The second honourable exception!

“I solely joined the Labour party for national political reasons rather than the politics of Rotherham. This being the case I have not been involved in any local politics since leaving uni, apart from following your blog, and given the continuing scandals of the local Labour party I don’t think I will any time soon. Even at uni the scandals were a regular feature of the news…the UKIP adoption scandal for which Joyce Thacker should have been fired since she showed little remorse, police inaction and multicultural relativism over abhorrent child grooming and an MP fiddling his expenses at taxpayer expense. So rotten is the local politics that none of it doesn’t surprise me any more.

A full, frank independent investigation into the police, council and childrens services is needed desperately.

Further I really hope the Labour leadership stops seeing Rotherham as a safe seat.”

Rothpol is grateful to our contributor, they ticked the ‘no publicity box’, any one else from labour, care to give us their views?

6 thoughts on “The second honourable exception!

  1. Look to my comments, I am a member and feel disgust at the local party’s lack of openness, serious misogyny and grooming cover up. Labour can be much better than this.



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