best for rotherham with no hidden agendas.
      Your uncle divided the community, we will unite.
      Dont even dream of standing as a councillor in Rotherham moofy was enough.
      Your a chicken and same advise for your brother mubheen hussain who is a cock(as a rooster). U dont need to translate am sure Rothpol is well educated.


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