Vakas’s Machinations!

Just heard Vakas Hussain, Mahroof Hussain’s nephew and lawyer to the stars, is trying to build a case against Rotherham Politics, for ‘malicious communications’!

Exactly the same stunt they always pull, in this kind of situation! A complaint to the Police, followed by harassment by cop! Nice trick!

15 thoughts on “Vakas’s Machinations!

  1. Bring it on Vakas!

    Lets see where the money takes us, now that would be very interesting!

    We still have freedom of speech in the country, get real, grow up and ask yourself why the Times have covered RMBC like a rash?

    What issue are you trying to gag?

    Who are you trying to protect and why?

    I remember some of the rubbish you have put onto the web, not very pleasant at all.


  2. Vakas Hussain is a pathetic little twerp.
    His attempt to silence legitimate comment is a sign of desperation because he knows the whole sordid story of RMBC’s failure to protect the most vulnerable people in their care is getting widespread publicity.
    If he was serious about ‘malicious communications’ he would have started his feeble attempts at blackmail with Andrew Norfolk but he is well aware the ‘Times’ has bigger cajones than he has.
    Back to school Hussain.


  3. I forgot.

    What ploy did Jimmy Savile use to silence any attempt to question what was going on?

    How did Savile escape justice for so long?

    How did Savile keep his victims in a state of fear?

    Answers on a post card titled potential legal action to Vakas.


  4. Wonder what would happen if Vakas is true to his word? To start with, the attempt at intimidation would receive the kind of coverage, that bloggers can only dream of!


  5. You are so right Pink Politico.

    A Pro-Bono brief on the case, deep searching questions, trawls of e-mails, comments on blogs, who is related to who, who knew what and when, who is pulling the strings, the connections and the list goes on and on and on.

    Free in depth coverage of all is what rotten with Rotherham, the key players, the key families, the job appointments, the various fund raising events, I can’t wait.

    In the words of the immortal, make my day!


  6. Dear Rik,
    I can confirm categorically, with complete truth and confidence that I have not started any case against you, your blog or any off your associates whatsoever. Who ever has told you this is lying. After all it would make no sense for me to start a case of ‘malicious communications’ against you because I have not received any sort of communications from you or anyone else. The person who has told you this has done it out of pure spite. Nothing else. If people want to write stuff slagging about me; smear me on your blog then that is fine by. They are free to do so, so long as they don’t spread known falsehood or liable me. If they want to take the piss out of me and my family (which is wholly and totally unjustified I may add) they are more than welcome to.

    I can assure you that you will not get any knock on your door from any police officer nor will you get harassed as you claim. On the contrary, I am sure I could arrange for the police to come and inform you that I have started no such case; though I suspect they have much better things to do with their valuable time. I would be most grateful if you could remove the article titled: Vakas’s Machinations and amend accordingly so as to bring the truth to the fore. The great irony of all this is that the cowards who are informing you of all this rubbish are actually being malicious. If they have any misgiving about me then they should criticise my shortcomings and failings rather cheap insults, attempted character assassination and outright lies; backed up by nothing so much as an iota of truth. People that call me a chicken or such; question my sexuality; accuse me of imaginary political ambitions on your blog proves that these people are motivated by nothing but pure hatred which stems from their own sad and narrow minded lives.

    I will also add in passing, that I can assure you with the same level of conviction, that my uncle has not started such a case either. I should also point out that I will be publishing this email on my Facebook profile so as to inform my friends, many of whom read your blog, that the allegation against me is nothing but a vicious lie, for reason I have no knowledge of.
    Kind Regards

    Vakas Hussain

    P.s this is an exact copy of the email I have just sent to Rik.


    • Thanks Vakas for your speedy response, you saved me the cut and paste.
      I note you signally fail to deny the actual particular of which you were accused, to whit, “is trying to build a case against Rotherham Politics, for ‘malicious communications’!” Perhaps you would like to deny, you have told quite a number of people, just that?
      You can keep secrets no longer, it would be best if you were to bear that in mind in future.
      Finally I don’t mind being accused of liable (sic).


      • I can categorically deny once again that I have made no attempt to build a case of ‘malicious communications’ against Rotherham Politics, you personally or any one of your contributors. I can also deny that I have not spoken to anyone about building any such case. If the person who has informed you stated that I have been telling people I am building a case against you then this is another lie. I appreciate the nuance in your reply but as I said, I can whole heartedly deny this too. I no longer reside in Rotherham, though I am on a flying visit this weekend. I have pretty much no contact with anyone in Rotherham apart from my immediate family; and I can assure I have never discussed anything about what I am accused off with them (not that I have to justify the contents of my communications with my family). Therefore you insinuation that I have been telling people about building such a case is a another falsehood you have been informed of.

        As I said if people tell you otherwise you and your readers can chose to believe their lies but I what I am saying is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (sorry I couldn’t resist). As I mentioned in my email I have no knowledge as to why people would say I am attempting to build a case against you; even more so when I have no links with Rotherham or any person from Rotherham any more, apart from my family. Therefore I can only put these lies down to spite and as tool have a go and smear me on publicly on this blog; and then for them to send the links of this page out to all their friends and have a cheap laugh at my expense. As I said they more than welcome to it.

        Out of courtesy I will again inform you that I will be posting both your response and this response on my Facebook page, so I can attempt to clear my name from these lies.


  7. Remember the old saying, “There’s no smoke without fire?”.
    Our Vakas infers he has some control over the police when he says, “I am sure I could arrange for the police to come round etc. etc.” Who does he think he is? In my day as a police officer, he would have been told where he can stuff his head, though it is a physical impossibility.


  8. Vakas

    By denying that you have made no attempt you in fact are confirming that you have made an attempt!

    “I can categorically deny once again that I have made no attempt to build a case of ‘malicious communications’ against Rotherham Politics, you personally or any one of your contributors”

    Shall I say that again slower?


  9. What’s this cocky “I am sure I could arrange for the police to come round”?

    Please do tell, Vakas why you are so confident that you could manipulate South Yorkshire Police to act on your say so.

    This is getting interesting, very interesting!


  10. so if you strongly believe him with his comments.
    What’s this cocky “I am sure I could arrange for the police to come round”?
    so does that mean he will be doing that or not lol
    By denying that you have made no attempt you in fact are confirming that you have made an attempt!


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