Questions that must be answered?

“Publicly Akhtar has focused on the Police assessing whether or not he has done anything illegal despite it never being suggested that he did anything illegal.In his version his only involvement was giving the telephone number of the abusers mother of to the Police.

This does beg a few questions;

1.       Which Policeman contacted Akhtar and how did he know of his relationship with the abuser?

2.       Did Akhtar just pass over the mother’s number without questioning what it was about?

3.        Did he discuss it with the mother or Hussain afterwards?

4.       Why do others finger Akhtar as being there?

There doesn’t seem to be any argument about the girl being handed over in a service station. Something in itself that is quite bizarre and a little dramatic; normally a hot potato would be handed over quickly, dropped in town, or outside a police station.

So unusual is the hand over and the failure to prosecute it suggests that a deal was done and more questions need to be asked.

5.       Was it Hussain’s mother who dealt with the negotiations or is Akhtar hiding behind her skirts?

6.       Did she negotiate a non-prosecution deal for her son and when Akhtar told his mates he was trying to take credit falsely?

7.       At what level in SYP was the decision to not arrest and prosecute made?

This last question is very important. A policeman or woman, maybe more than one, made a decision to pardon the perpetrator of a clearly committed offence . More questions:

8.       Was there a process to decide when and when not to prosecute in these types or case and was it applied?

9.       Was the police officer /s authorised to make that decision?

10.   Was the case referred to the CPS?

In conclusion Akhtar is hiding behind the probability that he did not commit a crime. And/ or that if an offence was committed it occurred with the complicity of the SYP when they chose not to prosecute.

 Is helping a perpetrator escape prosecution a crime? What are Police powers here?

This leaves the biggest question of all. Can SYP investigate when they themselves are implicated in the offence?”


2 thoughts on “Questions that must be answered?

  1. Will Ewart: As you say there are many questions that need answers. Though you say it has never been suggested that Akhtar did anything illegal! Yes it has has, in her interview Jessica stated explicitly that he knew what was going on between his 25 year old relation and her a 14 year old child, and called for him to be removed from the council! Every one is innocent until proven guilty, but if he was aware that Hussain was in a sexual relationship with a child and did notthing about it then he is surely complicit in a crime! What I’m not clear about is can he be re-selected as the Labour candidate for Rotherham West if he is the subject of a criminal investigation by the police and who knows how long this will take! So whilst he has resigned, (whether it is tempoary or permanent) as deputy leader, will a new deputy leader have to be chosen to fill the position on the council?


  2. Just a few points re Mr Akhtar’s resignation and the up coming ‘alleged’ inquiry.

    These of course can be passed on to Mr Akhtar by any of his ‘friends’ that follow this issue on RothPol.

    Quote – Mr Akhtar’s resignation:

    “I am standing down temporarily as deputy leader of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and as vice-chairman of the Police and Crime Panel as a matter of courtesy to those agencies to resolve any inquiry as quickly as possible.”

    Regarding this seemingly ‘little’ statement I would like to make a few points.

    • Extract from quote: “I am standing down temporarily.”

    You may think it’s a temporary resignation Mr Akhtar but I can assure you it will soon be permanent. Yes you can hide, for now, behind a sham politically motivated ‘cop out’, but your days are numbered. Get out your pen and get ready to write your permanent resignation because I can promise you one thing: the issue isn’t going away.

    Slowly but surely YOUR role (and that of all) in the whole affair will be revealed; either via a full independent inquiry, which will HAPPEN, or via the electorate that are demanding answers not lost in semantics and avoidance.

    Mr Akhtar you seem aloof, unconcerned, almost relaxed about your ‘resignation’ and the so called inquiry in to your behaviour. Could the reasons for this be found in this link?

    • Extract from quote: “As a matter of courtesy to those agencies.”

    Courtesy Mr Akhtar? You don’t know the meaning of the word. But to help you here is one definition.

    Courtesy – ‘a willingness or generosity in providing something needed’

    Mr Akhtar I suggest you look at that and think of what is really needed with ‘providing something’; but if you struggle to fathom what it is I will tell you.

    Can you, out of courtesy, examine the RMBC Young People’s Services Safeguarding and Care Standards? Then once you have done this, can you please arrange an open public meeting to explain how on earth (as deputy leader of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and as vice-chairman of the Police and Crime Panel – temporarily resigned) you feel you (and RMBC) maintained those standards and where you (and RMBC) feel you failed to comply. Can you then (at this meeting) open up a forum whereby the public can ask open and frank questions and receive both full verbal and written answers? And since this meeting will be so important can you invite the press (not just ‘The Advertiser’) so they can ask questions too. Come on it surely courteous to do so. ).

    Mr Akhtar can you also begin to show ‘courtesy’ to the victims by agreeing to release the so called RMBC response to the criticisms of the Parliamentary Committee in full now! Not only that but can you show ‘courtesy’ to ‘Jessica’ by replying to her statement that ‘you knew’ and explaining to her why you didn’t show her the courtesy of following RMBC advice on the following link?

    PS: it is on the RMBC website. But surely you knew that Mr Akhtar.

    • Extract from quote – “resolve any inquiry as quickly as possible.” .

    Mr Akhtar – do you really mean ‘any’ inquiry or just this ‘cop out?’ Because if you do really mean ‘any’ inquiry I welcome your offer. Let’s see you action that promise. Let’s see you and your co conspirators testify before a full independent inquiry. Let’ see you before a Parliamentary Inquiry, not only giving your ‘account’ but also opening up the full RMBC records for all on that Parliamentary Inquiry Committee to see. Let’s see you really begin to cooperate instead of hiding behind procedure. Let’ see you honour that statement and let’s see you make a public appeal for the whole issue to be referred to fully transparent and independent inquiry now. Prove to me and the citizens of the borough you mean what you say; that all inquiry’s mean all inquiry’s.

    Mr Akhtar if you are so sure of your innocence why don’ you write to Parliament and request they send in Government Inspectors to investigate the ‘operational and systematic failures’ that existed, and still exist in RMBC. Instruct them to go through all the RMBC records without barrier or obstruction and interview witnesses via a confidential process with promises of no interference from RMBC. After all it’s courteous.

    • Extract from quote – “as deputy leader of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and as vice-chairman of the Police and Crime Panel.”

    Mr Akhtar, obviously holding such high ranking and important’ positions you must have known ‘quite a lot’ (I’m being kind) about the following link; an issue that seems to have been forgotten by many – but not by me.

    Mr Akhtar with this link in mind can you tell me how you and your ‘colleagues at RMBC’ allowed this to also happen? Especially since you (and all at RMBC) had the original Child Grooming Scandal to learn from. Or is this just another example of the ‘systematic failings’ that infest the agencies you are / were supposed to be monitoring ‘oh so closely?’


    PS: Mr Akhtar – if you think I have been pedantic regarding your ‘resignation quote’ just wait until a real inquiry is in place; your interrogators will make RothPol look like a picnic in Clifton Park.


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