Piggies 1 – Services 0

Wil Ewart puts forward this money saving scheme, two birds with one Stone, perhaps?

“The 2011 Census identified the population of Rotherham as 257,600 and to represent us there are 63 councillors. Doncaster has 288,854 people (31,254 or 12% more) and had the same number of Councillors.


Donny Council has just voted to reduce the number by 9, to 54. And have calculated that this will save them £250,000 every year.


Were Rotherham to have the same ratio of Councillors to head of population (5400 to 1 Cllr) we would then have only 48 Councillors.


The system I’ve used to calculate the savings is based on Doncaster’s where the average cost to the public purse is approx. £27000. If this seems like a lot remember their extras and the costs of administration.


So if we replicated Doncaster we’d have 15 fewer Councillors. At £27000 per Councillor this would be a saving of £405,000.


As I write this I note that the figures may not align with the Council’s own estimate of the costs of Councillor, yet somehow I trust the Doncaster number more. I can’t think why.


With £405,000 extra we could afford an independent enquiry into why our council and police were so awful in tackling Child Sex Grooming and still have fair amount of cash left to improve services.”


5 thoughts on “Piggies 1 – Services 0

  1. Thanks Will for the logical and justifiable summary of suggesting that RMBC reduce its councillors and be able to pay for an Inquiry.

    Now when has RMBC and its ‘big suits and skirts’ ever used and applied logic or managed to justify their existence? Never! They continue to bury their heads in the sand and think everything ( and everyone) will go away. Well it won’t.

    Just like Shaun Wright (on behalf of an historically incompetent police force) and who is now bleating on about justice regarding those who rape children and the care of such victims. He has forgotten his distrastrous reputation and role in all of this.

    Momentum is gathering speed and events are likely to take over ensuring that this Rotten Borough and its ‘big suit and skirts’ who trough on fantastic salaries are removed.

    After all Chief Executive Martin Kimber made public the ‘systemic failures’ of RMBC; its culture is rotten through and through and not restricted to Social Services as we have seen all too often.

    ‘Systemic’ is common language amongst professional leaders and it means at every level from top to bottom. What an indictment.

    I for one, am waiting with my ring side ticket waiting to watch the removal of such incompetence and corruption in order that my home town can be made proud and decent. Instead of the national laughing stock that it has become.

    Finally, roll on the re opening of the Hillsborough disaster and justice for all of those who died unecessarily at the hands of South Yorkshire Police.


  2. This council has continued to privatise and outsource services and jobs. Palming off onto others. Therefore cllrs got less and less responsibility. Making their jobs redundant.

    Less jobs = less cllrs= more savings

    Time cllrs took some pain not personal gain


  3. Whilst I agree with Will’s analysis I doubt very much the Sheople who have ruined Rotherham’s reputation will willingly give up their places at the trough.
    Labour councillors voting to make themselves redundant?? I wish.


  4. I have just read a book about the Titanic which concludes with a letter to the press from American admiral Mahan regarding the defence of Bruce Ismay at an enquiry into the disaster. Ismay, Chair of the shipping line who owned the vessel had justified saving himself from death while 1490 passengers and crew perished. It’s worth quoting:

    “We should be careful not to pervert standards. Witnesses (say the disaster) is due to the system. What is a system, except that which individuals have made it and keep it? Whatever weakens the sense of individual responsibility is harmful, and so likewise is all condonation (sic) of failure of the individual to meet his responsibility.”

    Seems like self justifying management crap was around 100 years ago.


  5. The population of Rotherham is only about 120K, the rest of us were dragged into a borough and don’t class ourselves as living in Rotherham. I would prefer to move back into the old Kiveton rural district, where our money was far better spent and service provision more widely spread and fairer.. P.S. I hope you have all written to your M.P. expressing the concern at our war mongering government.


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