A question for Darren Hughes?

Our Darren (Daz) Hughes has got himself on the list of candidates for next June’s European Parliamentary Elections, albeit in sixth, or bottom place!

Rothpol understands the Labour Party takes a dim view of members of secret societies being their candidates in public elections. Membership of the Freemasons is just one such.

One is left wondering at the Labour Party’s due diligence of their candidates with our Darren?

Why? Darren claims to be a Freemason!

Is this true? In which case the Labour Party needs to take this seriously.

Or, is it just a boast with no truth to it, in which case this man will be tarnished by his lies and will be held in contempt, by the voter!

Who was his principal cheerleader in Rotherham? Jahangir Akhtar! A prominent member of the Biraderi, another secret organisation whose outlook is inimical to Labour Party membership!

8 thoughts on “A question for Darren Hughes?

  1. Darren Hughes’ inclusion on the list of potential candidates for the European Parliamentary Elections is a sop to the Defector’s ego.
    What has he done for the residents of Anston since being elected (as a Tory) in 2008-apart from joining the Labour party? It’s alleged he’s been in discussions with a religious sect about them building a school on greenbelt land. No opposition from him to building new homes on our greenbelt either.
    As an MEP he would be as much use as an inflatable anchor.


  2. Well done rothpol, for posting this interesting story. I’d just like to make the point here. Akhtar was rallying up the support for Darren, I’m assuming from the Asian community. But did Akhtar tell the truth about who the Asian were to be voting for? Did Akhtar tell the Asians that Darren’s wife is a man? Did Akhtar tell them that he was asking for them to vote for a homosexual individual? Surely they should’ve been entitled to know the full capacity of the candidate. Wether they chose to vote for him remains with the voter, but surely the majority of Muslim voters would’ve had to think before casting their vote.
    I’m not at all homophobic. I believe we should all be entitled to do as we please so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. But I also believe the voter should be given the whole truth.


    • I feel that Darren’s openness about his sexual preferences is his one redeeming attribute.

      You say “I am not at all homophobic”, I think you protest to much.


  3. I thought the Darren Hughes who is director of the Electoral reform was the Darren Hughes we all know. I always found it strange he was against rotten boroughs, bearing in mind Rotherham tops the agenda. I then find out it isn’t the same Darren Hughes.


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