Caven Vines writes to Jason Harwin

Cllr Caven Vines
26th August 2013
For the attention of Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin
Re Alleged Child Grooming In Rotherham

Dear Chief Superintendent Harwin
With the revelations in the Times newspaper Reported by Mr Andrew Norfolk regarding the alleged involvement of “Arshid Hussain” in the case of Child Grooming and Under Aged sex with a 14 year old girl in the care of Rotherham Borough Councils Social Services.
I as an Elected Member of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have a duty to the Electorate of Rotherham to Represent them, now demand that South Yorkshire Police now have a duty to carry out a full investigation into this allegation to ascertain if the allegations are true and have substance.
If the allegations prove to have substance and be true bring criminal charges to the accused and any other person or persons who may have had knowledge or any involvement of this crime and failed to report it and covered it up in any way. Anyone found to have had a duty by profession or otherwise in not protecting this young girl or others in a similar position should be charged and prosecuted.
The silence by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough council, South Yorkshire police and the Police commissionaire in such cases as gone on too long and we now demand  answers and action to rid our streets of such perpetrator’s so our children are  being protected.
I now await your response to my demands as an Elected Representative of the Tax payers of Rotherham, to bringing these perpetrators to justice.
Yours Faithfully

Cllr Caven Vines
Rawmarsh Ward, RMBC
Copy’s to  S.Y Police Commissionaire  and Chief Constable SYP

6 thoughts on “Caven Vines writes to Jason Harwin

  1. I have emailed my mp John Healey with my disgust at the councils lack of interest to the child exploitation issue. I urge more rothpol readers to do the same. Let’s see if our mp’s actually care about the feelings of Rotherham people on this issue. I wonder what responses we’ll get.


  2. Pass me the bucket.

    Cavan is niave if he feels this police force can conduct the investigation. Turkeys dont vote for xmas. Not forgeting the PCC and the old pals network so rife.

    Remember hillsbro


  3. Well done Caven.
    The only councillor so far to put pen to paper and ask the Police to investigate. If Ch.Supt. Harwin refuses to act then we will all know where his sympathies lie.
    By establishing a paper trail Caven will have evidence of just who is and who is not complicit in covering up CSE in Rotherham.
    To paraphrase; A cunning plan Sir.


  4. can you explain to people in Rawmarsh, Cavin Vines why you want immigration out and if you want immigration out what have you done to get immigration out?


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