Witnesses wanted!

“It has been alleged, a senior figure within the local Pakistani community had sex with a 12 year old Pakistani girl. When the child’s father, a taxi driver, discovered what was happening he confronted the perpetrator who became very angry. The perpetrator then made a big show of beating him up in front of other taxi drivers to act as a warning.

If true this cannot be allowed continue.

If there is anyone who can either verify that this story or even expand on it t then they must contribute and tell the truth.”

Wil Ewart

3 thoughts on “Witnesses wanted!

  1. What is meant by senior? In the political, religious, “well-known” or age sense

    Just for clarity I’ve not heard this rumour or anything around it. Truly abhorrent if true though and a matter for the police, not any “leader” within a “community.”


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