Change to comments policy

Rotherham Politics has operated on the basis of accepting comments from anonymous sources and those using pseudonyms believing that it would lead to greater involvement and spontaneity.

Until recently that approach has served us well, however it is now apparent that Rotherham Politics is in danger from those whose intentions are to damage the credibility of this blog.

Rotherham Politics will no longer be allowing comments from those who have not registered their identity with Rothpol, here’s how:

1. Choose an identity, best to keep it short. Anonymous no longer accepted as identity save for the few already known to Rothpol

2. Email Rothpol putting register in the subject line and your chosen identity in the body text.

3. When you receive a confirmatory email, you will then be able to comment freely.


8 thoughts on “Change to comments policy

  1. RothPol you may be able to recognise the various people called ‘anonymous’ but we can’t! Please could we have just one incidence of each username so we can track posts better.


  2. Excellent. You’re right, people were starting to use these blogs for non-political discussions & targeting individuals cheaply. Well done Rothpol, keep it all in order.


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