A week is a long time in politics!

This piece surely demonstrates that Harold Wilson was right to coin the term, a week is a long time in politics?:

“I’ve now had three different people telling my that Akhtar’s going around saying that next year he will become Leader of the Council, that is replacing the not so artful Dodger.

His confidence is such that he is even offering deals and bragging about how he can help people if they support him.

What is interesting is that the Dodger doesn’t stand for re-election in 2014, meaning that he would be standing down while still a sitting Councillor.

There are three possible explanations for Akhtar’s confidence.

1.He can’t count and thinks the Dodger goes out next year

2.Akhtar is just a loud mouth braggart who likes to go around saying how important he is.

3.There is deal going on, with the Dodger having a succession agreement to have Akhtar as his replacement. This appears unlikely given how much mutual dislike  they show behind each other’s backs. But most have always been surprised at how the Dodger has helped Akhtar despite this clear antipathy. Maybe there are wheels within wheels.

This is of course something of horror for the average resident of Rotherham and especially those who he feels haven’t given him their full support.

Rothpol missed publishing this little thought provoking piece, it seems somehow appropriate to bring it to readers now.

“There is one obvious way to stop him; don’t elect him in 2014 – please someone come up with a decent candidate? My hope would be someone else from the Pakistani community.

The only other hope is that some of the many allegations made against him are proven to be true.

We should establish a “Save Rotherham from Asbo Campaign “

To help with the campaign, all info  into Akhtars are appreciated.”


2 thoughts on “A week is a long time in politics!

  1. When asbo was elected as deputy leader 5 people were elected including asbo.
    Asbo payed two of these people to stand down.
    The other 2 were reluctant to step down, his father roger stone and other contacts persuided the other two to step down cash deal was done.
    The only person left was asbo to be a deputy leader.


  2. Harold Wilson also said the world does not owe Britain a living. Which of course is true. It is surely equally true to say that Britain does not owe the world the right of abode within its shores! It is “our human right” to say no, but of course we were never asked were we? Arrogant, elitist politicians, and the spiv boss class bypassed the British people when they decided to make our countryinto a multi-racial / multi-cultural one!
    This is not racist but the truth and plain common sense. Whatever race he was Asbo would be a despicable, unprincipled rogue who should not be anywhere near Rotherham council! A concerted effort by all concerned should be made to get him off our council, I am willing to do whatever it takes, provided it is legal, to get rid of him!


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