10 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Times Leader

  1. A second leader within a week! Well that shows how seriously the Times takes the outrageous actions that have all happened on the Labour Groups watch!

    Some Councillors such as Roger Stone, Gerald Smith, Alan Gosling and Richard Russell have been there, looking the other way, throughout, and were even present for the now infamous’ Anti-Poverty Scandal as well!

    Rothpol has learned, I understand, Jahangir Akhtar is threatening to issue proceedings for libel against the Times Newspaper! Little chance of success, I fear? It would probably ruin him financially, should he be so foolhardy.


    • He threaten to sue me, a mere individual, after I’d referred to him and his family has a “bunch of thugs” during the Standards Board hearing that found him guilty of bringing the council into direpute for his part in an affray. Apparently he was unaware that affray ( a charge he had pleaded guilty to in court) is an act of thuggery! It was all bluster and came to nothing!


  2. Yes, opinion pieces as hard hitting as this, don’t come along often?
    I would point out that every member of Labour Group is now complicit by their deafening silence in this continuing stain, ever growing, on Rotherham’s reputation! Leadership? This lot wouldn’t recognise it, if it kicked them on their backsides!
    Some of these spineless cowards will be seeking your votes shortly, they do not deserve to be councillors, vote for someone else!
    Frankly they make me sick! They ask for trust, but do not demonstrate it in return. There is surely nothing more despicable than their inaction, while the most vulnerable children were and no doubt still are, raped, trafficked for sex and abused in the vilest of ways!
    They trusted you and you failed them!


  3. RMBC subject to two Times leader comments within days, anyone noticed the gravity of the topics in previous Times leaders?

    Iraq, banking crisis, double dip recession the list goes on and what action does the local Labour group take?

    Gags any attempt to attack the elephant in the room, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and the role played Rotherham Labour and by RMBC.

    Now you do have to ask yourself why?

    Anyone remember the recent bells and whistles RMBC flagship event at Magna on the subject of CSE?

    They even thought about inviting Keith Vaz!

    It was more of the whitewash paid by you and me in an attempt to make RMBC look squeaky clean, it fell apart within weeks, a resolution building on the CSE event was proposed by a lone female Cllr at a meeting of the Labour group, and what happened?

    They all stood four square with her?

    They all agreed a media campaign to raise the issue of CSE?

    They agreed an independent external investigation into what happened in the management of CSE cases at RMBC?

    None of the above, not one, not one member of the Rotherham Labour group stood by her shoulder and supported her.

    They ALL walked away.


  4. I am lead to believe that Judy Dalton and Jo Burton were two of the councillors who were present and took part in the great Walk Away – can anyone confirm?

    Nobody having the guts or decency to 2nd the motion the lady councillor called for – morally bankrupt the lot of them. Time for a terminal Walk Away.


  5. Can only reiterate the comments made by rothpol, PP and Anonymous, above. (spartacus, perhaps you could explain ?)
    Keep naming those responsible, everyone. We can’t let this issue drop from the forefront of news until ALL are held to account.


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