Of concern to us all

The BBC is carrying this article about the effects of cuts in our care homes:

GMB says Rotherham care home cuts may see more accidents

Proposed cuts at two council-run care homes in Rotherham will lead to an increase in accidents, the GMB union has claimed.

Lord Hardy Court and Davies Court provide specialist residential care for elderly people with dementia.

The two 60-bed care homes could lose up to 70 workers as part of council plans to save £20m from its budget this year.

Rotherham Borough Council said it “strenuously denied that any reduction in staff would cost lives”. Read on…

12 thoughts on “Of concern to us all

  1. If anyone thinks we can continue without cuts, they’re living in cloud cuckoo land – however, there are plenty of places cuts could be made without affecting the care services. Think of all the little empires run by other council departments, stuffed full of unnecessary workers and clipboard warriors. Could the Council possibly be targeting those areas that will have the most dramatic impact?


  2. The monitoring body for care homes and other residential and day care units is Healthwatch Rotherham. When put to tender at first there was a very poor response due to the target price and the liabilities passed over by the Council and the NHS(TUPE stuff).

    Having removed the liabilities a list of tenderer could be drawn up. The target price was almost 30% less than the costs to Council & NHS prior to outsourcing… Make your own mind up about quality.


  3. Funny how the government had the money to attack Syria, but at the other end of the scale they have shut down Remploy that helped physically challenged people.


      • Can you give me a short account of what the alternatives will be for people, after Remploy closes? Can you also tell me how I find out how much each of my borough councillors claim in expenses every year?


  4. Targeting Care Homes for cuts is politically inspired, no more than we should expect from a left wing council who up to 2012, spent £644,000 ferrying town hall top brass around in chauffeur-driven cars and during the last financial year wasted £7 million of taxpayers money on South Yorkshire’s Digital Broadband fiasco.
    Cutting the number of highly paid council executives and managers makes more sense but guess what? It will not happen, it is far easier to blame ‘The Cuts’ instead of taking proper action to control costs for the long term. What commercial organisation could exist where 25% of a revenue stream-in this instance Council Tax-is plundered for council employees pensions?

    Stone and Kimber have prepared themselves financially for their (early) retirements, neither of them care a jot about elderly people who find themselves in Care Homes.
    Shame on you.


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