Jessica calls for resignations

Jessica one of the victims on grooming and sexual exploitation has called for resignations of those complicit in covering up her abuse on BBC Radio 5 this morning :

bbc_radio_five_liveThis is the link to the broadcast.


5 thoughts on “Jessica calls for resignations

  1. Any thoughts of Akhtar returning to office after this has surely just been blown out of the water! The fact that the girl stated that she had to go to the media because there was no other way to be heard or to prompt action is a sorry state of affairs. The council again threw up the smoke screen of an inquiry. It is clear that they are buying time and are desperately looking for a way out again! Shaun Wright has to go if there is to be a true and thorough investigation. The way the council cabinet are behaving at the moment is a disgrace, tweeting about non events, posting jovial comments…more importantly, where are our MPs? This is truly a Rotten Borough! Thank you Rotherham Labour Party for ruining the reputation of Rotherham…Is there one member with their moral compass intact? If there is, come forward and speak out!


  2. SYP are contacted in March and Hussain remains at large, Jessica and the other victims need justice, not empty weasel words from SYP and RMBC.

    A really horrific experience, hopefully more victims will contact Andrew Norfolk.


  3. If Akhtar knew his 24 year old relation was having sex with a 14 year old girl over a lohg period of time and did nothing about it – irrespective of whether he was councillor or not at that time – then that surely makes him complicit in a crime and would he not have aided and abetted a criminal offence? If that is so then there should be no way back for him and he should be finished as a Rotherham Councillor!


  4. All praise to ‘Jessica’ for the way she brought this horrific story into the open. It is a very sad state of affairs when a young victim of sexual abuse is faced with walls of obstruction and silence from her local council and has to involve the national press to make sure her story receives the wider coverage it deserves.
    Only by using sites such as this and other electronic media can we ever hope to bring pressure on the incompetents and obstuctionists who have ruined not only this young girl’s life but the very town they allege to represent.


  5. The PCC should by rights demand the scalp of the chief constable. Any decent man would have resigned in the light of these on – going revelations. The intransigence brings the entire establishment : police, council, church, local ‘journalists’ further into disrepute day and daily.


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