Joe writes to Kevin

Below is my email to my MP Kevin Barron calling on him to raise the issue of an independent investigation into CSE in Rotherham. I would like to urge you all to send a similar email to your MP’s, remember their primary role is supposed to be to represent the interests of their constituents. If we all apply pressure united we may just get the answers we all demand!

Dear sir,
As I’m sure you are aware the deputy leader of RMBC, cllr Akhtar has temporarily resigned, due to the times newspapers report exposing his knowledge of a young girl being abused in Rotherham over a number of years. This was an accusation that was always strongly denied, as has been all knowledge of child abuse by RMBC cllr’s. It is common knowledge in Rotherham that this is not the case. There are several cllr’s who missed many opportunities to protect these young girls, this is highlighted by the fact that 8 victims have now started legal action against RMBC. Yet still all those responsible remain in their posts and shaun wright has gone on to be the new PCC despite his central role in this scandal. A full inquiry is undoubtedly required into the actions of RMBC and SYPD and I’m certain that there are criminal cases to answer in many cases. However, due to former cllr Wright now being the PCC it is clearly inappropriate for SYPD to carry out this investigation. So will you back the calls of your constituents for an independent inquiry? As our MP I strongly feel this is an issue you have a duty to raise in the commons.

I eagerly await your reply.

J D Robinson
MTC councillor.

5 thoughts on “Joe writes to Kevin

  1. I doubt if Mr Barron will even open this email never mind do anything. His daughter, Amy Rushforth, is still silent on this matter too. This despite being on the scrutiny panel for children’s services for the best part of a decade. She did nothing then, why would we expect anything from this family now? Their family has done well off the backs of the Rotherham people but ask them to do something for them and hey, career and finances first, vulnerable children second!


    • I totally agree curious citizen. Amy Rushforth/Barron is nothing but a career politican, groomed to succeed her father. As iv previously stated, my own research says that her attendance to the scrutiny panel was around a deplorable 32 percent during the CSE period. If she can’t even be bothered to attend how can she possibly be expected to carry out her duty to the people. All that panel means to Rushforth and co is another 1000 pounds on their paychecks!


  2. How does someone actually get on the scrutiny panels. Is it within the job description that you must A) be open to corruption B) you are willing to be complicit in any cover up C) you have lost the power of speach.
    I assume any honest and hardworking Rotherham people need not apply.


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