Less important than an escaped parrot!

This came in as a comment, Rothpol thought it was just too important to be missed:

“Still no comment from any Labour representatives!

If they think this will go away they are mistaken. Their silence is deafening.

What are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of?

Maybe they are afraid of losing their place at the trough.

Are their bulging salaries more important than the people/children that they are supposed to represent?

Have they been ordered into silence by Stone? Are they afraid of him? Maybe our elected Councillors agree with the advertiser and deem it less important of an issue than an escaped parrot!”

9 thoughts on “Less important than an escaped parrot!

  1. Labour Group, a bunch of lily livered, incompetent lickspittles, for the most part and all have about as much of a backbone, as the average slug!
    How can they remain silent?
    They are all complicit! That’s why! This is much more than a tale of incompetence, it is a tale of deliberate and calculated inaction. The Labour Councillors have much to be ashamed of!


  2. The silence from advertiser is a disgrace.
    Its a shadow of its former self that used to be inveztigative and hold the council to account and spesk up on behalf of the town.
    What about the journalism code?

    Come on Mr Editor get somelead in that pencil.

    What are you afraid off….spill the beans.

    Young people have been molested raped
    gang raped been plied with booze and drugs.

    We expect this from the coucil in dereliction of duties.
    MPs are silent too hoping it soon blows over.
    The national party are cowering away from tackling the rotherham shame and being tough.

    The police have failed and seem to have been in cahoots with the authorites. Due to the incestuous relationship.


    • Fellow citizens
      Yes these are young kids.being raped.

      Vulnerable people being abused.

      How would we/they feel if they were our own kids or grandkids……

      For evil to triumph takes good men to say nowt and do nowt.

      This proud town urges you to hold elected members and officials who turned the otber way to account.


  3. Still no comment from the Labour MPs or Councillors. No report or even mention of the biggest news item locally for years from the Advertiser online. Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace! Your silence makes you complicit in the attempt to gag, silence the victims.


    • Probably the biggest scandal to hit a Yorkshire Council in Labour’s history!

      This cesspit of corruption must be drained.

      If no one will do it for us then we must do it!


      • How. The people of Rotherham should be outraged by this and action has to be taken. Once again, however, we will end up sitting back. Where has the national media gone. Last Thursday night they were outside the council offices but now nothing.


  4. At last, national press throw their weight behind the victims…..major interview on Radio 5 live. Victim calls for the resignation of police and council leaders.


  5. Taken from the feeble excuse for journalism on Advertiser website;
    Police Commissioner Shaun Wright said: “The allegations about the way in which various agencies failed to adequately combat child sexual exploitation and protect vulnerable victims 14 years ago concerns me deeply.

    “I will be seeking assurances from the Chief Constable and other agencies that all allegations of such crimes are thoroughly investigated and victims are fully supported.’

    Has this man got a serious case of self delusion, memory loss, self denial? Mr Wright, you were in charge of this crowd when all this was happening! Therefore you cannot be impartial, RESIGN!


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