Sarah’s response to Caven

This is Sarah champion MPs answer to me regarding child grooming
After I asked he to put political difference to one side and back my letter to SYP

—–Original Message—–
From: Cavenvines <>
To: CHAMPION, Sarah <>
Sent: Tue, Aug 27, 2013 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: Child abuse

Thank you Sarah
But I do think we should be asking for another police force to investigate as
South Yorkshire police and police commissionaire are to close and involved in
this and is a conflict of interest
We also need a public enquiry into the cover up over the past 14 years
I hope you agree and will pursue this course of action as our elected MP
Best Regards
Cllr Caven Vines

On 27 Aug 2013, at 22:00, “CHAMPION, Sarah” <>

Dear Caven

I completely agree with you that protecting children must alway come above any
political agenda and I have been appalled that some politicians have not adhered
to this. I am more than happy to work with you, indeed any elected member, to
this end.

My understanding is that that the police are currently investigating all
historical crimes of child sexual exploitation and they are also investigating
in allegations in The Times that involve the RMBC Deputy Leader.  This is all in
addition to the work currently underway to prevent abuse, protect children and
secure prosecutions in relation to this crime.

Since elected,  I have made it my concern to scrutinise the police, RMBC and a
number of voluntary organisation to make sure they are doing all they can to
prevent further cases of child exploitation, and to gain prosecutions when
possible.  I will continue to do this. I am also currently working with
Barnardos to set up a cross party inquiry into the sexual offences act to make
sure it offers the maximum protection to children we need it to.  If it does
not, I will be trying to change the law to make sure it does.

Yours sincerely


Sarah Champion
Member of Parliament for Rotherham
01709 331035

Note: Sarah Champion, Mahroof Hussain and Joyce Thacker have one thing in common, they are all Common Purpose Graduates.

9 thoughts on “Sarah’s response to Caven

  1. How do you find out if someone’s part of the common purpose and does anyone no of an email or contact for andrew norfolk pls,could really do with his help.


  2. “Since elected, I have made it my concern to scrutinise the police, RMBC and a
    number of voluntary organisation to make sure they are doing all they can to
    prevent further cases of child exploitation, and to gain prosecutions when

    I’m supposed to believe this?
    She hasn’t put much scrutiny into RMBC otherwise this sordid story would have been exposed a lot sooner.
    What sort of scrutiny has she given to Shaun Wright?
    What sort of scrutiny has she given to Akhtar Janghir?

    Good luck with this type of ‘cooperation’ Caven.


  3. Sarah Champion is a real lightweight and I doubt she will change in her role as MP. She is not showing any evidence of beginning to make a difference in any way.

    Worse still, she looks decidedly uncomfortable when sitting in Parliament and offers (and challenges) nothing to debates.

    Suddenly, after pressure from Andrew Norfolk regarding RMBC’s blatant failings regarding Child Rape, she is bleating support like Shaun Wright.

    Up until now, like her Labour buddies, she said and did nothing. Don’t kid yourself Sarah you have absolutely no credibility as an MP and especially as the representative of Rotherham people.

    Know when you are out of your depth as it will ease your fall.


  4. Re finding out if someone is in Common Purpose. I am – or am I?. Or maybe i just attended a very boring course that talked about how to fill referral forms in. I didn’t see any politicians. Conspiracy maybe?

    Maybe it would be a good idea for Caven to meet with Sarah. I know I’m going to see her. I will reserve judgement until then. And as always I will be honest when i report back.

    skt xxxx


  5. The resignation of Akhtar seems to have caused a flurry of activity amongst some of his most closest allies who will no doubt lose out the most with him going. Who are these people readers may be wondering who the murkey people are. Therefore let me enlighten you.

    Shakeel of the Qataari family: As most on here know Akhtar and Moofy are barely on speaking terms. There show if unity in public is all PR. Therefore Shakeel was the intermediary to these two. Shakeel likes to refer to himself as the “future councillor”. When it became apparent moofy was going for the MP seat, Aktar and Shakeel were already making plans for him to be the labour candidate in Boston Castle. However those plan came to nothing when moofy was snubbed. I have heard after speaking to a few relatives of the “future councillor” that Akhtar is lining him up to replace him if the resignation become permanent NOT his son Azzizum. As you would expect Azzizum is rather cheesed of with this and has had a huge falling out with Akhtar. The thinking behind Shakeel getting the nod is that Akhtar thinks Azzizum will have to much negative publicity because of his (Akhtar’s) action so now is not the best time to launch his political career. Shakeel is deemed to be a safe pair of hands to carry on Akhtars legacy. Anyone who knows Shakeel, knows he cant string two sentences of English together never mind write any thing half decent. Also he’s another one whos is closely linked to the grooming scandal because two of his first cousins were the gang leaders who were convicted a few years ago. I wonder how much he knew about grooming and what his role was in keeping silent. This man MUST NOT be elected as councillor or the Pakistani community will suffer a great deal. 1 Akhtar is enough, another clone is NOT wanted.

    Saghir Alam the high flying solicitor: This is some one else who stands to lose a lot from Akhtars down fall. This guy is one of the main men at Ridge Road mosque is there representative on the Council of Mosques committee. He also works closely with a number of other local community organizations and the police. Ever wondered how that mosque got planning permission when the road is so narrow and got so many residents complaint. Its an absolute nightmare to driver past when the mosque is in use. Well I bet this man knows exactly how and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few backdoor deals made. Also one of his nephews was arrested for grooming, but no charges were brought against him. Exact replica for the Arshad Hussain case. I wonder if he used his close friendship with Akhtar and his own links with the police to make another deal not prosecute a potential groomer?? Surely something for Andrew Norfolk to investigate and expose.

    Tariq Sadiq the Hackney drivers association chairman: This guys was put in charge of the Hackeys by Akhtar. With his daddy now nearly gone I wonder how hes going to deal with the possible revolution about to happen with the Hackney drivers when the promised new ranks come to nothing. He also happens to be Saj ten bellies close mate. Also the man has 3 wives. Last time I checked this is Britain and not Saudi Arabia and having more than one wife is a criminal offence.

    I wonder how things will work out for these three of Akhtars most trusted men. These men were the reason Akhtar was able to get away with so much. Well now that their daddy has been exposed its there turn now

    P.S The editor of this blog can post this as an article if they wish because its very very important people know about Akhtar and his cronies.


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