Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana Ahmed adds her voice to Jahangir Akhtars

Seems this old story is now of contemporary relevance.

Rotherham Politics

Last night Borough Councillor Shabana Ahmed broke cover to bring us this statement:

“I wasn’t intending to comment publicly this early in my political position but since my name has been mentioned along with the other women Cllrs I feel I need to make my position clear. 

As a mother myself I am horrified at some of the cases in the media and also the recent case of child exploitation in Rotherham.

As someone who has worked with children and families for the last 15 years I know only too well the devastating effects of sexual exploitation especially against  children.

 I am on the  Improving Lives Overview and Scrutiny Select Commission
and although I am a new member I will be making absolutely sure that we are doing everything possible to protect our children and that we are not only implementing all the recommendations of the serious case review as…

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7 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Disgrace – Shabana Ahmed adds her voice to Jahangir Akhtars

  1. I will never listen to what she has to say she is a disgrace to all community’s she’s too busy shacked up whith asbo akhtar on the weekends in hotels complete filth


  2. So what exactly was the point in Shabana thinking she had something of value to say or that we would appreciate it?

    First if all, she took 207 words over 5 paragraphs which consisted of only 5 sentences to try and offer her view.

    Not a comma or full stop anywhere to make sense of her long and garbled rhetoric. Yes Shabana, it was pure rhetoric. Just words with very little meaning and even less action from a councillor.

    Quite frankly, she shouldn’t have wasted her time or ours. Just who does she think she is?


  3. Well Shabana I have just read your twaddle. There is nothing you can say or do that will redeem you in anyone’s eyes. Basically your silence and lack of action has sealed your ‘career’ – I would quit now before you are forced out.

    Also if what everyone is currently writing about you and Asbo Akhtar is true then you deserve the contempt currently being shown to you. If however you are innocent and are being wronged then why are you so silent?


  4. How digusting you all are, slandering someone like this, leave her alone you have no shame especially those of you who call youself Muslims, you have wives and daughers and twiice shame on you if you are a woman writing these comments


    • Slandering? Only if untrue. Not a single denial from Jahangir Akhtar or Shabana Ahmed, has been offered! Not confirmation, I know, but the testimony from witnesses does, at least, ‘on the balance of probabilities’.

      The shame should be shared equally between Jahangir and Shabana, don’t think anyone here has done anything to reproach themselves for.

      Jahangir Akhtar has threatened to sue Andrew Norfolk and the Times newspaper for defamation, this is unlikely to happen and if it did, Jahangir Akhtar would end up being ruined financially!

      Should you wish to comment further, please register your identity with Rotherham Politics, in line with our comment policy, thanks Rothpol.


    • @ Masborough resident.

      You have confirmed you do not think Shabana Ahmed has done or said anything wrong.
      Had you spent time doing a little bit more research before posting-under an assumed name-you would not have made such a fool of yourself.
      Rik: Has the Troll door been left open?


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