The Honourable Exception!

This Friday’s Advertiser published a letter from the first, and so far, only labour party member to publicly criticise the stance taken by the Lubyanka!

Who is this principled individual? Ged Dempsey, a Unite activist and labour member, no less. Have we no other labour members that share Ged’s views?

You are invited to make your views known through the medium of Rotherham Politics if you wish. Either leave a comment, or send your views to Rothpol by email.

Ged's Letter


5 thoughts on “The Honourable Exception!

  1. There will be more. Next set of meetings and the 2014 selection process over the rest of September should see brave souls trying to do what they can inside the Party. If that fails internal dissent will go public.

    The big one will be the first Lab Councillors to speak out… House of Cards collapse and the Cabinet know it. Expect a lot of whipping.


  2. Ged has always shown a commitment to the people of Rotherham over the years;and he always will. His letter sums up what I fee needs to be done.

    I know for sure there are many Labour members and voters that find the whole episode a disgrace; as do members of other parties, the unions, and concerned individuals, (ho like me refuse to join any party)

    Like I have said before. I personally I don’t see this campaign as one of party politics. Party point scoring and squabbling will only blur the issue and creates walls. What I want is justice for the victims and the those that abused their power (elected and non elected officials) to answer for their their shameful deeds.

    Keep up the good work Ged. You have my support.




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