Jockeying for position?

Too good to miss:

“The resignation of Akhtar seems to have caused a flurry of activity amongst some of his most closest allies who will no doubt lose out the most with him going. Who are these people readers may be wondering who the murkey people are. Therefore let me enlighten you.

Shakeel of the Qataari family: As most on here know Akhtar and Moofy are barely on speaking terms. There show if unity in public is all PR. Therefore Shakeel was the intermediary to these two. Shakeel likes to refer to himself as the “future councillor”. When it became apparent moofy was going for the MP seat, Aktar and Shakeel were already making plans for him to be the labour candidate in Boston Castle. However those plan came to nothing when moofy was snubbed. I have heard after speaking to a few relatives of the “future councillor” that Akhtar is lining him up to replace him if the resignation become permanent NOT his son Azzizum. As you would expect Azzizum is rather cheesed of with this and has had a huge falling out with Akhtar. The thinking behind Shakeel getting the nod is that Akhtar thinks Azzizum will have to much negative publicity because of his (Akhtar’s) action so now is not the best time to launch his political career. Shakeel is deemed to be a safe pair of hands to carry on Akhtars legacy. Anyone who knows Shakeel, knows he cant string two sentences of English together never mind write any thing half decent. Also he’s another one whos is closely linked to the grooming scandal because two of his first cousins were the gang leaders who were convicted a few years ago. I wonder how much he knew about grooming and what his role was in keeping silent. This man MUST NOT be elected as councillor or the Pakistani community will suffer a great deal. 1 Akhtar is enough, another clone is NOT wanted.

Saghir Alam the high flying solicitor: This is some one else who stands to lose a lot from Akhtars down fall. This guy is one of the main men at Ridge Road mosque is there representative on the Council of Mosques committee. He also works closely with a number of other local community organizations and the police. Ever wondered how that mosque got planning permission when the road is so narrow and got so many residents complaint. Its an absolute nightmare to driver past when the mosque is in use. Well I bet this man knows exactly how and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few backdoor deals made. Also one of his nephews was arrested for grooming, but no charges were brought against him. Exact replica for the Arshad Hussain case. I wonder if he used his close friendship with Akhtar and his own links with the police to make another deal not prosecute a potential groomer?? Surely something for Andrew Norfolk to investigate and expose.

Tariq Sadiq the Hackney drivers association chairman: This guys was put in charge of the Hackeys by Akhtar. With his daddy now nearly gone I wonder how he is going to deal with the possible revolution about to happen with the Hackney drivers when the promised new ranks come to nothing. He also happens to be Saj ten bellies close mate. Also the man has 3 wives. Last time I checked this is Britain and not Saudi Arabia and having more than one wife is a criminal offence.

I wonder how things will work out for these three of Akhtar’s most trusted men. These men were the reason Akhtar was able to get away with so much. Well now that their daddy has been exposed its their turn now.”

Akhtars unknown nemesis

There are elements to this and to at least one of the comments that have been the subject of challenge as to accuracy. Expect to bring readers clarification as soon as Rothpol has it!

Statement from Abdul Ghani published below as a comment.

34 thoughts on “Jockeying for position?

  1. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    The cocky comment from Cllr Ahktar in the Rotherham Advertiser ‘Inquiry will conclude I have done nothing of a criminal nature’

    It may not be criminal but it stinks!

    Sounds like he has already written the report, so much for an investigation.

    He will be back very soon, with an arrogant swagger and an even bigger ego.

    For me he has no moral compass and no place in public office.


  2. I seem to remember Shakeel asking me to vote conservative in a local election a few years ago, because his uncle, Mr Suleman was the candidate for them. Mr Suleman was the chair of the Yorkshire Trust organisation, that was forced to close due to lack of funding. Prior to this Mr Suleman had been a labour member for many years. I think Shakeel needs to confirm which party his loyalty is with, if any. These guys are not in it for the policies or the morals. They are only after the power, the title & the position.


    • Cmon Its Not confined to just asians.

      Look at all the cllrs for collector of titles and place at the troff and not much in return for people.


    • thanks…I am a great Akhtar critic and think he should be removed form the Town’s political life…but can we be sure that it is our Asbo, and not someone imitating him? After all he would love a mistake to be made so that he can criticize RothPol.

      If it is Asbo defending this man, who is clearly a head banger, then again it brings his judgement into serious, serious question. Also his attitude towards women, who seem to get the special bile of Said Omar Mohammed


      • Will,
        I would never trust anything I read in a blog that has only one entry.
        Maybe Yvonne Ridley could tell us if the comment attributed to her, was actually made by her, and if so how she happened to find that one blog in millions.


  3. This is an excellent point by Akhtars unknown nemesis. Also following from the The One let me give you a little insight about the Qatari family. They are probably the largest Asian family in Rotherham and also one of the most richest. Most of them are millionaires, live in huge houses and drive really flash cars. But they also have a very backward Pakistan style mindset. In Pakistan those with lots of money also hold political power. The Qatari want same here to. They tried for years with the labour but failed. As The One said Mr Suleman was with Labour for years now conservative. Shakeel is still with labour. Mohammad Mebhan who with the lib dem candidate against moofy is also a Qatari and during the MP election half the Qatari family joined Respect Party. These people don’t care about any party just about themselves. Also you see how this family only stand candidate in Asain areas? They no they can’t get the white English vote because they can’t even speak English. This is bad for community relations in Rotherham because they will divide Asian and non Asian. This cannot happen. Thanks to Akhtars unknown nemsis it all make sense. If akhtar can get a qatari (shakeel) elected he will automatically have the support of the biggest and richest asian family. this make sense because when his sons stands as councillors he can rely on this family support. I am a member of the Respect Party and I want to urge people like Sarah Kiran Mahmood who are in charge of respect party, not to associate with this power hungry, disloyal bunch of Aktars joeys. They dont care about respect party just their name and status. just We want to clean Rotherham up not fill it up with more of Akhtars rubbish. They will kill respect. Keep then away for Rotherham politics.


