Systemic Failure! Systematic ‘blind eye’ more like?

Another reader contributed piece from a no publicity box ticked source:

“Martin Kimber CEO of the Council admitted and apologised to Parliament for Rotherham Council’s abysmal failings in the protection of children from sexual abuse. He described the failings as “systemic” within Rotherham Council.

Meaning that these failings were so common in the Council that they could be considered a part of the Council’s system.

Kimber was using weasel words aimed probably at protecting those who made bad bad decisions. It also was part of his effort to get round the problem of Councilor involvement in key decisions to cover up.

So using systemic was a fudge, meaning everone wqas involved so no one can be disciplined and there needn’t be an enquiry.

Akhter was later asked on several occasions in both Labour Party and Asian community meetings what was meant by the word “systemic”.

He stated that the word “systemic” , when used by Kimber meant something that happens everywhere in the world and no one can do anything about. He tried to deny that Kimber was even talking about Rotherham when he used the word.

Twice I saw him taken to task about his incorrect definition, and he made a mumbled , systematic acceptance of these corrections.

 Yet he still continued in later meetings and discussions with individuals to mislead and use this inaccurate definition. In essence he was deceiving to protect the Council and thereby himself.”

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