    • Someone has mentioned Qataris have got a backward pakistani mind set let me remind you there will be some very tough candidates coming forward with a vision and high standards from Qatar and very hardworking


      • I think the comment by Qatari Leader proves all the other posts by Akhtars unknown nemesis and the rest. All these Asbo’s chums want is one of their own to become a poxy councillor. As for hard working. Well let’s have a look at how hardworking the Qataris are:
        Qataris convicted of grooming
        Qatari convicted of rape
        Qataris convicted of sham marriages
        Qataris knows for making millions bootlegging booze
        Qataris convicted for hijacking cigarette lorries.
        Sure the Qatari have been working hard but not in the sense that most people would think!!


      • Now I am confused!
        I thought that the discussion had been about a family, living in Rotherham, who originally came from Pakistan and whose family name is Qataari.
        Whilst you, Mr ‘Qatar leader’, seem to be referring to people from the Gulf State of Qatar, who definitely do not have a “backward Pakistani mind”.
        I used to get similarly confused with:


      • So come on Qatar leader please tell us:

        Which party do you belong to? What are your political beliefs? What are you programmes and policies?

        What other than arrogance that somehow because of your family you are chosen to lead us, will you do for us electors?

        How will you unite asian and white communities? How will you get young people back to worK?

        How will you communicate with all communties, the media and government.

        What is your policy on resolving the historic problems of child sex grooming?

        This is Rothpolitics, famous for printing almost any old twaddle (sorry Rik, a joke), so here is you chance..Tell us what will you will do for the people of Rotherham?



      • Community cohesion is the main key, promoting Rotherham’s Multicultural Communities and breaking down barriers is the vision. Building One Nation of Rotherham People. Supporting all young people to gain skills by bringing in more funding. Talent Match Funding is on its way. Getting NEETS to progress and take the opportunities. More funding for Youth Clubs in deprived areas. More food banks in local communities. All agencies to work together. Encouraging more businesses to take on Young People.


  4. lets be honest respect have no vision 5 councilors have resigned from Bradford and George is moving on to become Mayor of London. Respect have no decent candidates in Rotherham. If the Party rep goes to the local Job Centre they might find a couple if they give free food away


  5. @respect voter. You clearly are not a respect voter, you have shown just how much of a slime ball you are & would never admit which party you follow. The respect party is still pretty new in rotherham & is still trying to find its feet here. Slimey as*ho*l*s like you want to knock them down without giving them a chance. You’re writing about their supporters ie qataaris/ghanis telling respect not to have such people supporting them, when they need all the support they can get. You’ve already shown how upset you are that there are millionaires in the qataari family; maybe they’ve worked hard & earned it. As for trying to bring a charity into disrepute, well that’s just a new low, something a specialist slime would do. Why would you be upset that someone is doing charity work. If its a registered UK charity it must be making yearly declarations of account & other information. I would like to guess at you being a really slimey jerk, maybe an ASBO Akhtar, a member of the moofy mafia, or a ten bellies bostan or how about you’re the one and only slime…. Choota Charlie Azar Afsar!!!

    It would be good to see you come out & confirm who you really are, then the qataaris & Mr Ghani/Rasab can confirm your information.


  6. Dear Rothpol,

    It has come to our attention that a comment on one of your blogs has deemed our charity to be fraudulent. We are a UK Registered charity (1129300) & have a sister organisation in Pakistan registered charity (6943). We are a relatively small scale charity that concentrate our efforts on the upkeep & quality control of a hospital in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan (Karam Elahi Memorialt Hospital). Which is administered & run by the Pakistan registered sister organisation with the same name, Karam Elahi Memorial Trust. This is a hospital that specialises in free eye treatment to all the people in & around the remote areas surrounding the hospital, including completely free cataract removal surgery.
    We request you to kindly remove the comment left by “respect voter” on your blog named “jockeying for position”. The information given in this comment is untrue & we feel it is offensive, as we are a non-profit & non-salary based charity. Our trustees are all of a professional background & help run the charity on a voluntary basis. No one is on any salary or wage & even the basic office keeping/stationary is mainly donated by the trustees & volunteers.
    False advertising like this would tarnish the reputation of a registered charity, that is striving to provide a service to poor & needy in vulnerable communities of Azad Kashmr. We appreciate your stance as a political website, but we would like to stress that we are a non-political organisation & would aspire to remain unpolitical in all cases.
    We understand that you have met the Cheif Executive of the trust, Nadeem Tariq (aka Jimmy), who has given you a dvd containing footage of one of the charities eye operation projects out in Kashmir at the Karam Elahi Memorial Hospital. Please remove this at your earliest convenience.
    If you require further information on the Karam Elahi Memorial Trust, please contact us so we can resolve any further complications.

    Thank you for your assistance In this matter.

    For & on behalf of the trustees of Karam Elahi Memorial Trust UK


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